About Us

Hi, I’m Ana, the founder of Charm & Chain! I’ve always been fascinated by jewelry, not because it’s a luxury but because it helps us to express ourselves fully!

My jewelry collection detail

Ever since I was little, I would often dive into the collection of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that my mom had. She would also help me put them on, dress up and parade around the house, where my dad knew he should clap and cheer on cue. I felt so confident then, as I do now, whenever I put on some jewelry.

So, over the years, looking for and collecting beautiful pieces of jewelry became my hobby which I want to share with you!

This site is dedicated to you; Charm And Chain team wrote a lot of reviews of shiny pieces to help you… shine! 🙂 What’s more, we wrote even more informational articles so you can learn how to keep on shining!

Ana Stanar
Charm And Chain