How Long Does It Take for Earring Holes to Close? | We Addressed Your Concern and Added Valuable Tips!

a woman pointing her ear with finger

The body piercing trend is a beauty accessory that cuts across all genders and ages. According to professional piercers, the ear has more than ten piercing regions available, and statistics show a high percentage of the American population has earlobe piercings. Beauty piercing holes are made on various body parts like the tongue, ears, nose, … Read more

How To Take Off Earrings | Our Guide in Simple Steps for Normal and Sensitive Ears

Woman ear with 3 stud earrings

Ear piercings are a popular trend, regardless of age or gender. We almost have someone with pierced ears in every family. Earrings represent style and sophistication, adding confidence to those who use them daily.  However, you may not know how to take off earrings safely. Especially when they are stuck, you have sensitive ears or … Read more

How to Clean Silver Jewelry | Ways To Keep Your Beloved Pieces Sparkling Clean

A woman cleaning a silver diamond ring

Silver jewelry is one of the latest statement makers in the fashion industry. If you own silver necklaces, bracelets, rings, or any other ornament, learning to keep them sparkling clean is one of the art you need to know. These lovely accessories tarnish when exposed to moisture and air for an extended period. A chemical … Read more

How to Clean Diamond Earrings | Recommended Methods to Keep Your Precious Jewelry in Pristine Condition

Girl putting on diamond earrings

Do your diamond earrings have stubborn tarnish or stains? Have you used every cleaning method available, yet nothing seems to be working? Do you want to give up? We are sensitive to these difficulties and concentrate on providing a different method of cleaning your jewelry or precious metals. Diamond earrings are a must-have for any … Read more