Settings for Diamond Stud Earrings | Mount Them the Right Way

Diamond stud earrings are a classic staple in any woman’s jewelry collection. They’re simple, elegant, and versatile enough to go with anything you wear. 

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of diamond studs, it can be hard to know where to start! For instance, do you know what the different diamond stud earring settings are and how they differ from each other? Probably not.

We want to make sure that your first time shopping for diamond studs is an easy one. This guide explains the different settings for diamond stud earrings so that you can find the best fit for your style.

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What Does “Settings for Diamond Stud Earrings” Mean?

A diamond stud earring setting is the way in which it’s mounted or inserted in a piece of jewelry to hold it securely in place. 

There are many different diamond stud settings for diamond earrings, each with a unique look and feel. Certain styles can even affect how safe the earrings are to wear.

When you’re shopping for diamond studs, it’s important to understand the different settings so that you can find the right pair for you. Also, diamond studs are not exclusive to women, so if you want to know how to pick a pair of studs for men, we have you covered, too.

What Are the Different Diamond Earring Settings and Mounting Styles?

Here’s a breakdown of the most popular diamond stud earring settings:

1. Prong Setting

The prong setting is the most popular type of setting for diamond stud earrings. In this setting, the diamond is held in place by four or more surgical steel “prongs” that come up from the gem’s base and grip its sides. 

This gives the diamond an incredibly secure mount and showcases it beautifully, leaving it visible from all angles and giving it a lot of sparkle along with a sleek appearance.Yet, they also come with a pretty significant downside: prong settings hold on clothing or other materials very easily, making them the most prone to damage.

Pronged studs

2. Bezel Setting

The bezel setting is similar to the prong setting but features a metal border (see ‘Stainless Steel Vs. Surgical Steel Earrings‘) that surrounds the diamond instead of individual prongs.

Prong settings give the diamond a more secure mount and accentuate the shape and size of the earring. Bezel settings hold diamonds so closely, which is why they’re more secure than other options.

However, bezel settings can also make the diamond pair less visible from certain angles since less of it is exposed.

3. Halo Setting

The halo setting is among the best settings for stud earrings, especially those with a smaller diamond. 

With this one, the main diamond is encircled by a ring of smaller diamonds that create a “halo” effect. This gives the main diamond extra sparkle and makes it appear larger. It also creates a dramatic look that can be very glamorous and bold.

One of the main downsides of halo settings is that they can be quite expensive since they use more diamonds, but lab-created diamond earrings could do a trick in that case, as well.

Hallo settings studs

The Different Setting Styles

In addition to the different settings, you can also purchase diamond stud earrings in one of three setting styles. These affect how secure the studs are in your ear holes and how they sit on your lobe.


With basket-style settings, the diamond is set at the top of a metal “basket” that sits flush against your earlobe. This gives it a very secure mount and keeps it from moving around or falling out of your lobe. It also makes diamonds more comfortable to wear since they sit flat against your earlobe instead of protruding.

Basket setting styles are usually best for diamond studs with one larger diamond rather than multiple smaller ones because they can be hard to fit in.

Basket studs


The crown setting is similar to the basket setting in that it also has a flat bottom but features thick prongs that curve up around the diamond-like crown. Yet, this also means that the diamond sits lower down, making it more visible from the front but less visible from the side.

The crown-style setting generally makes for less secure diamond earrings since they’re more likely to fall forward or droop down, especially with relatively bigger-in-size diamonds.


The martini-style earring setting is a unique setting style for diamond stud earrings (see ‘Martini vs. Basket Setting Diamond Earrings‘). It’s known for its three thin prongs that fasten the center diamonds to make up a V shape. That V shape resembles a martini glass, explaining the “martini setting” name at first sight.

With martini-style settings, the diamond will be set higher up, giving the martini-style studs a more prominent look – that’s why it’s the go-to for many ladies since it provides great visibility.

Unlike other kinds of settings, the base of the diamonds actually rests below your lobe instead of sitting flush against it or protruding above it. Some people aren’t big fans of that because it can make the diamond earrings feel a bit uncomfortable.

Martini studs

How to Pick the Best Diamond Stud Settings

Now that you know about the different diamond stud settings and setting styles, it’s time to choose! Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Consider Your Lifestyle

How often do you wear earrings? Do you work a lot and need something that’ll stay in place? Or are you more of a casual wearer?

If you wear dressed earrings for special occasions, you can afford to go with a more elaborate setting style like the halo with top-notch diamond visibility. But if you’re someone who likes everyday earrings for casual wear, you’ll want something more secure and low-maintenance like the basket style.

Consider Your Dress Style

Do you like to dress up or down? If you’re someone who likes to keep things simple, a classic setting style like the martini is perfect for you. But if you’re more daring, go with a unique setting like the halo, for instance.

Consider Your Lobe

Does your lobe sit lower or higher? It doesn’t matter how big or small your lobes are; the type of setting you to choose will ultimately depend on its placement. If they’re low, go with a martini-style that sits higher up. Or, if they’re high, go for something like crown-style settings or martini-style settings.

You should also consider the length of your earring which we explained in detail here:

Woman in a red dress

6mm earrings

8mm earrings

10mm earrings

Consider Your Budget

Some styles of settings are more expensive than others, so it’s important to think about how much you’re willing to spend. The more intricate the setting, the pricier it’ll be, though the price also depends on the place where you’re buying the earrings

For instance, halo settings are often the most expensive because they use more diamonds, but sometimes the price difference is worth it for the added dazzle. However, if you’re on a tight budget, consider buying stud earrings with small diamonds and then upgrading to a fancier setting down the road.

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What Setting Is Best for Diamond Studs?

The best setting for diamond stud earrings will depend upon your personal preference as well as how you intend to wear them. For example, if you love wearing your studs all the time with any outfit, then a simple setting with fewer diamonds is probably more practical.

In contrast, if you only plan to wear your studs occasionally or on special occasions, then you can afford to go with a more elaborate setting.

What Setting Makes Diamond Studs Look Bigger?

The halo setting is the best diamond stud style to make them look bigger, as it encircles the larger main diamond with several smaller diamonds. It’s always a popular style for those who want their beautiful diamond to stand out and be the focal point of their earrings.

What Is Most Important for Diamond Stud Earrings?

The most important factor of diamond studs is the diamonds themselves. The cut, color, and clarity determine how sparkly they are and how much light reflects off them. If you intend to wear diamond stud earrings often, then pick a quality set with small diamonds that won’t scratch easily. 

You also want to make sure these earrings fit well and are comfortable to wear. You don’t want something so big and heavy that it pulls down on your ears or feels awkward. Plus, they should fit your personal style so that you love wearing them!

What Is the Best Shape for Diamond Earrings?

The most popular diamond shape for earrings is the brilliant round cut, as it offers the most sparkle. However, other shapes are available, such as princess, oval, and pear. It’s ultimately up to personal preference which diamond shape you choose.

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In Conclusion

There are many different styles of settings to choose from when it comes to diamond stud earrings, like diamond jewelry at large. So, whether you’re looking for something simple and classic or more unique and glamorous, there’s a perfect setting for you to make your diamond earring dazzle. Make sure to pick a quality set that you’ll love wearing for years to come!

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