18 vs. 20 Inch Necklace | Which Will Flatter Your Face, Body, and Style?

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A necklace is an integral piece of jewelry in both women’s and men’s fashion; it adds character and personality to the wearer’s overall appearance. While shopping for necklaces can be super exciting, your choice of necklace style and length can entirely make or break your outfit. With so much pressure put on a necklace’s length, … Read more

How to Clean Silver Jewelry | Ways To Keep Your Beloved Pieces Sparkling Clean

A woman cleaning a silver diamond ring

Silver jewelry is one of the latest statement makers in the fashion industry. If you own silver necklaces, bracelets, rings, or any other ornament, learning to keep them sparkling clean is one of the arts you need to know. These lovely accessories tarnish when exposed to moisture and air for an extended period. A chemical … Read more

Necklace vs. Chain | Various Materials, Designs and Styles

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Necklaces complement outfits so elegantly that they’ve become a must in every woman’s closet. You can wear them with formal, casual, or black-tie outfits. However, there are many types of necklaces on the market, and each one works with a specific attire. For example, there are pendants, chains, chokers, and cascades. To style them correctly, … Read more

16 vs. 18 Inch Necklace | What is the Right Length to Make You Face or Neck Shine?

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Necklace choice can make or break the outfit of the day, and not just when it comes to color coordination; necklace length has a great impact on the way your outfit looks, too. Recently, more and more people have started preferring short necklaces to longer chain necklaces because they find them more delicate and elegant … Read more

Pendant vs. Necklace | Everything You Need to Know

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Necklaces make or break any outfit. If you choose the right, flattering necklace for your neck shape and the outfit you’re wearing, you’ll shine like never before. However, if you get confused with necklace types and don’t know which one goes best with your attire, then you’ll need us. In this article, we’ll address a … Read more

Top 5 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Own | Explore These Timeless and Versatile Accessories

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There are certain jewelry pieces that every woman should consider having in their collection. Perfect for elevating and enhancing an outfit, these five timeless and versatile accessories that we’ve listed below are absolute must-haves and can truly transform an outfit. From classic, pre-owned jewelry items to modern and stylish trends, each piece can be tailored … Read more

How to Clean a Necklace | A Full Guide to Removing Dirt, Stains and Tarnish

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Tarnish is considered an inevitable end to jewelry, especially for women who use extensive cosmetics and beauty products. This is because of the chemical reaction between the jewelry’s outer surface and these products. Whether it’s silver, gold, or costume jewelry, the entire piece changes drastically once tarnished, and no one likes to see their favorite … Read more