18 vs. 20 Inch Necklace | Which Will Flatter Your Face, Body, and Style?

closeup of a woman's torso

A necklace is an integral piece of jewelry in both women’s and men’s fashion; it adds character and personality to the wearer’s overall appearance. While shopping for necklaces can be super exciting, your choice of necklace style and length can entirely make or break your outfit. With so much pressure put on a necklace’s length, … Read more

How to Clean a Necklace | A Full Guide to Removing Dirt, Stains and Tarnish

Necklaces on a stand

Tarnish is considered an inevitable end to jewelry, especially for women who use extensive cosmetics and beauty products. This is because of the chemical reaction between the jewelry’s outer surface and these products. Whether it’s silver, gold, or costume jewelry, the entire piece changes drastically once tarnished, and no one likes to see their favorite … Read more