Settings for Diamond Stud Earrings | Mount Them the Right Way

Stud diamond earrings

Diamond stud earrings are a classic staple in any woman’s jewelry collection. They’re simple, elegant, and versatile enough to go with anything you wear.  If you’re looking for the perfect pair of diamond studs, it can be hard to know where to start! For instance, do you know what the different diamond stud earring settings … Read more

What Is a Brilliant Cut Diamond? | Our Detailed Guide to All the Facts You Need to Know!

A diamond ring closeup

Throughout my adventures in the shimmering realm of gemstones, I’ve often wondered what is a brilliant cut diamond. This stone, with its meticulous design, seems to imprison light itself, releasing a cascade of sparkles with every turn. But beyond its beauty, what distinguishes this diamond cut from the rest?  Join me as we uncover the … Read more

What Color Engagement Ring Should I Get? | All the Factors to Consider in One Guide

Different diamond rings in circles

Think about your dream diamond engagement ring; can you see its color? Odds are, you can’t choose a perfect match since diamond engagement rings vary in color and come with different bands. Choosing a perfect engagement ring with a special meaning adds an extra layer of sentiment to the proposal. You need to know how color … Read more

What Is a GIA Diamond? | Everything You Need To Know About This Certification

GIA certificate and diamonds

So you’re as captivated by diamonds as I am and you’re wondering, “What’s this GIA diamond everyone’s talking about?” Trust me, you’re in the right zone for some gem wisdom. Let’s be honest, diamonds aren’t just shiny rocks to me; they’re the epitome of love, power, and undeniable beauty. But let’s not kid ourselves—some diamonds … Read more

What Is A Cushion Cut Diamond? | Old-World Grace Meets Contemporary Charm

A closeup of a cushion cut diamond

Dive with me into the radiant world of cushion cut diamonds! Ever wondered, “What is a cushion cut diamond?” I have! Picture this: a diamond blending the geometric charm of a square with the gentle embrace of rounded corners – an enchanting marriage of old-world grace and contemporary charm. Boasting 58 dazzling facets, these gems … Read more

What Is the Best Quality Diamond? | Beware Before Making a Purchase

Ever since I can remember, diamonds have held a unique allure for me, symbolizing opulence, promise, and timeless beauty. However, I soon realized that not all diamonds shine the same. What is the best quality diamond, became a quest for me, leading me into the depths of gemology. It’s the Four Cs—carat, clarity, color, and … Read more

Diamond Shapes and Cut Types | Our Detailed Guide

Various dimaond shapes

Diamonds, renowned for their brilliance, ability to captivate, and key symbols of love, come in various shapes that offer distinct optical effects. In this article about diamond shapes and cut types, we will delve deeper into each shape’s unique fire and brilliance while providing valuable insights into choosing the perfect diamond for your desires. Not … Read more

What Is Moissanite? | Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight of This Diamond Alternative

Moissanite ring closeup

Ever since I first laid eyes on a sparkling gemstone, my curiosity was piqued, leading me to a fascinating discovery. I delved deep into the world of precious stones, not seeking diamonds or sapphires, but something far more intriguing. What Is Moissanite? This was the question that consumed my thoughts. This gem, both rare and … Read more

What Is a Natural Diamond? | Amazing Facts About This Precious Stone

Natural diamonds in a circle

Natural diamonds, formed deep within the earth over billions of years, are truly remarkable gems that possess unique properties that other gemstones simply don’t have.  In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about natural diamonds. You’ll learn about how they are made, their historical context, different shapes, and certifications, how to … Read more