James Allen VS Whiteflash | How do They Compare Regarding Diamond Rings?

As soon as you realize she is the one, love, a family, a perfect house, and a lifetime together are the thoughts that become associated with this perfect girl! And you think of ordering an engagement ring online? When it comes to choosing between James Allen vs Whiteflash, James Allen is our top diamond rings dealer! Here’s why!

Key Takeaways

  • Two leading contenders for diamond rings are James Allen and Whiteflash, which offer fine jewelry. Both offer a wide selection of fancy-colored diamonds for every budget, and each has unique qualities that set them apart from the competition. Our winner? James Allen!
  • While diamond prices may fluctuate, James Allen could save you a few hundred bucks as compared to Whiteflash.
  • With a huge selection of diamond shapes and sizes, pave engagement rings, diamond earrings, and the most extensive in-house diamond inventory of 600.000+, James Allen has something for everyone.

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James Allen jewelry and logo

James Allen

  • It has 600.000+ diamonds on offer
  • It takes customized jewelry orders
  • It offers a 360-degree online view of diamonds

Wedding at a beach or hall, lilies or lilacs, music, guest list, and a whole lot more come to mind when planning this perfect day. But this is all that will happen on the decided day, remaining alive in pictures and memories. What will remain constant and in sight is the perfect diamond usually set in a gold ring that your special someone will wear every day, and be grateful for saying yes!

To each their own, every minor detail matters, but to me, it’s the engagement ring’s meaning that will remain significant because it will remind you of the love you both share, of the days you spent together that brought you where you are today (i.e., selecting a ring!), and the promises you will make to each other and vow never to forget to keep them.

Which brings up the most crucial question: Who provides the best diamond engagement rings at affordable prices? In this article, I have researched two outstanding diamond vendors, James Allen, and Whiteflash, to help you make the right choice. I will discuss their pricing, diamond selection, customer service, certification, and basically, everything you need to know about them. I will also explain why I favor James Allen. Let’s begin! 

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Whiteflash vs James Allen Main Differences

Two leading contenders for diamond rings are James Allen and Whiteflash, which offer fine jewelry. Both offer a wide selection of fancy-colored diamonds for every budget, and each has unique qualities that set them apart from the competition.

James Allen provides a huge selection of loose diamonds that are certified by the Gemological Institute of America, as well as virtual 360-degree HD images of each stone to help customers make informed decisions.

On the other hand, Whiteflash offers a smaller selection of designer diamond jewelry like rings, earrings and necklaces, and expert customer service, ensuring that customers get the very best value for their money.

Jewelry selection by Whiteflash

The following points can make things clear for you:

  • While prices may fluctuate, James Allen could save you a few hundred bucks as compared to Whiteflash.
  • James Allen offers a hassle-free 30-day return policy, no questions asked.
  • James Allen has a lot more variety of diamonds as compared to Whiteflash.
  • Whiteflash does not offer a 360-degree view of diamonds which James Allen proudly does.
  • James Allen has customized offers to put on the table, whereas prices at Whiteflash are not flexible.
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When it comes to choosing the perfect super ideal cut diamonds for an engagement ring or other jewelry, customers are often faced with the difficult decision of selecting between James Allen and Whiteflash.

An important factor to consider when making this decision is the price difference, and a comparison to other retailers shows that James Allen is often more affordable than Whiteflash, and also offers a large selection of diamond engagement rings superior to other diamond retailers like the Blue Nile.

Customers can rest assured that they are getting the best value for their money when they purchase from James Allen. Not only do they offer a wide variety of diamond and fashion ring options, including cushions, emeralds, princesses, rounds, and more, but their prices consistently beat those of Whiteflash.

While Whiteflash prices their excellent cut diamonds per carat between three to four thousand dollars, James Allen provides excellent cut diamonds per carat at prices as low as four thousand dollars, ensuring that customers get the most out of their investment.

Diamond Selection

Both stores offer an extensive selection of lab-created diamonds and precious stones, however, when it comes to selection, there is a clear winner. James Allen boasts an impressive selection of more than 600,000 diamonds from all over the world, giving customers a much wider range of options to choose from.

In comparison, Whiteflash offers approximately 33,000 diamonds, making James Allen the clear winner for those looking for a truly unique diamond for their special someone. With such a wide variety of super ideal cut diamonds to choose from at James Allen, customers are sure to find the perfect diamond for their needs.

Customer Service

James Allen and Whiteflash provide two very different experiences in terms of customer service. James Allen offers customer service 24/7 with a team of highly trained professionals who are available to assist with any issue or question.

James Allen offers free professional ring cleaning every six months, including prong tightening, re-polishing, and rhodium plating to all customers.

Whiteflash, the proud pinnacle of high-standard quality in the diamond industry, is known for its exceptional personalized customer service. With a team of dedicated experts, they provide in-depth knowledge and experience to each individual customer.

When it comes to diamond selection, Whiteflash offers their customers a range of options including Premium Select, Expert Selection, and their renowned A Cut Above diamonds.

Furthermore, James Allen provides free shipping and free returns on all orders only; however, it only applies to U.S. and Canadian customers, while Whiteflash provides complimentary insured shipping to over 70 countries. Both diamond stores offer excellent customer service that can help customers make the right decision when it comes to their jewelry purchases.

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James Allen jewelry and logo

James Allen

  • It has 600.000+ diamonds on offer
  • It takes customized jewelry orders
  • It offers a 360-degree online view of diamonds


James Allen and Whiteflash are two of the most trusted names in the industry. Both companies are GIA certified and have decades of experience in the diamond business. Whiteflash company has been in business since 2000, and James Allen since 2006, and both offer a range of expert services to ensure a customer’s diamond is of the highest quality.

When it comes to diamond certification, both companies offer an independent, third-party evaluation that provides customers with detailed information about their diamond’s quality and value.

In addition, both businesses have GIA-trained gemologists on staff who can provide expert guidance and advice on selecting the right diamond for any occasion. With their commitment to quality and expertise in certifying diamonds, James Allen and Whiteflash provide customers with peace of mind that they are making a smart investment.

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James Allen and Whiteflash both offer very reliable protection for their customers. James Allen offers a lifetime warranty on all of their diamond jewelry, ensuring that you’ll be able to have any of your jewelry serviced or replaced if needed.

Meanwhile, Whiteflash offers a one-year service plan on all of their engagement rings, providing customers with the security of knowing that any issues can be resolved quickly and easily.

Both companies are dedicated to giving customers peace of mind when it comes to warranties, and it’s clear that both James Allen and Whiteflash are excellent choices for anyone looking for great protection for their diamond jewelry purchases.

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Return Policy 

Both companies offer generous return policies that cater to the customer’s needs and make sure they are satisfied with their purchase.

James Allen offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, while Whiteflash offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with no time limit on returns.

Both companies also offer free shipping and insurance on all diamond purchases, so customers can be sure they are buying diamond jewelry at the best place possible. With these policies in place, customers can rest assured that their purchase from either company will be a hassle-free experience.

Who Owns Whiteflash Diamonds?

Deborah Wexler is the proud owner of Whiteflash, an online diamond retailer that provides customers with a quality selection of diamond jewelry. Wexler opened the business in 2000 and has grown into one of the leading online diamond retailers.

She has been an innovator in the industry, introducing their “A Cut Above” line of super ideal diamonds, which has become a popular choice for customers seeking the best quality and value.

With her dedication to customer service and her expertise in the diamond industry, Wexler has positioned Whiteflash ahead of the competition, including James Allen.

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Are Whiteflash Diamonds Worth It?

Whiteflash diamonds are renowned for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship, and they come with an unbeatable price tag. With a huge selection of diamond shapes and cut types, pave engagement rings, diamond earrings, and the most extensive in-house diamond inventory, Whiteflash has something for everyone.

However, James Allen offers more competitive prices and superior diamond stock. When it comes to getting the best value for your money, James Allen is definitely better.

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Whiteflash ReviewJames Allen Review
Jewelry SelectionSmaller selection, designer jewelryExtensive collection, loose diamonds
Diamond ViewingNo 360-degree viewVirtual 360-degree HD images
PricingHigher pricesCompetitive pricing
Return PolicyUnlimited satisfaction guarantee30-day no questions asked return policy
Customer ServicePersonalized, expert service24/7 support, free ring cleaning
Diamond Selection33,000 diamonds600,000+ diamonds worldwide
CertificationGIA certified, decades of exp.GIA certified, decades of exp.
Warranty1-year plan on engagement ringsLifetime warranty with services
OwnershipDeborah Wexler, owner since 2000N/A
Worthiness of DiamondsRenowned quality and craft.Competitive prices, superior stock

FAQs – Whiteflash vs James Allen

Is James Allen a Luxury Brand?

Yes, James Allen is a luxury brand that is often compared to Whiteflash. The key difference between the two is that James Allen offers best designer jewelry for both men and women, such as rings and wedding bands. With an emphasis on craftsmanship and quality, James Allen prides itself on providing customers with exquisite pieces that have been handcrafted with attention to detail.

Furthermore, James Allen offers a range of customization options for customers looking for something truly unique. Ultimately, James Allen provides an elevated experience for those looking for luxurious jewelry.

Are James Allen Diamonds GIA Certified?

Yes, James Allen offers GIA Certified diamonds. GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is one of the most trusted and reputable diamond grading organizations globally. When you purchase a GIA Certified diamond from James Allen, you can be confident in the diamond’s quality and authenticity.

Are James Allen Engagement Rings Good?

Absolutely, James Allen engagement rings are highly regarded for their quality and craftsmanship. They offer a wide range of stunning ring settings and allow you to customize your ring to your preferences. With GIA Certified diamonds and excellent customer service, James Allen is known for providing beautiful and reliable engagement rings.

Are James Allen diamonds good quality?

Yes! James Allen offers a wide range of high-quality diamonds. These diamonds span various cuts, colors, carat weights, clarities, and shapes, catering to various budgets. You can trust the quality of James Allen’s diamonds as they are graded by reputable organizations like GIA, IGI, or AGS, ensuring you’re getting a diamond of assessed quality.

Is Whiteflash Expensive?

No, Whiteflash offers a cost-effective alternative for those looking for high-quality diamonds. Their ACA diamonds, in particular, are priced significantly lower than james allen wedding rings. You can get your diamond ring at Whiteflash for a price far lower than what you might expect to pay at other retailers like James Allen.

Does Whiteflash Sell Lab Grown Diamonds?

Yes, Whiteflash does offer lab-grown diamonds as part of their selection. These lab-created diamonds are an exciting addition to their lineup of precision-cut, high-performance diamonds. If you’re in the market for a lab-grown diamond, Whiteflash has options to explore.

Is James Allen a Reputable Dealer?

Yes, James Allen is an extremely reputable diamond dealer, having earned the trust of thousands of customers worldwide. They offer the best prices on an exquisite selection of diamonds with all stones being ethically sourced and certified for authenticity and quality.

What sets James Allen apart from other dealers is its commitment to providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Their online diamond education centers are packed with helpful resources to help customers find the perfect diamond for their special occasion. With over 17 years of experience, James Allen is a top-tier diamond dealer that customers can trust.

How Much Should I Spend on An Engagement Ring?

Many couples ask themselves this question, whether it is just in their head or out loud. The answer isn’t cut and dry and ultimately depends on personal preference and budget.

However, two of the most popular choices for wedding jewelry like engagement rings or bridal earrings are James Allen and Whiteflash, both of which offer a wide array of conflict-free diamonds in varying price ranges. Whether you’re looking for something affordable yet timeless or something more luxurious, these two brands have the perfect ring for you and your partner.

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Summing it up, the James Allen vs Whiteflash comparison is that both companies offer excellent options like princess cut diamonds for purchasing engagement and wedding rings. James Allen offers an extensive selection of loose diamonds and settings, while Whiteflash also provides a less wide array of diamond ring settings, as well as specialized services. Both companies provide an easy-to-use website and helpful customer service, making them great options for those looking to order a quality diamond engagement ring

After going through this research for your own love ring or a wedding band, it all ultimately depends on your choice, budget, and preferences. However, based on my experience, I strongly vote in favor of James Allen!

Our Recommended Diamond Jeweler

James Allen jewelry and logo

James Allen

  • It has 600.000+ diamonds on offer
  • It takes customized jewelry orders
  • It offers a 360-degree online view of diamonds

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