7 Best Flush Setting Engagement Ring of 2023 Reviews | Top Tier Choices

If you are looking for a simple yet stylish diamond engagement ring, then a flush setting may be what you need. Flush settings sit low on the finger and hide the prongs that hold the diamond. They add a contemporary style to your engagement ring without becoming too flashy.

Fortunately, there are quite a few top-tier choices available for timeless and best-selling pieces. And while there are many choices for engagement rings, they may not please you. We have reviewed flush setting engagement rings for you to know which flush setting engagement ring is best for you.

Buyers Guide: What to Consider When Buying a Flush Setting Engagement Ring?


A standard engagement ring consists of a center stone diamond set in four prongs with a shank made of gold or platinum.

If you are looking at having something custom-made for your significant other, it will obviously be more expensive because additional features, materials, or labor are put into it.

Your Significant Other’s Preferences

Some people prefer to get something that they can wear and enjoy for years when it comes to the engagement ring. Others prefer to get engagement rings that are over-the-top and will make others envious. Other people would go for one that is unique and has different features that normal rings do not have. 

Therefore, be sure to consult your partner to determine their preferences before acquiring an engagement ring.


There are many different ring styles and settings. Different designs that allow for gemstones include four-prong settings, six prongs, eight prongs, baguettes, princess cut diamonds, round brilliant, cushion cut, cluster setting, tension setting, and several others. For instance, the bezel setting covers part of your diamond than the flush setting.

The more prongs on the ring, the more they will accentuate the diamond stone and give it a fuller look.

Also, there is an option for buyers that want to customize their engagement rings with different metals or gemstones other than diamonds. These include rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

Top Flush Setting Engagement Ring Reviews

1. Ultra Mini Diamond Pave Stackable Fashion Ring

This flush setting ring is great as an everyday piece of jewelry that can be worn with almost anything. Because this engagement ring is made of white gold, it will never fade or change color and can match any outfit you wear. 

Ultra Mini Diamond Pave Stackable Fashion Ring

Also, the engagement ring comes in a 5-8 size range and therefore can fit different finger sizes. Its ultra design features 5 delicate diamonds carefully set together. Note that due to the delicate nature of this ring, it is not recommended for everyday wear. 

In addition, the ring is rhodium plated. The rhodium plating protects your piece of jewelry from corrosion and damage, making your ring ideal for prolonged use. And most importantly, rhodium-plated rings are non-allergic.


  • This ring comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It is made of the highest quality standards.
  • It features an attractive ultra design.
  • Its color does not fade.


  • It’s delicate and not comfortable to wear all the time.f activity you do.

2. 14k White Gold-Petite Milgrain Curved Diamond Ring

This petite milgrain curved diamond ring is a simplistic and easy-to-wear choice. It’s known for creating more classic looks with the right amount of detail that won’t go unnoticed. 

Petite Milgrain Curved Diamond Ring

The milgrain detailing adds texture but still keeps the ring looking elegant. The small diamonds will catch the light and reflect a sparkling shine. Most importantly, this ring goes with everything from casual to more formal outfits.

It is crafted with delicate diamonds and is not recommended for every occasion wear. Also, the 14k white gold diamond ring is platinum-coated to ensure durability. The coating also prevents any reaction to your skin. 


  • They are beautiful. 
  • They are very comfortable to wear. 
  • It has a beautiful shine that is not overpowering. 
  • It is a very versatile ring; it goes with everything.


  • Sometimes the diamonds look cloudy or milky.

3. 14k White Gold (1.5mm)-Riviera Pavé Sapphire and Diamond Ring

This engagement ring is made of 14K white gold and features a 0.10-carat diamond set in a semi-mount setting. The band of the ring measures 1.99 millimeters wide and comes with a lifetime product warranty from the manufacturer.

Riviera Pavé Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Most importantly, the ring is also available in a wide range of sizes and can fit almost anyone’s preferences (from 3.5 to 9.5 sizes).

Also, the 14K gold ring is made to last long so that you can use it for a long time. It has an average clarity of S12 for more distinguished looks.


  • Made from high-quality 14 gold materials and has a very durable construction.
  • The simple design makes it perfect for various outfits without losing its resiliency.
  • Rhodium plating makes the ring hypoallergenic.
  • It comes with a manufacturer’s quality guarantee.


  • The band of the ring appears to be too thin for some buyers’ preferences.
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4. 1/10 CT. T.W. Diamond Anniversary Band in 10K White Gold

This diamond anniversary engagement ring is perfect for celebrating your first love anniversary. With the total weight at 1/10 carat, there are 10 stones available in this flush engagement ring setting. 

10K White Gold Diamond Ring

In addition, it is made with the highest quality standards and crafted by hand, so all pieces are unique. Diamonds are cut into calibrated shapes that literary sparkle and shine. This feature makes it fit for flush-setting engagement rings. Also, it features a bright polished shine to make you celebrate your love with a well-thought-out symbol of love.


  • The diamonds used in this flush setting engagement ring are certified by the GIA. 
  • This flush setting engagement ring is available in other metals such as 14 karats white gold and platinum. 
  • They are versatile.
  • They are nonreactive to your skin.


  • It may chip or break over time, depending on the type of activity you do.

5. 3- Stone Band in 10K White Gold Baguette Emerald and Diamond Accent

This 3- stone white gold engagement ring is perfect for people who are looking for something simple but elegant. With the band made of white gold, this ring will be lighter than other available rings; The ring is so heavy in terms of weight, unlike most other counterparts which are easy to fall off. 

Baguette Emerald and Diamond Accent Three Stone Band in 10K White Gold

This engagement ring is made of 10 karat white gold, which is praised for not tarnishing or changing colors due to wear and tear. And most importantly, the band features emeralds set on the engraving that will go with anything you wear.

In addition to the chic scallop-edged design highlights, the ring features blue sapphires carefully and tactically placed within the stone band.


  • It’s a great choice if you want something unique and versatile.
  • The design is super attractive.
  • These earrings are durable. 
  • They are hypoallergenic.


  • They may not be the exact ring size as in the picture.

6. Vintage-Style Anniversary Band in 10K White Gold-1/15 CT. T.W. Diamond

This anniversary engagement ring is beautiful and uniquely designed and can fit any hand. With the band made of white gold, this ring will be lighter than other traditional ones. 

1/15 CT. T.W. Diamond Vintage-Style Anniversary Band in 10K White Gold

In addition, this flush setting engagement ring is made of 10 karats white gold. That is why the ring doesn’t tarnish or change colors as a result of wear and tear.

So, if you want to add a vintage-inspired charm to your bridal look, be sure to grab these anniversary wedding bands. Each of the center diamond stones is set in a pave setting that shines against your skin and any jewelry that you wear. Moreover, you can choose options from rose gold to white gold and others. 


  • The color pattern is sure to add sparkle to your bridal looks.
  • They are durable, thanks to the diamond setting.
  • They are also non-reactive to your skin.
  • They come with a manufacturer’s warranty.


  • This flush setting ring is quite pricey.

7. 1/3 ct tw Princess-cut 14K White Gold-Diamond Wedding Band

The princess-cut wedding band features several modified brilliant-cut facets on the pavilion. It was created to provide more brilliance than step cuts. This diamond ring also has an invisible setting that makes all of the diamonds securely placed. 

Diamond Wedding Band 1/3 ct tw Princess-cut 14K White Gold

Also, the design of this product gives a beautiful appearance. In addition, the 14k white gold resists fading or discoloration. The diamonds sparkle perfectly, and the metal does not damage your skin. The setting is indeed flush and comfortable to wear.

Moreover, the piece features small diamonds, which translate to a comfortable fit. This item is further electroplated with rhodium, one of the world’s most expensive metals. It has a durable white color, but it can be scratched easily. Therefore, careful handling is needful.


  • Beautiful appearance.
  • Well made and durable.
  • Lovely design.
  • Hypoallergenic.


  • Price is a bit high.


Q. What does a flush fit setting mean?

A. A flush-fit engagement ring setting fits snugly against the finger. 

Q. What is the best setting for an engagement ring?

A. This question has no set answer as it depends on personal preference and occasion. For instance, if you need a setting with more dimensions, bezel settings are the best. If you are going somewhere special, then you may want to go for a more expensive setting. If the occasion is not special, go with something simple but elegant. 

Q. What type of band is best for an engagement ring?

A. This again depends on the person and the occasion. You may want to go with pear, princess cut, or something else. Only be sure to select a band that fits your preferences.

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Your best flush setting engagement ring is mainly dependent not only on your own preferences but those of your significant other. Therefore, it’s important to do your homework before settling on engagement ring settings. Hopefully, this review gives valuable insight into your next engagement ring purchase. Happy shopping!