Halo VS No Halo Engagement Ring | Most Popular Styles Explained

How do you know whether or not you need a halo engagement ring? Is a diamond halo ring a passing trend, or is it here to stay? And can adding halos to your center stones maximize your engagement ring’s budget? All these questions must emerge as you look for a perfect ring, and contemplate the difference between a halo and no halo engagement ring. So to discover more, read on!

Key Takeaways

  • Split shank luxury, plain shank luxury, plain shank, pavé, and double halo are the most popular halo engagement ring types.
  • Radiant-cut diamonds, round diamonds, pear-shaped diamonds, and emerald-cut diamond rings look attractive with or without halos.
  • No halo engagement rings can be a perfect fit for brides with more reserved jewelry styles like solitaire settings.
  • Halo engagement rings are ideal options for individuals who love to be unique and enjoy glamor. 

Hidden Halo vs No Halo Engagement Ring

The decision between the halo vs non halo rings is a tough one to make. While there’s no clear solution to a halo or no halo engagement ring concern, there are some important factors to keep in mind when making the final decision. In most cases, what an engagement ring says about you and your taste and style are the major determining factors.

Individuals that fall in love with halo engagement rings are attracted by the idea of boosting the center diamond size as well as the shimmer. The small extra sparkle bits emanating from the pave halo are more attractive and contrast with the massive flashes that the center diamond gives off.

Halo and halo diamond ring

On the other hand, no halo engagement rings are a perfect match for people who love an understated appearance, so they try to avoid this popular style since they find it more overpowering.

They avoid it since they want their center stone to be the main focus. The following sections carry on with this hot debate, as they offer additional and helpful information to allow you to make the most informed decision.

Pros and Cons of Halo Engagement Rings vs No Halo

Halo Ring PROS:

  • Creates the illusion of a larger center stone, adding brilliance and size.
  • More cost-effective using smaller diamonds for the halo.
  • Radiates glamour with pavé or micropavé setting techniques.

Halo Ring CONS:

  • More common, reducing uniqueness.
  • Some may find it too “girly” or glittery.

No Halo Ring PROS:

  • Timeless and classic design that remains appealing and valuable over time.
  • Endless possibilities for customization, from vintage styles to modern creations.
  • Offers a more unique and distinct look compared to traditional round brilliants.

No Halo Ring CONS:

  • May require a larger center diamond, potentially more expensive.
  • Some may perceive them as “boring,” but preferences vary.

Consider these points when choosing between halo and non-halo options to find the perfect engagement ring with a special meaning for yo that fits your budget.

What’s a Halo Engagement Ring?

The concept of a halo engagement ring is very straightforward; it’s a smaller accent stone setting that encloses the center diamond of the engagement ring. A pave setting helps hold the accent stones in place, while the silhouette of the setting follows the shape of the center diamond.

Engagement ring with green diamond

So what’s a pavé? In the jewelry world, a pavé means a pattern of small surrounding stones, which can be either a ring of micro-pavé diamonds or pave diamonds. The pavé setting primarily includes little diamonds, which together create an attractive field of sparkle and shine.

What’s a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring?

A hidden halo ring is primarily similar to a halo ring, as it includes tiny precious stones around the center stone, with the only difference being the location of the pave setting. On hidden halo rings, the halos are located below the center stone, meaning they aren’t visible when observed head-on.

If you observe from the sides, you’ll see a stone’s lustrous halo, a sign of a little secret and plenty of love for your bride-to-be.

two diamond rings

The main feature that makes hidden halo rings popular is the exciting twist to the classic design or halo setting. Hidden halo engagement rings are usually luxe and elegant but have less brilliance than those with classic hidden halos.

What’s a No Halo Engagement Ring?

Many engagement ring designs don’t utilize the halo setting since the simple and clean designs of old diamond rings inspire many of them that, in most cases, have a traditional solitaire setting.

Remember, a no-halo engagement ring doesn’t often present a minimal design, so pieces of jewelry simply cannot accommodate one since they’ve got many things going on simultaneously.

The no-halo group involves everything between the most elaborate and the simplest vintage styles.

a diamond ring

Types of Halo Engagement Ring

Halo rings are undoubtedly the most popular in the world of brides. Their unique sparkle and brilliance create a sprightly center stone, making the ring shine gorgeously.

Halo engagement rings have been the most popular style for brides-to-be for many years, and that will not change shortly. The most popular halo ring types include:

Double Halo Engagement Rings

While they’re similar to the original halo, double halo rings are twice as grand. They have two layers of small diamonds around their center stones. 

Their beauty catches the light at each angle, creating brilliance and fire for a unique style to be cherished forever.

Various diamond shapes rings

An example of this can be a beautiful oval, round, or cushion-cut diamond halo on an 18-carat white gold ring with 10 diamonds on the shoulders and 42 in the double halo.

Pave Halo Engagement Rings

A pave halo engagement ring is ideal for different and numerous personalities. The engagement ring includes a shank lined with smaller diamonds supported by metal prongs to create the appearance of an endless line of precious stones.

This creates an additional sparkle to the ring while at the same time emphasizing the center stone’s brilliance.

The Double-Edge Halo Engagement Rings

The double-edge engagement rings have two small diamond rows, with one row surrounding the halo edges facing outward and the other surrounding the center stone facing upward. The halo with two edges increases the sparkle with an extra row.

The Triple-Edge Halo Engagement Rings

The triple-edge halo engagement rings have many pieces of diamond, despite the angle you use to view. This style includes three small diamond rows; one facing the bottom, the second facing sideways, and the third facing the top.

A triple-edge halo engagement ring can be the best option for individuals looking to add timeless beauty, dimension, and other distinct features to their rings.

3 various diamond rings

What’re the Most Popular Halo Ring Settings for a No Halo Ring Style?

A no-halo engagement ring style comes in numerous settings, including a four-prong petite fit, Esme, and reverie, allowing you to design your own engagement ring. The four-prong petite fit features a band with some round edges to provide optimal comfort, while the Esme features six claw prongs to offer extra security to the center of no halo rings.

Conversely, reverie involves taking a traditional hit on the contemporary. The reverie ring’s ribbon features a precious metal that splits into a shank to embrace the accent diamonds stylishly. Other engagement ring settings include a flush setting, solitaire setting, prong setting, and cluster setting.

a person putting on the diamond ring

How Do Different Diamond Shapes Look Without or With a Halo?

All diamond shapes have unique personalities, with a range of distinct features that any diamond halo addition can transform. Here are the most common diamond shapes, with details on how they look without or with a diamond halo.

  • The Radiant Cut Diamond: A radiant cut diamond that has a halo presents a vintage, antique look with timeless and maximum sparkle. On the other hand, a radiant cut solitaire ring is bold and strong while at the same time conserving soft femininity.
  • The Emerald Cut Diamond: An emerald-cut diamond that has a hidden halo doesn’t offer the much-needed sparkle. However, one that has a halo significantly boosts the center stone sparkle, enhancing clarity over brilliance.
  • The Oval Cut Diamond: An oval-cut diamond ring is elongated to lengthen your finger when you put it on effectively. The oval-shaped diamond, without or with a halo, features a creative flair with a powerful feminine elegance.
  • The Pear Shaped Diamond: A pear-shaped diamond combines a marquise-shaped diamond and a round diamond; one end is pointed while the other is rounded. Adding a halo makes a pear-shaped diamond ring more bold and glamorous; whichever style you pick, the result will always be excellent.

Final Verdict

The most significant benefit the halo engagement rings offer is that it enhances the appearance of the center stone, allowing you to save significant amounts of money. 

An excellent setting can boost the center stone to look one-half carat bigger, translating into hundreds of pounds/dollars of savings. On top of that, smaller stones are affordable, and the pavé design creates intense sparkle.

a person wearing a diamond ring

Halo VS No Halo Rings FAQs

Can You Add a Halo to A Solitaire Ring?

Yes, you can! Adding a halo to your solitaire ring is a popular upgrade that adds extra sparkle and complements the center stone beautifully. It’s a stunning choice for those seeking more brilliance and allure in their ring.

Can I Add a Halo to My Engagement Ring?

Yes! Enhance your engagement ring’s allure and make the center stone pop by adding a halo of colored gemstones. This creative option allows you to customize your ring and create a stunning and unique piece.

What Does a Halo Engagement Ring Say About You?

A halo engagement ring says several things about you. Either you love to stand out, keep it extra classy, or you have more reserved jewelry styles.

Does a Halo Setting Make a Diamond Ring Look Bigger?

Yes, a halo setting makes a diamond ring look bigger. It includes shimmering rings of accent diamonds that offer luminescence, enhancing the look of the halo ring as well as its sparkle.

Why Do People Wear Halo Engagement Rings?

People wear halo engagement rings since they want the center stone to look bigger and sparkle the most. Additionally, they’re flexible, meaning they can be custom-made to appear bigger.

Is the Halo Engagement Ring a Fad?

A halo engagement ring isn’t a new fad since its history proves it beyond any reasonable doubt. Created in Georgia, they became popular between 1837 and 1900, as well as from January 2020 to the present.

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