How Long Does it Take to Order an Engagement Ring? | Each Stage in the Process Explained

Most individuals aren’t concerned about how long it takes to order and receive a diamond engagement ring. So, why do you want to know how long does it take to buy an engagement ring? Maybe it’s because you want to inform your partner when you’ll deliver the ring, or you want it to arrive at the right time so that you can achieve your surprise goal. Either way, you need to know when your perfect ring will arrive, and the following sections will help you have a rough estimate, so keep reading to discover more.

Key Takeaways

  • The engagement ring-buying process should take about three months to complete.
  • The steps involved in the wedding ring buying process are research, consultation, design, review, creation, and final review.
  • Ring type, customization level, date of order, and delivery address are the main factors that affect most wedding rings delivery time.
  • Instead of rushing the creation and delivery processes, visit an online or physical store to purchase a readymade engagement ring.

How Long Does it Take to Order an Engagement Ring?

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After picking the right engagement ring, you might be questioning what to expect next, especially when you have already paid for everything. It’s challenging to say what your experience will be like since there isn’t a simple and correct answer to this big question, “How long does it take to get an engagement ring once ordered?”.

Many factors affect the time it takes to receive a perfect diamond engagement ring from any of the leading jewelry stores. As a result, your experience will be totally different from everyone else’s, so let’s dig deep into the big question, explain the entire process and help you estimate how long it takes to receive a diamond engagement or wedding ring.

The Engagement Ring Buying Process

While each wedding band is different and the requirements of every couple vary greatly, the average time of the custom ring buying process is approximately three months. This waiting time includes different stages, ranging from initial research and consultation to the final day of delivery. Here is the custom wedding ring timeline and the steps involved.

Research and Consultation – One Week

You need to research the different engagement ring options available before you can look for professional consultation. While researching, you need to keep in mind things like the differences among gemstones, the 4Cs of diamonds, and diamond ring settings. In most cases, research and consultation take approximately one week, and learning as much as possible about precious metals and gemstones will help you find a perfect ring style.

Design – Two to Three Weeks

If you have been dreaming of a specific engagement ring design, this is the stage where you can convert it into reality. If you are working with a professional jeweler, you can provide a sketch of what you want.

The jeweler will help you create 3D models of your own engagement ring to allow you to view it and provide feedback, whether it’s perfect or not. During the design process, the jeweler should be able to accommodate different iterations to make sure what you dream of is what you receive.

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Review – One to Three Weeks

After creating the model, you should receive it for review and honest feedback. The designer should be able to capture all the details of the ring and share each angle so that you can know what you’ll receive at the end of the process.

Depending on your needs and requirements, the review process can be as long as you want; most ring providers allow up to five revisions before proceeding to the next stage. Usually, the review process can take anywhere between one and three weeks, depending on the number of revisions.

Creation – Three Weeks

Here is where the team of jewelers will transform all your inspirations, ideas, and dreams into reality by combining the imagery, models, and custom work to make the perfect engagement ring.

The creation process usually includes strictly following the sketches and models while at the same time fusing molten metal materials and furnishing the diamonds, among other tasks that can result in the highest quality engagement ring, including quality control.

Final Review and Quick Delivery Engagement Rings – Two Weeks

Once the creation is complete, you should receive the images of the real engagement ring to check if it meets or even exceeds your expectations. After approving both the design and the final ring product, the manufacturer will make shipping and delivery arrangements so that you can get your new ring in the next few days.

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How Long Does it Take to Make an Engagement Ring?

There is no correct answer to this question since numerous factors affect the time it takes to craft top-notch wedding bands and engagement rings. With that in mind, here are the main factors affecting wedding bands and engagement rings delivery time.

Ring Type

Once you complete your research about engagement rings and you’re eyeing a ring that has been crafted, measured, and tested, the timeline of buying this type of ring is shorter than a custom one. If you order a readymade ring, it’ll take anywhere between five and fifteen weekdays. If you decide to go the traditional route and buy a custom engagement ring, you’ll have to wait between one and three months.

Customization Level

Customization provides you with the opportunity to add a personal touch to your engagement ring. As already mentioned in the section above, the process of buying a custom engagement ring can be longer since several factors, and features need to be considered and included, respectively.

From researching and consultation to the design, creation, and review processes, you should expect to receive your custom ring in a few months. However, you can receive your ring within a few weeks if you allow the jewelers to rush the whole process, but this comes at an extra fee.

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Date of Order

The date of order is one of the main factors that determine the delivery time. For example, if you buy a proposal ring around the holidays, the delivery time might be longer since most carriers don’t operate. Sometimes, the supply and weather factors can affect the waiting time, but if you order your engagement rings from a trusted and reliable jewelry dealer, you’ll get them anytime, irrespective of the day or weather conditions.

Delivery Address

Buying an engagement ring from abroad is a great idea since you’ve got numerous options to choose from, and in most cases, the rings are of high quality. While you may not be sure of your engagement ring size, center diamond, and correct finger size, you can always work with a professional to help you get your dream ring.

However, there are a few drawbacks to keep in mind, including a longer waiting time. With international orders, you should anticipate a longer time since your rings go through numerous stages before reaching the intended destination.

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Readymade Engagement Rings vs. Made-to-Order Ring Designs

You can choose to purchase a readymade piece of jewelry or go for custom rings. The waiting time for these two types varies significantly. If you are lucky enough to come across the right ring for your finger size, a readymade engagement ring works well.

The best and proven way to find the right ring for you is to go through the finished ring styles, designs, and settings online on a trusted and reliable platform. Ready-to-wear engagement rings always have the shortest waiting time, usually within a few days. On the other hand, the waiting time for custom wedding rings will be four to five weeks, or even more, depending on the type of materials and design.

Be Aware of Rings Made in a Matter of Days

If you’re planning to purchase a diamond ring, ensure you have enough time since rushing the process can result in reduced stone and ring quality. You can imagine receiving a custom ring within a week instead of several weeks or a month. That means the product is of low quality, and maybe it was just picked from ready-to-wear ones and then changed slightly to mimic your requirements.

How Do You Ensure the Ring Arrives on Time and Safely?

When buying engagement rings, you need to ensure they arrive on time and safely; to achieve this, you should track your order. Most online stores have tracking tools that you can use to monitor your engagement ring delivery process. And once it arrives, ask a professional to check it for you to ensure the ring is what you ordered.

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FAQs – How Long to Get Engagement Ring

1. How Long Does it Take to Get an Engagement Ring Made?

After choosing the perfect stone, your order goes into production and thereafter into casting. Averagely, a custom engagement ring creation process requires approximately between 2 and 4 weeks.

2. Can I Get an Engagement Ring in 2 Weeks?

You can get an engagement ring in 2 weeks if the design is standard since the creation process will be faster and there are fewer complexities to overcome. But if the design is complex, just give it enough time.

3. How Far in Advance Should You Buy an Engagement Ring?

The amount of advance time to give yourself should be several months before proposing. Remember, deciding the right wedding or engagement band needs enough time, not to mention processes like designing, creating, reviewing, polishing, and others.

4. How Long Should the Engagement Ring Buying Process Take?

Buying engagement ring process should take roughly three months since it includes multiple stages, including research, consultation, design, review, and delivery.

Final Thoughts on How Long Do Wedding Rings Take to Order

Overall, ordering an engagement ring comes with many facets. From the type of ring to customization, order date, and delivery location, various factors influence the timeline.

Custom designs entail a comprehensive process, while pre-made options offer quicker delivery. International orders might require more time, but tracking your order ensures its secure and punctual arrival.

As your engagement ring’s story unfolds, remember that each step reflects the unparalleled love and dedication of your relationship.

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