Brilliant Earth Review | Why Do They Stand Out in Diamond Industry?

My Brilliant Earth review starts with a very personal story. I remember when I decided it was the right time to buy an engagement ring, I had no idea of the sources of diamonds and how they were cut and made. I was feeling overwhelmed and a bit out of my element.

But that’s when I stumbled across Brilliant Earth. They put it in such simple terms for both my heart and wallet. When I learned about the astounding level of conflict-free diamonds, I felt a flicker of hope.

That’s when I realized that Brilliant Earth was about so much more than the search for an engagement ring with special meaning. It was about preserving a social responsibility and participating in an ethical journey. So I made my purchase from Brilliant Earth and I eagerly followed along with their story.

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Brilliant Earth has implemented various initiatives that benefit both its customers and the planet. Read my Brilliant Earth Jewelry review to learn more about what makes this company stand out among renowned diamond jewelers like Jared Jewelry or Zales and others.

Key Takeaways

  • Brilliant Earth—a fine jewelry company dedicated to sustainability and social impact operating online and has physical stores too.
  • Whether you’re looking for dazzling, ethically mined loose diamonds, lab diamonds, recycled diamonds, or socially responsible metals – Brilliant Earth’s selection of jewelry features pieces that have the environment—and you—in mind.
  • Brilliant Earth allows customers to virtually try their engagement ring or wedding bands, which is truly magical.
  • The pricing is on the more expensive side. However, if you are looking for a more affordable alternative, then try checking out James Allen.

Brilliant Earth Company An Overview

As a bride-to-be, I wanted my diamond engagement ring and bridal jewelry to tell a story, not just reflect my style. My personal heirloom, special and lasting, with its own everlasting charm — pieces that could spark conversations and remain special tokens of our connection. I wanted my engagement ring to say something unique about me.

That’s why I was so thrilled when I stumbled upon Brilliant Earth—a fine jewelry company dedicated to sustainability and social impact since 2005. Trips to the showroom convinced me this was the place for me—all of Brilliant Earth’s pieces are incomparably beautiful, crafted to reflect your own unique story.

a model and the jewelry by Brilliant Earth

Whether you’re ordering an engagement rings, wedding ring, gemstone ring, diamond necklace, bracelet, or diamond earrings, Brilliant Earth offers a stunning selection of beautiful jewelry. They also prioritize comfort and quality, ensuring that your jewelry will be an unbroken symbol of love and commitment that you cherish and keep forever. And behind every jewelry piece is a meaningful source and sustainable process.

Brilliant Earth believes in doing good and making the world a better place. They source their diamonds and gemstones ethically, as well as luxurious eco-friendly products such as rose gold or lab-created diamonds from environmentally-conscious sources. The jewelry pieces are crafted to perfection and made with the utmost love and care, using careful eco-friendly practices like old-world craftsmanship and recycled gold. To top it off, Brilliant Earth proudly invests in a wide array of social and environmental causes.

Ultimately, each jewelry piece purchased from Brilliant Earth is more than just a token of love. It is a statement of love and commitment, a sign that we all can make a difference—and look beautiful in the process.


  • Mission to give back to the diamond mining communities.
  • Lab-created diamonds are significantly cheaper.
  • Huge collection of vintage engagement rings.
  • 30-day free returns
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Costs may be higher than other online stores.
  • Many have expressed their discontent with the ring’s setting not staying in place.

What Makes Brilliant Earth Unique?

Every item available at Brilliant Earth is unique in some way and carries with it a commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices. Whether you’re looking for lab diamonds or ethically mined loose diamonds, recycled diamonds, or socially responsible metals – Brilliant Earth’s selection of jewelry features pieces that have the environment—and you—in mind.

When it comes to ethically mined loose diamonds, Brilliant Earth only uses natural diamonds found in mines that are committed to responsible labor and environmental protection, such as Canada and Botswana. This means no child labor, no human rights violations, and no environmental damage to obtaining these diamonds. In addition, these stones come in all shapes and sizes to create gorgeous bespoke jewelry pieces.

The Brilliant Earth collection also contains the full spectrum of lab-created colored diamonds that are used to make Brilliant Earth unique engagement rings. These stones are created through the synthesis of carbon in a laboratory environment, forming elements that are identical to what is found in a natural diamond. Brilliant Earth’s diamonds prepared in labs offer the same brilliance and durability as a mined stone yet are significantly more affordable.

diamond rings by Brilliant Earth

The eco-conscious are sure to be pleased with the selection of Brilliant Earth’s recycled diamonds available at Brilliant Earth. These stones come from pre-existing diamonds and have been given new life in the form of stunning jewelry pieces. Additionally, Brilliant Earth only sources specialty metals such as gold and platinum from suppliers who use recycled materials and adhere to the highest social and environmental standards.

Not to mention, the vintage-inspired collection may be a perfect choice if you’re looking to capture a special moment in time. These timeless pieces feature reclaimed gemstones and precious metals, carrying a unique heritage that can’t be bought at any jeweller’s.

Finally, when completing your purchase, you can rest assured knowing you’ll receive your jewelry in eco-friendly packaging.

Brilliant Earth Jewelry has become one of the most trusted sources for timeless, eco-friendly jewelry through its commitment to sustainability, ethics, and environmentally friendly packaging. The company’s commitment to these values has been instrumental in establishing itself as an ethical jewelry leader.

various rings by Brilliant Earth

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Design Process and Customer Shopping Experience

Let me tell you, their design process is simple, whether you are shopping for diamonds online or in one of Brilliant Earth’s showrooms. You can easily navigate the Brilliant Earth website and find the exact jewelry you are looking for. With the help of their sales associate (who are extremely helpful btw!), I could narrow down my choices and take a look at the real images of the Brilliant Earth engagement rings in full, 360-degree video of most engagement rings on the Brilliant Earth website.

To my amazement, the process was so intuitive that I felt as if I was there, trying the ring on in person! To add further to the amazement in their service, Brilliant Earth allows customers to virtually try the ring on. This virtual experience is something I have never seen before. Thus, the entire process, from beginning to finish, is efficient, helpful, and enjoyable.

From selecting your jewelry design to virtually trying it on and understanding the craftsmanship and ethical practices involved, the Brilliant Earth team ensures an exceptional experience at every step.

I have been following their guidelines religiously and have never encountered any issues with my purchases. However, some people have expressed dissatisfaction with their customer service and instead prefer James Allen or Blue Nile.

Brilliant Earth offers a wide range of styles and metal types, with the added benefit of using recycled materials in their settings. While the showroom may not be extraordinary and the experience may be standard, it still delivers a satisfactory experience.

When Brilliant Earth refers to diamonds as “Botswana Sort,” they are indicating diamonds sold through the De Beers partnership with the Botswana government, known as Debswana.

For Brilliant Earth’s value proposition to truly hold weight, it must be absolutely reliable and unwavering. Additionally, the vendors associated with Brilliant Earth make fewer mistakes compared to the percentage of artisanal diamonds in the market.

Brilliant Earth model


I’ve always been impressed by the quality of their stones and the array of options they offer. Unfortunately, I have to admit that the pricing is on the more expensive side. However, if you are looking for a more affordable alternative, then try checking out James Allen.

I know diamonds are a big investment and that it’s important to make sure the diamond you buy meets your standards. For those looking for a more affordable alternative to Brilliant Earth, James Allen is definitely worth looking into. They offer ethically sourced diamonds and certified conflict-free diamonds at a great price.

brilliant earth ratings
Brilliant Earth Ratings

Brilliant Earth Diamonds Review

Brilliant Earth Diamonds Review

When it comes to selecting the perfect diamond for your special occasion, Brilliant Earth shines brightly in the world of diamond retailers. This renowned company boasts an impressive selection of both natural and lab-grown diamonds, catering to the diverse preferences of their customers.

A Dazzling Array of Natural Diamonds

For those who appreciate the allure of natural diamonds, Brilliant Earth has you covered. Approximately 10% to 20% of their clientele opt for these timeless gems. With an extensive inventory featuring nearly 100,000 natural diamonds, finding the ideal stone to adorn your dream setting is a delightful journey.

Lab-Grown Diamonds: A Modern Marvel

In the age of sustainability and innovation, lab-grown diamonds have garnered significant attention. Brilliant Earth embraces this trend wholeheartedly, offering an impressive array of 128,503 lab-grown diamonds in their inventory. What sets them apart is their commitment to providing clarity to customers. Approximately 80% of these lab-grown diamonds are accompanied by a 360 HD video, allowing you to examine every facet in stunning detail.

Furthermore, Brilliant Earth offers both CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) and HPHT (High-Pressure High-Temperature) lab-created diamonds. These gems are meticulously graded by reputable laboratories, including IGI (International Gemological Institute), GIA (Gemological Institute of America), and GCAL (Gem Certification & Assurance Lab), ensuring you receive a diamond of the highest quality.

A Kaleidoscope of Colors

While many diamond retailers focus primarily on colorless diamonds, Brilliant Earth goes the extra mile by showcasing an exquisite collection of lab-created fancy colored diamonds. These vibrant gems add a unique and captivating dimension to your jewelry. Take, for example, the dazzling 1.15-carat fancy intense pink diamond, a true standout. Priced at just $4,110, this exquisite gem offers exceptional value. In contrast, a similar natural pink diamond could easily cost upwards of $100,000, and that’s without factoring in insurance costs.

However, Brilliant Earth stands as a luminary in the world of diamonds, offering an extensive selection of both natural and lab-grown diamonds. With an emphasis on exquisite settings and a captivating range of lab-created fancy colored diamonds, Brilliant Earth ensures that every piece of jewelry tells a unique and beautiful story.

Frequently Asked Questions – Review of Brilliant Earth

Now I will be answering the most frequently asked questions.

Is Brilliant Earth legitimate?

The answer, in my experience, is a resounding YES! I recently had the pleasure of dealing with Brilliant Earth while I was shopping for the perfect diamond ring for my fiancée. Desperate to make the right decision, I wanted to go with a company that was trustworthy and held to the highest standards. My research pointed me towards Brilliant Earth as a reliable company, and I’m so glad I followed through!

Are Brilliant Earth real diamonds?

Yes, Brilliant Earth diamonds are 100% real. However, Brilliant Earth is not just about genuine diamonds – it’s about how the company makes sure that every diamond is acquired and crafted in an ethical, sustainable way.

Why are brilliant earth diamonds so cheap?

The reason why Brilliant Earth diamonds are budget-friendly is because they offer lab-created diamonds. These diamonds are environmentally friendly and cost-effective since they are chemically identical to natural diamonds but are grown in a lab, eliminating the need for mining.

What is better: Brilliant Earth or James Allen?

Both have great options, and the decision is completely down to your personal preference. The major difference between the two is the price. While both stores offer competitive prices, James Allen does tend to offer better value for money than Brilliant Earth. If you’re looking for a really high-quality piece and money is a bit of an issue, then it’s worth seeing what James Allen has to offer.

Should you buy a diamond engagement ring from Brilliant Earth?

Absolutely! I highly recommend purchasing a diamond engagement ring from Brilliant Earth. Their collection features breathtaking and one-of-a-kind jewelry, while their strong commitment to ethical and sustainable practices sets them apart.

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As I close my Brilliant Earth review, I am filled with a feeling of gratitude and joy. Not only did Brilliant Earth provide me with an incredibly beautiful stone, but their commitment to their craftsmanship and ethics is awe-inspiring. I now have a strong reminder of our beautiful planet and its many habits, my own included. Because of Brilliant Earth, I can be sure that my diamonds are sustainably sourced and ethically produced. It is truly an experience I will never forget. Thank you, Brilliant Earth.

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