Kay Jewelers Review | Excellent Quality and Stunning Beauty

I have had the pleasure of wearing exquisite jewelry from Kay Jewelers for many years – from the diamond necklace my parents gifted me for my sweet sixteen, the diamond ring I wore on my big day, and the wedding ring set I proudly wore on my wedding day. I have been consistently impressed by the superior quality and stunning beauty of the pieces I have owned, and I am delighted to share my Kay Jewelers review with you.

From the exquisite designs to the outstanding customer service, I can assure you that you will have a truly enjoyable shopping experience at Kay Jewelers, just as I have.

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Key Takeaways

  • Kay jewelers offer diamond jewelry, engagement rings, ear rings, and watches of excellent quality at competitive prices.
  • Looking for a wedding ring set? Or pre-set rings? Kay jewelers carries an extensive selection of fine jewelry to suit any occasion or style.
  • Above all, Kay jeweler is committed to providing customers with reliable, high-quality diamonds and jewelry that won’t break the bank.
  • With market-competitive pricing, multiple payment options, and a streamlined KAY Jewelers Credit Card, there has never been a better time to shop with KAY Jewelers.

Kay Jewelry An Overview

I still remember the first time I stepped into a KAY Jewelers store, it was like stepping into a magical world filled with color, light, and beautiful pieces of jewelry that stirred my heart.

The warmth and hospitality of the sales associate at the store were welcoming, and I soon discovered KAY Jewelers was more than just a diamond store; it was home to generations of Jewelry experts committed to offering personal attention, striving to make a visit to KAY Jewelers special and memorable for every customer.

Kay Jewelers History (now a division of Sterling Jewelers) started in Reading, Penn., in 1916 and has grown to become America’s leading jewelry store with over 1,000 locations. It is now part of the renowned Signet Jewelers headquartered in Akron, Ohio. The team at KAY is thousands strong, comprising jewelry professionals and artisans all dedicated to helping customers to find the perfect piece of designer jewelry they’ll love.

a woman wearing Kay earrings and ring

KAY is also fiercely committed to using ethical, conflict-free, and sustainable supply chains in all its jewelry. All the gemstones, metals, and materials used by KAY to make engagement rings and other jewelry pieces comply with the Signet Responsible Sourcing Protocol – a guarantee we can all trust.

Whether you shop at the KAY store or online, their passionate team is with you every step of the way, helping you make an informed choice. Every visit promises to be one of special attention and courteous service, as well as giving you a chance to discover the perfect piece of jewelry for you or for a loved one.

Without a doubt, KAY Jewelers stands as a leader among jewelry companies, committed to offering the highest quality of service, knowledge, and experience – helping us all to create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. However, I’m getting more attracted to James Allen for its modern designs. 


  • Certified jewelry experts help customers find the perfect piece of jewelry
  • Lifetime guarantee of diamonds & gemstones
  • Multiple payment options
  • Easy return and exchange policy
  • Outstanding client care


  • The prices can be prohibitive for some shoppers
  • People have had bad experiences with the quality of diamonds. 


KAY Jewelers has built a solid reputation for providing diamond quality at affordable prices. With their vast selection of sparkly gems, it was easy to find the perfect stone to make my purchase special. All their diamonds and gemstones are carefully evaluated by their team of certified experts to ensure they meet the highest standard of quality.

When looking for a reliable source of ethically sourced diamonds, Brilliant Earth Company and KAY Jewelry are the shops to turn to. However, of the two, Kay Jewelry certainly holds the number one spot. All their diamonds and other gemstones are sourced with the highest ethical and environmental standards. Their strict adherence to the Signet Responsible Sourcing Protocol ensures that all the gemstones used in their wedding rings, earrings, and diamond necklaces, are mined, cut, and polished responsibly and with environmental sustainability in mind.

In addition to their commitment to ethical sourcing, KAY Jewelers also carries a wide range of fashion jewelry, so you can select from the perfect combination of gems and metals to make your purchase extra special. I love their jewelry collection featuring intricate designs and elegant styles to reflect any mood or personality.

Kay jewelry selection

All in all, KAY Jewelers is my go-to source for quality diamonds and gemstones that are ethically sourced and compliant with best practices under the Signet Responsible Sourcing Protocol. I’m happy to support an organization that’s committed to providing customers with reliable, high-quality diamonds and jewelry that won’t break the bank. However, according to the popular forum Reddit, some people complain about the quality of diamonds, and they prefer James Allen over Kay. 

Diamond Selection and Design Process

When I set out to find the perfect piece, I knew that I wanted a special and unique engagement ring with meaning. After days of scrolling through the diamond selection at KAY Jewelers, I was inspired by the incredible array of shapes, cuts, and styles offered. With such a vast array of styles, shapes, and sizes of diamond rings to choose from, KAY Jewelers has become my go-to destination for all of my diamond needs.

The shopping experience at KAY Jewelers was incredibly easy and user-friendly. For starters, I could browse KAY Jewelers’ diamond selection by shape, which was my first step in finding the perfect ring. From there, I was able to further refine my search and shop pre-set engagement rings by style and from various designer jewelry collections. This helped me to ensure I found the perfect diamond engagement ring!

What I love most about KAY Jewelers, but also from lesser-known shops like Angara, is their custom diamond design feature. This revolutionary online tool allows shoppers to mix and match different stone shapes, metals, and more to create a truly unique and one-of-a-kind ring. Plus, shoppers can work hand-in-hand with KAY Jewelers experts to turn their vision into a stunning reality.

diamonds and tweezers on the dark background

KAY Jewelers made finding the perfect ring a breeze with their easy-to-use platform and knowledgeable staff. From classic to modern to totally one-of-a-kind, I had all my diamond needs met in one spot. If you’re on the hunt for a simple gold ring or a luxurious engagement ring, KAY Jewelers can help you find the one and turn your dream ring into a reality!


The first time I stepped foot in a KAY Jewelers store, I was struck by the immediacy of their market-competitive pricing. Although it’s more on the expensive side if I compare it with James Allen – a comparatively recent yet popular online store for high-quality diamond jewelry. 

KAY Jewelers offers multiple payment options to help you make the purchase of your dreams. There’s the KAY Jewelers Credit Card, offering exclusive discounts, special offers, and rewards, as well as the 12-month Standard Lease with Early Purchase options available.

For those who are short on time but want to buy diamond jewelry, KAY Jewelers also offers the Buy Now, Pay Later option through affirm. With this flexible payment system, KAY Jewelers makes the purchase you want, need, and deserve attainable.

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Whether you are looking for your engagement ring, pre-set rings, bridal earrings, or a special anniversary gift for your partner, KAY Jewelers is the ideal way to express your sentiments without breaking the bank or compromising on quality. With market-competitive pricing, multiple payment options, and a streamlined KAY Jewelers Credit Card, there has never been a better time to shop with KAY Jewelers.

a panel with Kay jewelry

Customer Shopping Experience

I first found out about KAY Jewelers when I decided to order an engagement ring. I was looking for something special that spoke to my love for diamonds. After doing an extensive search, I eventually came across KAY Jewelers, and I must say, I was very impressed!

The website was incredibly helpful and user-friendly, making the selection process easier than I ever thought it would be. Not only did they have a wide range of jewelry styles to choose from, but their jewelry prices were also very competitive.

KAY’s selection of quality jewelry, ranging from classic must-haves to the latest trends, was simply amazing! I loved the fact that all of their jewelry was ethically sourced and compliant with best practices under the Signet Responsible Sourcing Protocol.

The on-site customer service at KAY Jewelers was exceptional. Despite placing my order online, the staff went above and beyond to address any queries I had and ensured that the ring would arrive in time for my proposal. When the day arrived, the ring was delivered and it exceeded my expectations with its stunning beauty.

I’m immensely pleased with my decision to choose KAY Jewelers for my engagement ring. Their collection of high-quality jewelry at competitive prices, commitment to sustainability, and outstanding customer service made the entire process from start to finish stress-free and immensely enjoyable.

Moreover, during my visit, I had the pleasure of being assisted by an employee who not only helped me but also trained two new colleagues. She displayed kindness, helpfulness, and extensive knowledge. I was searching for a birthday gift for my daughter, and I am overjoyed with the necklace she guided me in selecting.

Furthermore, I have consistently experienced great patience and assistance from every employee at KAY Jewelers, regardless of how much time I spend searching. Their exceptional service has kept me as a loyal customer for years, and I plan to continue relying on them for all my jewelry needs. I am sincerely grateful to KAY Jewelers for always being there for me.

a person holding a gift box

Customer Service

When it comes to purchasing jewelry, you want to be sure that you’re making the right decision. After all, jewelry is something special – to give as a gift, as a symbol of love, or as a beautiful reminder of a momentous occasion. KAY Jewelers makes it easy, with expert customer support and the ability to chat with a jewelry expert seven days a week.

When I was looking to buy a diamond ring, I wanted to be sure I was getting exactly what I wanted. With the help of KAY’s customer support, it was easy to find the perfect ring. They answered my questions about warranties and policies with ease, and I felt as if I was talking to a knowledgeable friend who had my best interests in mind.

The best part about KAY’s customer support was the ability to chat with a jewelry expert. When I spoke with them about my ring, they were so helpful and knowledgeable. They asked questions about what I liked, and what my style was, and then told me about the perfect ring for my big day. It was exactly what I had been looking for.

And the great thing about KAY Jewelers’ customer support is that they are available seven days a week. Whether it’s Tuesday morning or Sunday night, you can talk to an expert, ask them questions, and find the perfect piece of jewelry. Monday to Friday they’re available from 7 AM — 1 AM ET, Saturdays from 10 AM — 10 PM ET and on Sundays from 12 PM — 9 PM ET. This made it even easier to find the perfect piece, without having to rush and make a decision without having the time to speak with an expert.

The customer support I received from KAY Jewelers was not only helpful but also made the process of finding the perfect ring much simpler and more enjoyable. I had a great experience at Knightdale Kay Jewelry, where the staff went above and beyond to assist me. They made me feel like family, not just a customer.

With their expertise and genuine care, they helped me find a beautiful diamond ring for my wife at a great price. I can’t express how happy I am with their service. If you’re in need of any jewelry, Knightdale Kay Jewelry is the place to go. Thank you, KAY Jewelers, for making the experience stress-free and memorable!

Kay jewelry

FAQs – Kay Jeweler Reviews

Now I will be answering the most frequently asked questions.

Is Kay Jewelers high quality?

If you may ask, is Kay Jewelers good quality? Yes. At KAY, they make jewelry with meticulous attention to detail, and quality is paramount. Every piece they sell is crafted from the finest materials and designed to stand the test of time.

Is Kay Jewelers a legit site?

Yes, Kay Jewelers are an established and respected retailer of high-quality jewelry with a long history of providing excellent customer service and satisfaction.

Is Zales better than Kay?

It depends on your individual needs and preferences. Both Kay Jewelry and Zales offer an amazing selection of wedding rings, diamond earrings, wedding bands, and watches, so it’s best to compare each store’s offerings before deciding which one is best for you.

Is Kay Jewelers good for engagement rings?

Absolutely! KAY Jewelers offers an extensive selection of engagement ring styles and settings to choose from. However, it’s important to note that some of their pre-set engagement rings feature diamonds with an I1 clarity grade. This grade might not meet the clarity expectations of some customers, so it’s advisable to consider the clarity grade carefully when making your decision.

Can you sell jewelry to Kay Jewelers?

Yes, you can sell used jewelry to KAY Jewelers. However, they typically do not accept new or seemingly new jewelry items. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that investment metals such as ingots, coins, bullion, or bars are not accepted. On the bright side, they do welcome dental gold.

Are Kay Jewelers diamonds real?

Certainly! KAY Jewelers does offer genuine diamonds in their jewelry pieces. It’s worth noting, though, that their diamonds are often regarded as being of moderate quality. They might not rank as the best in terms of clarity, cut, and other quality aspects.

Can you wear Kay jewelry in the shower?

Yes, you can confidently wear your gold and diamond jewelry from KAY in the shower. The combination of water and soap will not cause any damage to your jewelry. Gold and diamonds are durable materials that can withstand regular exposure to water without any harm.

Why is everything so cheap at Kay Jewelers?

Kay Jewelers often offers the perception of affordability by employing various marketing strategies. They primarily operate as a chain of mall-based jewelry stores, which can limit their ability to compete on price compared to online or larger retailers.

Can you negotiate price at Kay Jewelers?

Yes, it’s possible to negotiate prices at Kay Jewelers, especially if you show a good relationship with the jeweler. However, it’s important to note that while negotiation is allowed, Kay Jewelers’ initial prices tend to be marked up, so the room for negotiation may still leave the final price somewhat higher than what you might find elsewhere. Negotiating the price of jewelry is a common practice and is entirely appropriate.

Are rings from Kay Jewelers real?

The diamonds sold by Kay Jewelers are indeed real; however, they often lack reliable certifications such as those provided by organizations like GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or AGS (American Gem Society). It’s essential to be aware that while the diamonds are genuine, the quality can vary, and Kay Jewelers’ pricing is often considered higher than the industry average. Additionally, their jewelry may use thinner gauges of precious metals and is typically manufactured, contributing to the perception of overpricing.

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My Kay Jeweler experience was one that I will never forget. From their stunning jewelry selection to their customer service, they really impressed me. From my first visit to the store, I felt that they truly understood my needs and wants. They created a customer-friendly atmosphere, and their helpful staff even provided helpful tips on caring for my jewelry and finding the perfect jewelry for special occasions.

I highly recommend Kay jewelers to my family and friends ever since, and I am proud to call myself their customer.

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