7 Best Lab Created Diamond Earrings Of 2023 Reviews | Various Styles, Settings and Cuts to Choose From

When lab-grown diamonds were initially introduced into the world of fine jewelry, there was a lot of skepticism. People wondered whether they were natural diamonds.

Synthetic diamonds, better known as lab-grown diamonds, are crafted in significantly controlled lab environments.

Advanced technology procedures occur, which duplicate the same conditions where diamonds develop as they form in the crust of the Earth.

These mined diamonds have real carbon atoms, which assume the structure of a diamond crystal. Because the lab-grown diamonds have the same components as natural diamonds, they display similar chemical and optical properties.

Continue reading for the best tips on getting the best lab-created diamond earrings in the industry today.

Best Lab Created Diamonds Earrings Review

Our list of the best lab-created diamonds is available below in various colorless ranges:

1. Milgrain Bezel 14 Karat White Gold Lab-Created Diamond Studs (0.50 CT. T.W. – F-G/VS2-SI1)

These stud earrings are a perfect mix of vintage and modern designs. They depict beauty in round brilliant lab-grown diamonds with a rolled wire basket and a milgrain bezel.

14K White Gold Milgrain Bezel Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings

The studs have a slight off-the-ear fit and feature friction backs. They are crafted for comfort and st; these studs offer longevity with a price tag worth their quality. These 14K white gold studs are crafted to a perfect brilliance and luster in the diamond cut, engraving, glazing, and polishing techniques.

Additionally, the friction backs reduce your chances of losing the studs, thus keeping them secure in place. The studs are made to a perfect finish and will offer a unique look you will be proud of people seeing.

Arguably, these are the best studs for the woman who loves style. They are perfect for the woman who wants to be unforgettable. What’s more? With their exceptional look, you are guaranteed unmatched elegance.

With a soft cloth and a mild detergent, you can wipe the studs from time to time to keep them shiny and help them last a long time.


  • Authenticity certificate included
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Friction backs for security
  • Crafted to ensure durability and quality
  • Simple to suit your style and fit with most outfits


  • Some people may find the studs to be too small for their liking

2. 14 Karat Yellow Gold Lab-Created Bezel Diamond Studs (0.25 CT. T.W. – F-G/VS2-SI1)

These bold, hand-crafted studs accent the beauty of the brilliant round lab-grown diamonds by using a thin bezel circular accented basked. The earrings snuggle against your ear and secure with friction backs. 

14K Yellow Gold Bezel Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings

In addition, these studs have a VS2 clarity grade which gives them an unmatched beauty suited for any occasion. Furthermore, the earrings have a lab certificate that confirms authenticity. These studs fit the woman who appreciates an unforgettable look while still ensuring elegance in their simplicity.

The best part is that they offer you an outstanding customer experience accompanied by 24/7 customer support. They also offer free shipping in the US and all over the world. Additionally, James Allen offers 100% 30-day hassle-free returns on all purchases made in dissatisfaction with the product.

With all these product’s positive attributes, you will have no reason to worry about getting disappointed; quality is guaranteed.


  • Have a quality 14k yellow gold finish
  • They are wearable every day due to their size and simplicity
  • Round cut with a VS2 clarity grade
  • The studs secure with friction backs


  • The average person cannot tell whether they are lab-grown diamonds or real diamonds

3. LIGHTBOX Solitaire Martini Lab Grown Round Diamond Stud Earrings

Say hello to these subtle sparkling round lab-created diamonds with a classic solitaire setting that allows light to pass through the 14 Karat white gold studs. These earrings create a unique balance of symmetry and elegance suitable for everyday wear.

LIGHTBOX Lab-Grown Diamond Round Solitaire Martini Stud Earrings

Furthermore, each lab-grown diamond is created to the highest standard and inscribed with an invisible mark that shows quality. The studs have a rhodium finish which prevents the metal from wear and tear. Also, this ensures that the earrings do not cause allergies.

These Solitaire Martini lab-grown studs are a perfect gift for the woman who loves the finer things in life. Their elegance and shimmering diamonds are sure to make her feel special and loved. 

The retailer’s reputation is impeccable. They offer impressive feedback to their customers together with a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee on items you do not like. The retailer also offers an authentic luxury experience when it comes to packaging. 

Lastly, to keep the studs clean and ensure they last a long time, clean them with a soft cloth and a mild detergent.


  • The studs are secure with a push back which ensures they won’t fall off
  • Simple and can be worn every day
  • 14 Karat white gold finish that creates uniqueness and elegance
  • The studs come in a beautiful gift box
  • Rhodium finish ensure longevity


  • Expensive
blue nile gifting

4. Sterling Silver 1/4 CT. T.W Lab Created Diamond Studs

These lab-created earrings feature round-cut lab-grown diamonds at the center and a surrounding of more lab-grown diamonds to enhance their beauty. The studs are secure with friction backs and have a 1/4 carat weight.

Lab-Created Diamonds by KAY Earrings 1/4 ct tw Sterling Silver

Furthermore, the earrings are electroplated with rhodium, which means they wear off with frequent use. Thus, you should take good care of these lab-grown diamond studs if you wish to have them last longer. Because of their trendy and classy design, these earrings are set apart from the rest of the studs in their category.

They pair well with most accessories, and they are sure a great addition to your everyday look. In addition, the earrings come with a certificate of authenticity that guarantees the quality of the diamonds.

Maintaining these earrings is very easy; a quick wipe with a damp cloth and a mild detergent, and you are good to go. However, it would be best if you took care not to expose the studs to saltwater, perfumes, lotions, and other harsh chemicals as they could damage the diamond.


  • Crafted using sterling silver
  • Have a certificate of authenticity that guarantees quality
  • They are secured with friction backs
  • The design is unique and classy


  • Expensive

5. 14 Karat White Gold  Diamond 1 CT. T.W. Lab Created Heart Earrings

For the little extra woman, these alluring lab diamonds have a heart-shaped design set in 14 Karat white gold. Each stud is crafted with stunning lab diamonds in a micro pave setting for a total diamond weight of 1 carat.

Lab-Created Diamonds by KAY Heart Earrings 1 ct tw 14K White Gold

These studs are secure with friction backs and crafted to add beauty to your ensemble. These heart-shaped perfect lab diamond earrings also come with a certificate proving their authenticity and quality.

These diamond studs are a perfect gift as they come in a tasteful gift box and can serve on any occasion.

If you are not satisfied with the purchase, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, you can hand wash them with a mild detergent to keep them clean. It would be best to keep them from harsh chemicals as this will erode their beauty.

Lastly, being hypoallergenic, they are suitable for people with sensitive skin.


  • Easy to clean
  • 14K white gold studs
  • Alluring shape
  • Secure with friction backs
  • Suitable for sensitive skin


  • Expensive

6. 1 CT. T.W. Certified Lab-Created Stick Drop Diamond Earrings (F/SI2)

Curate your collection with this fantastic collection of contemporary sleek drop earrings. Each earring is tailored with 14 Karat white gold showcasing a 1/5 carat bezel-set lab-created diamonds.

Certified Lab-Created Diamond Stick Drop Earrings in 14K White Gold

Each earring boasts a clarity of SI2 and a color rank of F, and a vertical stick-style drop. This one ct. t.w. lab created diamonds have a bright polished shine and are safely secure with friction backs.

In addition, the earrings come with a certificate describing the lab-created diamonds and including a photo of the jewelry. In addition to ensuring the quality of the goods, this serves as insurance. Lab-created diamonds are made using microscopic carbon diamond elements from other diamonds that have already been mined and mined.

Generally, we love these and other lab-created diamonds because they have fewer defects, are remarkably affordable, environmentally friendly, and are more beautiful than natural diamonds. The extreme beauty is due to higher purity, and they are brighter, with better quality.

These lab-created diamond earrings are an excellent choice for any occasion. They are perfect for a day at the office or a night out in town. You can wear them with any outfit, and they will add some sparkle and glamor.

Store your jewelry in an air-tight box or in a dark, dry place when not in use to prevent tarnishing. Do not expose them to cleaning products such as bleach, ammonia, or ultrasonic cleaners.


  • Contemporary sleek appearance
  • SI2 clarity and a color rank of F
  • Bright polished shine
  • Secure with friction backs
  • Come with a certificate for a guarantee of product quality


  • Highly-priced

7. 14 Karat Diamond White Gold Solitaire 1/2 CT. T.W. Studs

These brilliant lab-created round diamonds are from the center of these beautiful women’s solitaire studs. Their weight is 1/2 ct. t.w. In addition, they secure using screw backs.

Lab-Created Diamond Solitaire Earrings 1/2 ct tw Round 14K White Gold

These diamond simulant studs are a great way to add some sparkle to your look. They are made with clear stones and set in 14k white gold for beauty. The secure screw-back closure ensures that the earrings will stay in place for a long time. They are nickel-free and hypoallergenic; you will be comfortable wearing them if you have sensitive ears.

The clear stones give these earrings an edge and make them stand out from other fake diamond studs. The minimalist style means that you can wear them with any outfit, and the white gold setting gives them a touch of elegance.

These earrings come with an elegant gift box and extra earring backings. The rhodium finish on the white gold setting ensures that they will last for a long time. They are perfect for three ear locations: the cartilage, the lobe, and the tragus. Additionally, they are the ideal size to wear for any occasion.

To clean the earrings, all you have to do is wipe the earrings gently with a soft cloth and a mild detergent.


  • The clear stones give these earrings an edge
  • The minimalist style means that you can wear them with any outfit
  • The white gold setting gives them a touch of elegance
  • They come with an elegant gift box and extra earring backings


  • They may not fit the person that loves flashy jewelry

How to Pick The Best Lab Created Diamond Earrings – Buyer’s Guide

Here are a few expert recommendations to discover the most authentic lab-created diamond for your earrings:

Visit a Reputable Vendor

Finding a trustworthy lab-created diamond vendor is a crucial first step to guaranteeing you high-quality diamonds. Are you wondering where to buy lab-created diamonds? If you choose Clean Origin, Blue Nile, and James Allen, you will not worry about price or quality.

You will have peace of mind knowing you will get a beautiful and reliable product.

Decide on the Shape

Do you love the classic appearance of a round-cut diamond, or do you prefer unique shapes such as a pear? Narrow down on the shape of your choice so that you can shop for diamonds that match your style and tastes.

Establish the Cut Quality

The beauty in a diamond generally has everything to do with its cut quality. Identify a lab-created diamond with an ideal or excellent cut suitable for your earrings. 

a round diamond earring

Check the Certification

When it narrows down to lab-created diamonds, the most reliable and standard lab certification is the IGI. With the IGI, you are provided with a clarity and color grade for lab-grown diamonds. This ensures that you only get a quality product.

IGI has also begun providing a complete certificate on lab-grown diamonds. Unfortunately, there are not that many yet. Without the certificate, it is impossible to know if the lab-grown diamond is authentic or worth the price.

Aim for the Colorless Diamonds

Unless you wish to have a lab-created colored diamond from Blue Nile’s Lightbox collection, please ensure that it is colorless when you look at it with the naked eye. Therefore, ensure that you have confirmed that the diamond looks white before you make your purchase.

A lab-grown diamond ranging between F-H colors gives you a white stone that appears fantastic in any setting.

Select Eye-clean Diamonds

When you look at a diamond with the naked eye, there should not be any inclusions or blemishes. In the case of lab-created diamonds, this indicates a VS1 or VS2 clarity grade. When you pay for a higher clarity grade, it means you will only get eye-clean diamonds; this is not an area worth overspending on.

Compare Similar Diamonds

While diamond cuts may have a similar grading, they may still be different in appearance. Pick your top selection, then narrow it down to a few lab-grown diamonds. Consequently, look at them keenly and identify the diamond with the best sparkle, brilliance, and overall offers you the right vibe.

Choose the Setting of the Earrings

Earring styles range from three-stone to halo to solitaire designs. Savor the different designs before settling on your favorite choice.

Seek a Second Opinion

Consult your retailer, friends, and family if you are unsure which diamond design to pick. You can also consult other professionals to help you narrow down to your favorite choice.

a girl in white wearing long diamond rings

Make Your Purchase

Once you have chosen the diamond and its setting, look for places to buy lab-created earrings. Ensure it is from a reputable retailer that offers a hassle-free return policy. This step will allow you an in-person evaluation of the diamond to ensure it is what you desire.

If the diamond doesn’t satisfy you, you can exchange the earrings for different ones. Almost all readers who follow our buying guide for lab-created diamonds are always satisfied with their purchases.

If you have queries at any point in the process, feel free to contact us.


Q. Are lab-created diamonds worth buying?

A. Most traditional jewelers misinform customers about the actual value of lab-created diamonds. Natural diamonds have resale value. The same case applies to lab-curated diamonds.

Q. Can a jeweler detect a lab-created diamond?

A. There is no difference between lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds when you look with the naked eye. They have the same sparkle, color, and clarity. They may also come in the same shapes and sizes.

Q. Are there different grades of lab diamonds?

A. Lab-created diamonds can be categorized in VS1 and VS2 clarity grades. It also depends on the process used in mining the diamonds, such as the chemical vapor deposition method.

Final Thoughts

Lab-created diamonds offer an excellent choice for your earrings if you want an ethical and affordable alternative to diamonds.

Ensure that you shop at a trustworthy vendor with certified lab diamonds. That way, you will not need to have any fears that you’re getting ripped off.

Have any questions about lab-created diamonds? Talk to us in the comment section.