How Often To Clean Diamond Ring | Our Detailed Guide to Maintain Your Jewels

Diamond rings, or any expensive jewelry or big purchase, can be considered an investment. If this is your first time wearing a ring often, you may ask yourself how often to clean a diamond ring. An item like an engagement ring can make up for its cost in the number of wears you get out of it, and the longer you wear it, the cheaper its cost per wear becomes. In this article, we will go over how often to clean, options if you want to clean yourself, and how to extend its shine for long-term wear.

Key Takeaways

  • Natural oils on your body, perfume, lotion, and other oils can tarnish your jewelry over time.
  • Most of the time, cleaning with a gentle cleanser like dish soap or baking soda will clean daily debris.
  • Chlorine will discolor sterling silver; take care when going into a swimming pool.

The Value of Clean Jewelry

Keeping your jewelry looking shiny and new is essential. But keeping your diamond jewelry clean, also helps the jewelry pieces stay intact and last as long as possible (if maintained properly). 

The natural oils on your body, along with debris from touching surfaces in your day-to-day life, can slowly wear down the precious metals holding your diamond or other stones held in by your jewelry piece, or can make your diamond ring smell unpleasantly.

Dirt and debris gathering on your jewelry is normal. Oils from your skin, deodorant, perfume, soaps with fragrance, and lotions, all accumulate onto jewelry like rings, diamond studs, bracelets, and diamond necklaces. The grime can be abrasive to the prongs and other settings causing the metal surface to tarnish or the diamonds to fall out of the ring over time. However, simple maintenance through regular cleaning can help prolong the life of your jewelry.

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How Often Should You Get Your Ring Cleaned?

It’s best to have your ring professionally cleaned and inspected every 5 to 7 months to maintain its beauty and condition. Depending on the jeweler and warranty, these cleanings may be free or may require a small payment. Regular cleanings and inspections ensure your ring remains brilliant and allows for early detection of any potential issues, ensuring its longevity.

How Often Should You Clean Your Engagement Ring?

It doesn’t take much to keep your engagement ring shiny. The cleaning process can even be done at home. You can even have your engagement rings professionally cleaned. It is generally recommended to have your ring cleaned once a month to maintain a shine on the stones and diamonds on your engagement ring.

At the very least, if you find that you’ve gotten your hands dirty from working on something like gardening, or handling something messy, it may be time to clean it with warm water and dish soap, do it yourself, or consider having someone clean it for you.

Can You Clean Your Engagement Ring Too Much?

Cleaning your engagement ring daily is safe, but avoid harsh chemicals or vigorous scrubbing to prevent scratching the finish or loosening stones. Never use chlorine bleach or abrasive powder cleaners, as they can cause damage. Opt for gentle cleaning methods to preserve the ring’s beauty and integrity.

Do I Need To Get My Ring Professionally Cleaned?

Consider where you bought your diamond engagement rings. Do they offer any services for purchasing fine jewelry from their establishment? Most jewelers like James Allen will offer free professional diamond cleanings if you purchase the ring from them. Clean your engagement ring from them is a selling point to build customer loyalty.

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If you purchased the ring from another professional jeweler, you can generally expect to spend a small fee to get a professional jewelry cleaning. It is generally good engagement ring care to get it cleaned twice a year. This is because a professional jeweler offer a more thorough cleaning than what you can do at home.

What Do You Clean Rings With?

It really doesn’t take much to bring your ring back to tip-top shape. If you’re willing to take the time to give it some love, you’re investing in bringing out its best shine. It does not need to be expensive or overdone. You do not need all the tools below as some can be used as a replacement for others. But the tools below, which can usually be found in your home are things to help you clean your ring at home:

  • A small bowl
  • Dishwashing soap or gentle soap or baking soda
  • Water and cleaning solution
  • A soft toothbrush or ultrasonic jewelry cleaner
  • A lint-free cloth or cotton cloth

Avoid harsh household cleaners, sanitizers with high alcohol content, and powdered cleaners with strong fragrances. Over time, these chemicals can damage precious stones and metals. At home, we generally recommend a chemical-free solution like hot water diluted with baking soda to help loosen compressed dirt from the ring’s setting.

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How to Clean a Diamond Ring at Home

The ingredients you need to clean a diamond ring are so simple, that you can often save some money by doing it yourself. To begin cleaning your jewelry, get water or use warm running water and a bowl in a sink. Prepare a solution with several drops of dish soap or cleaning solution in the water. Soak your jewelry in the water for 20 minutes. As it is soaking, gently brush the ring or multiple rings with the soft toothbrush. 

If you have an ultrasonic machine, you can use it instead of a soft bristle toothbrush and toothpaste to clean diamond jewelry. It mimics the gentle scrub action and helps to provide good cleaning.

If you find that the debris between the settings is stubborn, and the band isn’t as new and shining as you expected, soak it for an additional 20 minutes. Once done, rinse under warm water again.

Lay out paper towels, and dry them with a soft cloth or something non-abrasive to remove dirt and gently clean the remaining debris. Avoid paper towels on more intricate rings. Leave to air dry and you now have a ring that’s like new!

Take care not to open the faucet drain too large! We’ve definitely heard stories of engagement rings falling down the drain.  

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How to Take Care of A Diamond Ring

Jewelry, especially a diamond engagement ring or wedding ring, is something you end up wearing every day. Consider your lifestyle and everyday activities. Washing your ring with soap and water after something messy is always a good habit to have to prevent minor scuffs and tarnishing. Some things can knock a center stone or smaller diamond out of its setting.

For example, harsh chemicals like chlorine can damage rings and cause permanent discoloration. Exercise extreme caution before going into a swimming pool with your ring on. If you or your spouse play contact sports or weight lift, it can be easily scratched by blunt force. This is not always the case, but one can never be too sure. Replacing diamonds in a ring can also be expensive. A diamond engagement ring is often an investment- it would be wiser to make sure it remains in good condition.

Cleaning jewelry doesn’t have to be a difficult task. A ring does not always have to be professionally cleaned. As demonstrated, it can actually be done at home-sometimes with specialized equipment for ease of use. The same equipment can be substituted with items you may already have lying around in your home.

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FAQs: Cleaning Diamond Rings

How often do you clean a diamond ring?

To maintain the sparkle of your diamond engagement ring, it is recommended to clean it once a month at home and have it professionally cleaned twice a year. Regular cleaning will keep your diamond looking stunning and free from dirt and grime.

Can you clean a diamond ring too often?

No, you cannot clean your diamond ring too often, as long as you use gentle cleansers and proper cleaning methods. Over-cleaning with harsh chemicals may damage the metal setting or the diamond itself. Stick to mild cleaning solutions to ensure your ring remains in its best look.

Is it OK to wear my diamond ring everyday?

Yes, it is OK to wear your engagement ring diamond everyday. Just make sure to take some precautions during certain activities, like heavy lifting or using abrasive substances.

Do I need special tools to clean my ring?

You do not need special tools to clean your ring. Basic supplies like a soft toothbrush, dawn dish detergent, and warm water are sufficient for keeping your engagement ring clean and sparkling. However, if you prefer a more thorough cleaning, you may consider investing in an ultrasonic cleaner, which can effectively remove stubborn grime.

What metal will look like new, longer?

Most precious metals used in rings like platinum, sterling silver, and gold, are highly durable and will maintain their appearance for a long time. These metals are less prone to tarnishing and can withstand everyday wear, keeping your engagement ring looking as beautiful as the day you got it.

Final Thoughts on How Often Should You Clean Your Rings

Overall, keeping your diamond or engagement ring clean and shiny is important to maintain its beauty and value. Regular cleaning can be done at home using simple and safe methods, while professional cleaning should be done at least once a year to remove any deep-seated dirt and grime. The frequency of cleaning depends on how often you wear your engagement ring and the activities you engage in while wearing it. By following the tips and guidelines discussed in this post, you can ensure that your diamond or engagement ring remains brilliant and dazzling for years to come.

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