How Much To Put A Diamond Back In A Ring? | What Affects the Price of Restoration?

Engagement or diamond rings are an investment piece and can be very personal. Sometimes, a design can use updating or repurposing. The question of how much to put a diamond back in a diamond engagement ring opens other questions for you to consider. In this article, we will explore what kinds of things go into the cost of how much it will take to reset a diamond.

Key Takeaways

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Questions to Ask Before Resetting A Diamond

First, we recommend finding a jeweler you trust and have worked with before. They will usually ask you what constraints are involved before following through with their recommendation. Some questions they may consider are:

  • How many prongs need re-tipping on the engagement ring?
  • Was there any loose diamond? Will there be a replacement center stone?
  • Was the diamond or the ring damaged?
  • Does the band need replacing?
  • Do you have a stone to reset with already?
  • How large was the stone?
  • Do I want it to stay a ring or am I comfortable with diamonds being used as another piece (like earrings)?
a person watching the ring under the loupe

The answer to these questions may then determine what you want to do with the diamond ring or if you want to buy a brand new diamond ring altogether.

Getting Started: Find A Reputable Jeweler

Finding someone trustworthy to handle a high-value purchase like a diamond or ring can cause some anxiety. There are less intensive ways to find a reputable jeweler like James Allen, Yelp, Blue Nile, or community reviews online of businesses. Having a brick-and-mortar store guarantees no one will be running off with valuable gemstones.

Luckily, there are accredited bodies like GIA and AGS that professional jewelers are a part of to confirm their reputation.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certifies professional jewelers. Look for the GIA Graduate Gemologist (GG) or the GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional (AJP) credential during your business search.

A GG has gone through schooling to learn the technical knowledge needed to handle rare gemstones. An establishment with individuals certified with AJP certifies accurate diamond information when selling to a consumer.

Once in the store, a good sign of an upstanding jeweler is the amount of knowledge and services they are willing to provide without cost to the customer. It is worth asking for post-purchase incentives or maintenance services for purchases.

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If Maintenance Is Required

Depending on the age of the ring, it may require maintenance. One way to tell the age of the ring is to check the wear on the setting. A setting is used to hold existing diamonds in place, but it is also used to protect the precious stone from scuffing. Over time, the prong setting will lose its edge and become dull. It might even cause a diamond to fall out. 

Re-tipping is a common service for repairing a prong setting that is not completely broken. For example, if the prong setting does not completely cover a diamond, this would be a routine, but additional cost re-tip the prong.

When a center stone or a diamond completely falls out of the prong of the wedding ring, it is necessary to rebuild the claw of the prong setting. This requires more precious metal material to create a new prong altogether.

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Diamond Replacement

Even the components of a ring hold sentimental value. One stone or even more stones can get lost over time, leaving no choice but to replace the diamond with a new stone. Diamond replacement can occur if, for some reason, a couple wants to preserve as much of the antique ring or wedding ring (assuming it is older) as possible. Or perhaps there were missing diamonds. Small diamonds can sometimes fall out of a setting. Getting new diamonds for the smaller diamond ring may be more cost-effective. Precious metals in sterling silver rings and gold rings may benefit from a new setting, with the same stones.

The life of the original ring can be renewed by adding a new diamond. Other ways to improve the larger diamond include adding diamond accents on the love ring or a wedding band, adding more diamonds in the center, or even creating two rings from its components. In modern times, couples find themselves not only choosing diamonds to represent their love but other stones for a center stone.

Band Replacement

Sometimes, it is worth more to preserve diamonds from heirloom rings rather than the band. This may be because the stone is a larger diamond, or are natural diamonds, or the gemstone cut is unique. If the diamond feels loose, remove the ring and adjust the setting again until it’s secure.

However, it can be more difficult for a jeweler to make a new ring, or even recreate the same one. Sourcing precious metals like white gold or platinum, and the process of putting the diamond back in the ring can also be difficult.

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Creating Your Own Design

Perhaps your intention is to create something new altogether. The overall cost of remaking a diamond ring varies from reworking parts of it to re-designing it together. While it can vary depending on certain factors, this can bring up the price significantly due to labor costs.

  • How intricate is your wedding ring design?
  • How many loose stones do you have to make a new diamond engagement ring?
  • Is the design based on an existing engagement ring or being repurposed from an old ring?
  • Do you want colored gemstones in your ring?

In decades past, it was common to create a sample band out of material for a jeweler or other craftsperson to mold and create. Today, computer-aided design, or CAD, is used by jewelers to create professional and precise custom jewelry designs. CAD is used in many other manufacturing industries and is a major part of the fashion and jewelry industry. This digitally accessible program allows a wider pool of experts and craftspeople to actualize their vision. 

That being said, an intricate design, or one with a unique design, can definitely run up costs. When creating your own design, it is best to start with templates that are common in jewelry design. Often, this requires a medium base knowledge of jewelry design, which is why it is always helpful to collaborate with a jeweler. 

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Common Settings

Settings for a ring come in and out of fashion. Wedding ring styles from the past often were made using a simpler process. And while many types exist, generally, there are three kinds with some variation out there:

  • Prong setting (four-point)
  • Prong setting (six-point)
  • Bezel setting
  • Halo setting (often surrounded by yellow gold)
  • Channel setting (for additional stones)

Prong settings are often the least complicated to put a diamond engagement ring back in its setting. The other engagement ring settings vary in price depending on whether they include other smaller gemstones and how they are inlaid, and cannot always be compared together.

How Much Does It Cost To Reset A Diamond Ring

A diamond ring reset generally costs less than ordering a new ring, if you are just replacing parts of it. Geographical location can shift prices as well. At the time of publishing, the cost can run between $1,000 to $5,000.

money and a diamond ring

The process of finding a way to put your diamond back in the ring can be daunting. In some situations, you may simply need to set the stone back. In others, you may need to find a new stone entirely. Depending on how much you want to save, what raw materials you are working with, and how much it cost can be up to you. Even trying to preserve the look of the original ring may not be as simple as it seems. But as an eternity ring, searching for the best way to display your wedding ring is definitely a worthwhile endeavor.

FAQs – How Much to Reset a Diamond

How much does it cost to make a ring with your own stone?

Making a ring with your own stone can range anywhere from $500 to $5000 or more, depending on design complexities, stone type, size, number of accent stones, and other factors considered by the jeweler.

Can you put a diamond back in a ring?

Yes, you can easily put a diamond back in a ring, depending on the setting. This process might involve removing the existing main stone, but it’s not always necessary. Resetting a diamond can also include changing the band if desired.

How much does it cost to reband a ring?

Rebanding a ring can cost anywhere from $100 to about $1000 or more, based on factors like design intricacies, the type of band, and the size of the ring.

How much does it cost to replace a missing stone in a ring?

Replacing a missing stone in your ring can start from around $50 and go up to about $100 or more, depending on the size of the diamond or gemstone.

What happens if diamond falls out of ring?

If a diamond falls out of the ring and you have insurance, you should file a claim. If not, it’s important to consult a certified jeweler to reset the diamond if possible and address any issues.

Conclusion on How Much to Put Diamond Back in Ring

In conclusion, resetting a diamond in a ring can be a complex process that involves several factors. The type and quality of the diamond, the type of metal used, and the complexity of the design are all important factors that affect the cost of resetting a diamond ring. It is essential to work with a reputable jeweler who can guide you through the process to ensure the best results. Both James Allen and Blue Nile are reliable options for those looking to purchase high-quality jewelry. Ultimately, the right choice comes down to personal preferences, budget, and the specific needs of the customer. With the right guidance and expertise, replacing diamond in engagement rings can breathe new life into a cherished piece of jewelry and make it shine for years to come.

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