How Much Is It To Replace A Diamond In Ring? | What Affects the Price?

Staying active is a priority for most modern young couples. And whether you are at the gym or playing a sport, sometimes accidents can happen to your engagement ring. Depending on where you got your ring, the question of how much is it to replace a diamond in a ring can be a headache to answer. We share some scenarios we have been in that are part of why sometimes, we may even want to consider replacing part of the ring, or the whole thing altogether.

Key Takeaways

  • Replacing a stone, depending on the karat, can be worth tens, up to thousands of dollars.
  • The more complicated the setting, the more expensive it will be for a professional jeweler to either remove, replace, or reset a stone.
  • Ring repair takes up to several days to complete, depending on the complexity of the setting.
  • A ring redesign takes up to several weeks to five weeks, depending on the complexity of the design.

How much does a diamond stone replacement cost?

Diamond jewelry is meant to last a long time, up to several generations. But in the modern world, most of us who still wear wedding rings or engagement rings live very busy lives. Just working out or rushing around running errands can cause a force to bump a diamond out of place. No worries though, finding a professional to return your ring to its original sparkle is within reach.

Cost Of A New Stone

The cost of a missing diamond does not only include the cost of the stone itself. You also have to consider the cost of the jeweler’s services as well in your evaluation. Depending on the karat of the diamond lost, this can cost you several tens to thousands of dollars. Smaller karats on a ring are not always easier and cheaper to replace. While the quality (the color, clarity, cut, and karat) of the diamond matters, how it is set also can add to the cost.

two rings with a missing diamond and a diamond in tweezers

If you are open to replacing the diamond with something else, a colored gemstone of a similar karat can be a consideration to keep the overall cost down. The downside is it will be immensely different than the original ring.

Cost of the Setting

If a stone or diamond from a setting falls out, this may also complicate the diamond replacement process. The most complicated diamond ring setting to replace is an invisible setting. Prong settings, which are like claws, and sit high on the hand, are generally the easiest to replace.

Consider checking where you purchased your original diamond ring or diamond engagement ring from. Depending on the jeweler, they may offer services like a new setting or resetting stones as part of their maintenance service.

various diamond settings

Finding a Jeweler

If your jeweler does not offer additional services after purchase, the next step is finding a reputable jeweler. Do some research and find out some basic information and reviews on your jeweler. All reputable jewelers are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in some way.

The jeweler should be transparent about their pricing, especially if you explain that this is for replacing lost gems. A good one will explain your options to you and may even provide you with a quote to shop around with.

Consider Replacing When…

Depending on the cost of the lost stones in question, and how much it is to replace them, it may be worth making a new ring altogether. This is usually the case if smaller stones fall out of a channel setting or out of an intricate design on an heirloom ring or ring band. Rings with just a center stone are the most simple and easiest to replace. However, its design makes it prone to snagging.

Diamonds set in the original ring that requires changing the design altogether require a jeweler with more expertise.

diamond rings on the dark background

Some rings may be too old for jewelry repair. In those instances, replacing the missing stone with something new all together, changing the band, to a new metal, or buying a brand new ring all together may be more economical, or it may be better than looking at a ring with missing diamonds.

Redesign Your Ring

It may be worth redesigning your ring when: your ring is missing stones that cannot be replaced easily, or when the jeweler has to change the ring significantly to fix it. We generally recommend this as the last option, unless you have an old ring you are open to updating.

A way to repurpose old precious stones is to change the design and update it so you do not encounter the same problems as you did before. For example, did you lose small diamonds with your last wedding ring? Sometimes an invisible setting, which means smaller diamonds around a center stone, can be more prone to loose diamonds falling out. This time, design your ring with a simpler center stone.

Did you lose a ring due to a ring with prongs? This is often the sign of an old ring or heirloom ring. Most rings of a certain style back in the day were set very high. People who wore rings back then did not have to worry about diamonds snagging on clothes or being knocked out due to a sport. Consider setting the ring lower.

a person holding a diamond ring

This can be a fun and exciting way to upgrade a ring while holding onto its sentimental value.

How Long Does It Take To Repair Ring?

As outlined, depending if you are replacing a single center stone, its setting, or replacing a ring entirely, the turnaround time can vary greatly. Replacing parts of a ring, like a center stone or smaller gemstones, will often take less than a week. If you are considering a new ring design, allow for a minimum of a month for completion.

This makes sense as creating a new ring entirely versus replacing singular diamonds with a matching one takes significantly less time, even including the ring repairs.

Repairs to a jewelry piece, especially an engagement ring, are a common occurrence. While shopping for one should be simple, the care and assurance of its continued beauty should be a consideration in the cost of the original ring itself. Finding a jeweler who you can easily get in touch with for problems like replacing and maintenance can save you a lot of headaches down the line. The price may be low in the beginning but may rack up when it comes time to replace diamonds in your ring.

a person working on a diamond ring


How much does it cost to change a diamond in a ring setting?

It depends on the size of the karat. Some diamonds can be tens up to thousands of dollars.

Can you replace a lost diamond in a ring?

Yes, most jewelers can help match a lost diamond in a ring and replace it for a fee.

Can a jeweler replicate any design?

Most jewelers can replicate simple designs, but complex ones may require reaching out to the individual and asking their expertise.

How much does it cost to melt down a ring to recast a new one?

This depends on the jeweler, complexity of the ring, and composition of the metal itself. A simple wedding band made of a single solid metal, starts at several hundreds of dollars and goes up from there.

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