How To Take Out Nose Stud With Flat Back | All the Tips You Need to Do it Safely

Nose studs are great for wearing in your nose. You can use them to add a little bling and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

But, if you want to remove your nose stud to clean it or change it, how do you go about removing it?

In this comprehensive guide, we will show you how to take out nose stud with flat back safely and easily.

Key Takeaways

  • Removing a nose stud with a flat back is a simple process. The same technique can be used to remove any other type of earring that has a flat back.
  • Before you begin removing the flat back nose stud, make sure that you have all the required tools at hand such as a mirror and a tweezer
  • Be careful when removing your nose stud or ring so as not to hurt yourself or damage the jewelry.
  • If you have trouble taking out your nose stud, consider asking someone else for assistance or go see your piercer if you cannot remove it yourself.

How to Take Out Nose Stud with Flat Back

There are many different types of nose studs available on the market today. Some have L-shaped backs, others have flat backs and the rest have screw backs.

It is important that you know which type of back your particular nose stud has before you start removing it from your nose. If the back is flat and not curved at all, then this makes things much easier than if it had been curved into some kind of shape.

Have Cotton Swabs and Rubbing Alcohol to Clean Your Nose Stud

Before removing your nose stud, make sure that you have some cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol ready with you so you can clean off the area after removing your jewelry.

women wearing nose studs

Remove Nose Stud with Flat Back

You can remove a flat-back nose stud in the same way you would remove a regular nose stud. You may need to use a pair of tweezers to gently pull it out.

Step 1: Clean your Hands

Prepare for the removal of the jewelry by cleaning your hands. Make sure your hands are clean and dry, as this will help reduce infection risk. Gently wipe excess oil from around your nostrils with alcohol wipes or a clean towel.

Step 2: Pull Gently the Stud with Flat Backing

Gently grasp the flat end of the nose stud between two fingers and use 2 more fingers to pull out the decorative gem using steady pressure. Once it starts coming, pull the post gently. You don’t want to yank it out too quickly or forcefully because doing so could damage your piercing or cause bleeding.

If you have trouble doing this by yourself, ask someone else to help you remove the jewelry so that they can hold it steady while you pull on it.

Step 3: Visit your Piercer if you Have Trouble Removing the Nose Stud

If you still cannot remove the flat back nose stud after trying these steps, try to put a drop of olive oil or other lubricants on your piercing and let it sit for 10 seconds. This will help loosen the stud from your skin. You can also visit your doctor or health care provider for assistance if necessary.

If you’re having trouble taking out your nose stud, you can also try using tweezers.

Use Tweezers

Tweezers are probably one of the easiest tools to use when removing a flat-backed nose stud. The tweezers will grip onto the back of your nose stud and allow you to pull it out by hand or with pliers.

Be sure not to use sharp tweezers as these can cause damage to your skin and underlying tissue.

a girl with nose stud and tweezers

Step 4: Clean The Earring

Wash off any dirt, and oil with soap and water and apply alcohol before putting in a new nose stud.

Remove a Corkscrew-Style Nose Stud

Nose studs with a screw back are also easy to remove, but sometimes the process can be a little uncomfortable. It’s important to know how to take out your nose stud with a screw back for cleaning or changing it for another one. The following steps will show you how to take out a nose stud with a screw back.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before removing the stud. This will help prevent bacteria from getting into your piercing and possibly causing an infection.

Sit in front of a mirror, if possible, so you can see what you’re doing.

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Step 1: Unscrew Nose Stud from Flat Back

Holding onto the screw back with one hand, twist the screw counter-clockwise until it comes loose from its base.

 It may take some time before you feel any movement but keep trying until it comes off completely. If it does not come off after several turns, do not force it because this can damage the threads which will make it harder for you later on to remove. You can go to your piercer if you have trouble taking out your nose stud with a screw back.

Using a Nose Pliers

Another method is to use nose pliers to grip the screw head and unscrew it. Turn the screw counterclockwise until it comes loose; this may take several turns depending on how tight it is.

Remove your L-Shaped Nose Stud

It’s easy to take out a flat and a screw-back nose stud, but what about the L-shaped type? This one requires a little patience but it is not that difficult to remove.

Prepare Your Tools

You will need a pair of tweezers, a cotton ball, and rubbing alcohol or peroxide solution. Put on gloves while you do this so you don’t get any germs on the skin around your nose.

a woman with a mirror and tools for removing the nose stud

The first thing that you need to know is that the L-shaped earring is bent at a 90-degree angle. Bend the earring at this angle and pull gently.

If you have problems removing your nose stud, give yourself some time before trying to do it again. You can try using a pair of tweezers to gently pull it out from the side of your nose.

 If this doesn’t work, go to a piercing studio or doctor for help.

Clean Your Nose Studs

Once your l-shaped nose stud has been removed from your nose, clean off any dirt with warm water and soap before placing them back into its case for storage or clean it with alcohol if it will be worn again soon after removal.

Twice a day, clean the nose piercing if it was done recently while also keeping an eye out for signs of infection such as redness or swelling, or pus discharge from the wound site. If any, visit your doctor.

How to Remove a NoseRing?

Removing a nose ring is a simple process that most people can do at home. You should remove your nose ring before you go to sleep or when you have a cold, as it can get infected if you don’t. You should also be careful when taking out your hoop nose ring in order to avoid injury.

a man with a ring in his nose

Step 1: Wash Your Hands Before Removing Your Hoop Nose Rings

Wash your hands with soap and water before handling your piercing. This will help prevent infection and irritation.

Step 2: Remove the Nose Ring

Use tweezers to grab hold of your nose ring and remove it from the nose where there is a break on the ring. Gently pull straight up until it comes out completely.

Step 3: Clean the Nose Ring

Carefully clean the nose ring with mild soap and warm water before putting it back to its jewelry box.

Can I Change My Nose Ring After 2 Weeks?

When you get your nose pierced, it is not recommended to remove a nose hoop or nose ring if your nose piercing has not healed since it is painful and you might bleed. The best thing to do is wait until the piercing has healed.

What Happens If I Change My Nose Stud Too Early?

Nose piercing is a popular form of body modification. It’s also a cosmetic procedure that can be performed by any professional piercer.

Changing a nose stud too early may cause tear, pain, irritation, bleeding, or infection in the area where the stud was placed. In addition, if the new stud is too big for the piercing hole in your nose, it can rip through the tissue or cause scarring over time.

When Should I Change My Nose Stud?

The best time to change your nose stud is when it’s completely healed. This will give the hole in your nose enough time to heal and prevent any problems later on.

You should wait at least four weeks after getting your initial piercing done before changing your nose ring or stud. And if you get more nose piercings done at once, wait at least six weeks before changing them all.

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Do Nose Studs Fall Out Easily?

There is no question that nose studs are simple, but you may have wondered if they fall out easily. The simple answer is “no”. The reason for this is that most nose studs have a good backing on them and this makes them much more secure than other types of jewelry.

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