What Are Diamonds Made Of? | We Revealed Astonishing Facts About These Valuable Stones!

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Diamonds, considered often synonymous with elegance and luxury, have captivated human beings for centuries above even other striking jewels. These dazzling gemstones, with their unparalleled brilliance and purity, hold a special place in modern culture from being marriage symbols to other gifts of love. But how exactly are diamonds made? What are they made of? … Read more

Whiteflash Review | A Huge Selection of Beautifully Cut Diamonds!

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As a lover of all things shiny and sparkling, I was instantly drawn to Whiteflash. After learning about the impeccable craftsmanship, ethically sourced diamonds, and authenticity certificate that every purchase comes with, I knew I had found my go-to spot for diamond jewelry – whether hearts and arrows or radiant-cut diamonds. Having been a bit … Read more

How Much To Put A Diamond Back In A Ring? | What Affects the Price of Restoration?

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Engagement or diamond rings are an investment piece and can be very personal. Sometimes, a design can use updating or repurposing. The question of how much to put a diamond back in a diamond engagement ring opens other questions for you to consider. In this article, we will explore what kinds of things go into … Read more

What Is VVS1 Diamond? | Are Very, Very Small Inclusions That Big of a Deal?

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With a clarity that rivals the serenity of an untouched lake, let’s discover what is VVS1 diamond. It emerges as a captivating marvel in the realm of gemstones. As someone deeply entranced by their beauty, I can attest to the mesmerizing brilliance of a VVS1 diamond. Adhering to the highest echelons of the GIA clarity … Read more

What Are Genuine Diamonds? | Learn How To Recognize Natural Precious Stones

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As one of the most precious naturally occurring substances in the world, diamonds are highly sought after. In fact, they can be worth anywhere from hundreds to easily reaching thousands of dollars. With that in mind, there’s no surprise that there are fake diamonds and alternatives that shady sellers might try to pawn off to … Read more

What Is an Inclusion In a Diamond? | To Which Extent Do Imperfections Matter?

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Ever catch yourself mesmerized by the sparkle of a diamond and think, “Wow, what is an inclusion in a diamond? ?” Well, let’s dig a little deeper—literally. Today, we’re talking about something that’s like the DNA of diamonds: inclusions. What is an inclusion in a diamond, you ask? Think of it as a diamond’s birthmark; … Read more