How to Clean a Necklace | A Full Guide to Removing Dirt, Stains and Tarnish

Necklaces on a stand

Tarnish is considered an inevitable end to jewelry, especially for women who use extensive cosmetics and beauty products. This is because of the chemical reaction between the jewelry’s outer surface and these products. Whether it’s silver, gold, or costume jewelry, the entire piece changes drastically once tarnished, and no one likes to see their favorite … Read more

Real Diamond Earrings vs. Fake | A Detailed Guide to Spotting the Real Deal

Diamond earring in the shape of a triangle

Are you buying new diamonds earring? Or have you inherited a vintage pair from your grandmother? Either way, we’ll help you make sure the diamonds on your hands are genuine. Diamonds have no competition when it comes to worthiness and grandeur. But, unfortunately, those qualities contribute to the fact that purchasing them is highly stressful … Read more