How To Match Diamonds With Your Dress | The Right Look For a Special Event

Special events are some of the most memorable occasions in our lives. Whether you’re attending the wedding of a loved one or heading to an uber-glamorous party, it is the perfect chance to pull out all the stops when it comes to style. If you want to dazzle by showcasing your best bling, diamonds are a no-brainer. Look the part every time by following this guide on how to match diamond jewelry with your dress.

Evening Party

An evening party is one of the most frequent special events that we will attend during our lifetime. From wedding receptions and anniversary celebrations to significant birthdays, evening parties crop up more often than you might expect. These jolly events usually involve drinks and dancing rather than a sit-down dinner. Your dress and jewelry need to be designed to let you move.

The LBD (‘little black dress’), a term coined by Coco Chanel in the 1920s, is a firm favorite for an evening party. Effortlessly chic and always suitable, the LBD will let you dance the night away in style. As the dress itself is simple, you can freely accessorize without overdoing it. Try a bold diamond choker for maximum impactor keep things simple with a pair of small diamond earrings that won’t catch in your hair as you move.

Four women in evening dresses wearing diamond jewelry

Cocktail Reception

Another event that will pop up fairly regularly in your social calendar is the cocktail reception. Slightly more formal than an evening party, these events tend to be evening affairs that start in the late afternoon and spill into the nighttime. Think art gallery launch or a company party with colleagues.

There is a lot of freedom and flexibility with the dress code for a cocktail party. As a general rule of thumb, cocktail dress necklines tend to be more conservative and hemlines are usually lower, given the additional formality of the event. The additional fabric on the chest area means that a collar necklace is likely to sit better than a pendant-style necklace. Try an aptly named diamond cocktail ring for a touch of sparkle at these events.

An evening outfit items

Black-Tie Event

Luxury knows no bounds with a black-tie event. These occasions operate exclusively after 6 pm and are often extremely formal with a drinks reception and several-course dinner, perhaps followed by ballroom dancing. Prestigious galas and award ceremonies are examples of a black-tie event, but if in doubt your invitation will always specify a black-tie dress code if required.

Longer ball gowns are the traditional choice for a black-tie event, although you do not have to feel limited to a monochrome color scheme: vibrant hues and pretty pastels are just as appropriate. Keeping the decolletage concealed is a key part of maintaining the formality the event demands. Ultra-bling accessories such as a tiara are a no-no, but eye-catching drop earrings, bright bangles, and cuffs, or a statement ring are all suitable ways to wear your diamonds appropriately for a black-tie event.

A woman in a dress and pieces of diamond jewelry

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