What Is A Cushion Cut Diamond? | Old-World Grace Meets Contemporary Charm

Dive with me into the radiant world of cushion cut diamonds! Ever wondered, “What is a cushion cut diamond?” I have! Picture this: a diamond blending the geometric charm of a square with the gentle embrace of rounded corners – an enchanting marriage of old-world grace and contemporary charm. Boasting 58 dazzling facets, these gems shimmer with unmatched brilliance and fire, captivating the hearts of many. Beyond their visual splendor, they’re renowned for their resilience and adaptability. From varied sizes to distinct shapes, there’s a cushion cut diamond tailor-made for every taste. 

Read on as I uncover the intricacies of this cut, weigh its advantages against its few cons, offer savvy purchasing pointers, contrast it with other market dazzlers, and share some sparkling care tips. Get ready for an illuminating voyage into the universe of these bewitching jewels!

Key Takeaways

  • Cushion cut diamonds are a combination of old and new, with a traditional cut that has modern appeal.
  • They have a long history, dating back to the 1700s in Brazil, and were popular in the 19th century.
  • Cushion cut diamonds are known for their high level of brilliance and fire, as well as their durability.
  • They are generally less expensive per carat than brilliant round cut diamonds and retain color well, but may show a yellow tint at higher levels on the grading scale.

What Is a Cushion Cut Diamond?

When I look at a cushion cut diamond, I feel like I’m standing at an enchanting crossroads where the romance of the past greets the beauty of the present. These gems started their journey in the lush landscapes of Brazil back in the 1700s. Imagine how they’ve evolved from the old-school mine cut, picking up elements from other exquisite designs along the way. When I see their signature brilliance and fire, it’s like they’re saying, “Hey, my sparkle isn’t just for show; I light up entire rooms!”

What really gets me is their resilience. These stones don’t just look pretty; they’re built to last. And talk about versatility—they go beautifully with a variety of other gemstones. But here’s a little secret that makes me love them even more: they’re often less expensive per carat than those popular round cuts, yet they’re absolute pros at showing off color in a way that’s more vivid. So, not only are they dazzling, but they’re also kind to your wallet!

Diamonds on the dark surface

Cushion Cut Diamond Prices

Blending vintage charm with contemporary flair, the cushion cut diamond presents a myriad of choices in size, shape, and overall look, making it a sought-after pick for those in pursuit of a distinctive and adaptable jewel. As you dig into the pricing of cushion cut diamonds, remember: they often come with a price tag that’s 20-30% gentler on the wallet than round cuts. 

Yet, the cost can swing based on the diamond’s specific attributes, from its weight to its hue and clarity. Moreover, certain unique versions, like top-tier rectangular cuts or those with a whimsical shape, might fetch a premium. Grasping these nuances will steer you toward a savvy cushion cut diamond acquisition.

History of the Cushion Cut Diamond

Recent years have seen the cushion cut diamond ring sashaying back into the limelight with gusto. Dripping with both nostalgia from the 1700s and contemporary flair, this cut artfully melds the past with the present. Its enchanting allure, wrapped in tradition and modernity, makes it the darling of engagement ring boxes and jewelry showcases alike! 

Popularity of the Cushion Cut Diamond DIamond Ri

Cushion cut diamond rings have sashayed back into fashion’s spotlight, wooing modern romantics with their ageless elegance. Renowned for cradling vibrant hues, they’re the crowned favorites for those fancy colored diamonds. And when nestled within halo settings for engagement rings? Girl, they don’t just shine, they dazzle with an extra sprinkle of stardust!

A diamond ring and cushion diamond cuts

Anatomy of a Cushion Cut Diamond

When I think of the allure of the cushion cut diamond, two features immediately steal the show for me: those irresistibly rounded corners and the expansive facets. Forget the edgy, angular shapes of other diamonds; this one serenades me with contours as gentle and velvety as a love song. As for its generous facets, well, they’re like artists, painting a tapestry of brilliance and fire that leaves me mesmerized. And just when I think it can’t get any better, a ribbon of tiny facets joins the dance. Voilà! I’m utterly spellbound by its entrancing shimmer and twinkle. It’s like the diamond is whispering that it’s a masterpiece.

Rounded Corners and Larger Facets

Two things captivate me the most about diamonds: those endearing rounded corners and the larger facets. These aren’t just geometric quirks; they’re what give the stone its timeless charm. Those rounded corners work magic on me, softening the whole look and adding a dash of romance that you just don’t get with edgier square or rectangular cuts. Honestly, it’s that very softness that makes these diamonds so incredibly versatile. Whether it’s a vintage-inspired piece that speaks to my love for all things classic, or a sleek, modern design that screams 21st century, a cushion cut just fits. It’s like a diamond can roll in any era and in any time.

The larger facets of cushion cut diamonds allow for a greater play of light within the stone, resulting in enhanced brilliance and fire. These larger facets also make any imperfections within the diamond less noticeable, further adding to its allure.

Brilliant Diamonds with Row of Facets

Brilliant diamonds with a row of facets have been found to possess a mesmerizing optical effect known as the ‘hall of mirrors,’ where light is reflected multiple times, resulting in an extraordinary level of sparkle and scintillation.

The cushion cut stones, with their large facets arranged in a row, showcase this stunning display of brilliance. This unique feature sets them apart from other diamond shapes and adds to their allure.

When adorned with these beautiful gems, you can expect to experience the following emotions:

1) Awe: The captivating play of light will leave you speechless.

2) Enchantment: The dazzling reflections will enchant your senses.

3) Joy: The radiant sparkle will fill your heart with joy.

4) Elegance: The sophisticated appearance will exude elegance.

These emotions are what draw many individuals towards cushion cut diamonds. They offer a timeless beauty that is both classic and versatile.

When to Opt for A Cushion Diamond: Pros & Cons

Considering a cushion cut diamond? Dive into its bling with me as I reveal the sparkling advantages and subtle caveats.

Cushion cut diamonds offer a unique and personalized appearance, combining classic fashion with modern flair. However, they may retain color more than other shapes and imperfections can be more visible due to their open table design.

Settings of Cushion Cut Diamonds

The most popular setting for a cushion cut diamond is the halo setting, which beautifully complements the vintage yet contemporary look of the cushion cut. This setting consists of a ring of smaller diamonds surrounding the center cushion diamond, creating a stunning and eye-catching display. The halo setting enhances the brilliance and fire of the cushion diamond, making it appear larger and more radiant. It also adds extra sparkle and glamor to the overall design. 

Additionally, this setting offers protection to the center stone by creating a buffer between it and potential damage. For those who desire intimacy in their engagement ring, the halo setting with a cushion diamond is an excellent choice that combines timeless elegance with modern sophistication.

Buying Your Own Cushion Cut Diamond

The cushion cut diamond beckons with its mystique. A symbol of both tradition and contemporary elegance, this captivating cut has wooed hearts for centuries. But like any love story, buying your own cushion cut diamond comes with its thrilling chapters. Whether you’re a seasoned gem connoisseur or a starry-eyed novice, this guide will illuminate your path to making that sparkling choice. Dive in, and let’s unravel the diamond dream together!

Carat Weight & Color Grades

Carat weight and color grades play a crucial role in determining the value and desirability of cushion cut diamonds, making them an essential consideration for those seeking a truly remarkable and captivating gemstone. The carat weight refers to the size of the diamond, with larger carat weights typically being more expensive. 

Images of two different diamonds

However, it is important to note that carat weight alone does not determine a diamond’s beauty or brilliance. The color grade of a cushion is also significant, as it affects the overall appearance of the stone. Cushion cut diamonds tend to show more color than other shapes, so it is recommended to stick with a color grade of G or better for platinum or white gold settings. By carefully considering both the carat weight and color grade, individuals can select a cushion cut diamond that meets their preferences and budget.

Carat WeightColor GradeDesirability
0 – 0.5DHigh
0.51 – 1EModerate
1.01 – 2FLow
2.01 – 3GModerate
Above 3HHigh

Chunky vs Standard Cushions

Chunky vs Standard Cushions present distinct facet patterns that contribute to the overall appearance of the diamond, adding depth and character to its design. Chunky cushions are reminiscent of antique cushion cuts, with clearly defined facet patterns that resemble round diamonds. These cushions have a classic appeal and evoke a sense of tradition.

On the other hand, standard cushions have a more modern look, with facets that are similar to round brilliant cut diamonds. The choice between these two styles ultimately depends on personal preference and the desired aesthetic.

Price Point & Quality Considerations

Focus on the facets’ symmetry and proportions, as well as the stone’s fiery brilliance. The quintessential cushion cut, with its enchanting square shape and gentle curves, can differ in size and aspect. These variations can influence both its price and allure. Typically, cushion cuts boast a price tag 20-30% lighter than their round counterparts of a similar weight. Interestingly, sourcing top-tier rectangular cushion cuts can be a tad challenging. Pitted against classics like the round or princess cuts, each cut boasts its own distinctive charm and beauty.

Cushion Cuts vs Other Cuts

When you place cushion cut diamonds beside round cuts, the cushion reveals a charming blend of vintage and contemporary vibes, whereas the round dazzles with timeless brilliance. Pit the cushion against the princess cut, and you’ll see its nostalgic allure with gentle curves contrasting the edgy, contemporary corners of the princess. Lastly, the cushion presents a gentle silhouette, while the radiant diamond cut impresses with its sharp, luminous geometry.

Cushion cut diamond vs other cuts

Cushion Cut Diamond vs Round Cut

A cushion cut diamond, with its signature square silhouette and softened corners, contrasts the iconic circular design of a round cut diamond. Each boasts a distinct allure: the round cut sparkles with unmatched radiance due to its superior light reflection, while the cushion cut offers a luminous glow wrapped in romantic softness. Though round cuts reign in popularity, especially in engagement rings, cushion cuts deliver a contemporary twist that’s undeniably eye-catching.

Cushion Cut Diamond vs Princess Cut

Both cushion cut and princess cut diamonds dazzle with their brilliance, yet they stand apart in several ways. Cushion cuts boast rounded corners exuding a gentle elegance, while the sharp edges of princess cuts lend them a crisp, modern vibe. These differences also influence durability; cushion cuts are generally less vulnerable to chipping. Though princess cuts currently outshine cushion cuts in popularity, their price tags are comparable, given similar cut quality, color, and clarity grades. With these distinctions in mind, let’s pivot to comparing cushion cuts with radiant cut diamonds.

Cushion Cut Diamond vs Radiant Cut

Comparing the cushion cut diamond and the radiant cut, what makes each stand out in terms of sparkle and aesthetics? Both cuts radiate brilliance, but the radiant cut, with its expansive table and multiple facets, often outshines in sheer sparkle. Meanwhile, the cushion cut enchants with its spectacular fire, producing captivating colored light reflections. Aesthetically, cushion cuts typically lean towards a square form with a length to width ratio of 1.0-1.09, while radiant cuts vary from square to rectangular. Ultimately, the choice between them boils down to individual taste and flair.

Closeup of a ring on a person's finger

Cleaning Tips for a Long Lasting Shine

Tips for Maintaining the Shine of Your Cushion Cut Diamond:

1. Establish a Regular Cleaning Routine: Keep up with a consistent cleaning schedule to ensure your cushion cut diamond remains in top shape.

2. Check Before Cleaning: Always inspect your jewelry before cleaning to ensure the diamond is securely set.

3. Match Cleaning Solution to Setting Material:

  • For platinum settings, plain soap water will do the trick.
  • Gold settings thrive with a mix of Windex and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Silver settings prefer a concoction of baking soda and white vinegar.

4. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Never use strong household cleaners; they can harm the diamond.

5. Soft Bristles Are Best: Gently scrub using a soft-bristled toothbrush or jewelry cloth to eliminate dirt.

6. Microfiber Gloves for The Win: They’re excellent for buffing your diamond and preventing smudges.

7. Beware of Ultrasonic or Steam Cleaners: They might seem handy but can harm your cushion cut diamond. Always seek advice before using them.

8. Seek Professional Help: When in doubt, consult professional jewelers for specialized cleaning services.

9. Storage Matters: Once cleaned, store your diamond in a place free from dust to maintain its sparkle.

10. Be Mindful of Wear: Consider how often you wear your jewelry to determine cleaning frequency. It’s best to remove it during activities like cooking or applying lotions to prevent dirt buildup.

By following these guidelines, you’ll ensure your cushion cut diamond maintains its brilliance and elegance for many sparkling years ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do cushion cut diamonds compare to other cuts in terms of price and value?

When comparing cushion cut diamonds to other cuts in terms of price and value, they are generally 20-30% less expensive than round cut diamonds. This makes them an attractive option for those looking for a balance between cost and quality.

Can cushion cut diamonds be customized in terms of size and shape?

Yes, cushion cut diamonds can be customized in terms of size and shape. They come in various dimensions and proportions, allowing for flexibility in creating a unique and personalized diamond.

What are some popular settings for cushion cut diamonds?

Popular settings for cushion cut diamonds include solitaire, halo, three-stone, and vintage-inspired designs. These settings enhance the beauty of the diamond by highlighting its unique shape and allowing it to sparkle from all angles.

Are cushion cut diamonds suitable for engagement rings?

Yes, cushion cut diamonds are suitable for engagement rings. They have a unique and versatile appearance, making them a popular choice. Their combination of old and new appeals to those seeking elegance and simplicity in their ring design.

How does the cushion cut diamond retain its color better than other shapes?

The cushion cut diamond retains its color better than other shapes due to its open table, which allows for a clear view of imperfections. It also shows a yellow tint at higher levels on the grading scale.


In closing, let me just say—cushion cut diamonds are the epitome of where vintage romance meets modern-day glamor. Imagine a gem that’s lived through decades, maybe even centuries, yet still feels as fresh and relevant as today; that’s what you’re getting. Each cushion cut diamond tells its own story through its unique brilliance and sturdy build. It’s more than just eye candy; it’s a smart, value-added choice. 

Whether you’re a sucker for timeless elegance or you’ve got an eye for contemporary flair, a cushion cut diamond promises to be that cherished treasure you’ll hold close to your heart for all the years to come. So, why wait? Make it your forever gem!

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