Choosing an engagement ring that reflects you

An engagement ring is one of the most precious pieces of jewelry you’ll ever own, both in terms of
what it represents and how often you wear it. It’s therefore vital to spend time choosing an
engagement ring that reflects you so that it brings you joy every day for the rest of your life.
Whether you prefer traditional styles or something more contemporary, a practical design or
something highly personalized, this guide will help you find the right ring for you and your lifestyle.

The timeless classic

Since the remarkable 1948 De Beers ad campaign ‘A Diamond is Forever’, an engagement ring with a
statement diamond
has become synonymous with a marriage proposal. If you’re a true blue when it
comes to romance, this timeless classic is a great fit for you.
When you’re selecting the diamond, you’ll be asked about the 4Cs: cut, colour, carat, and clarity.
Prioritise diamonds with a great cut as this is what helps these precious gems to dazzle. The brilliant
round cut is thought to have a sensational sparkle.

Traditional with a twist

If you like to put your own stamp on things, why not go for a design that’s traditional with a twist?
You can keep all of the components of the classic while bringing the ring into the present day.
A popular option is to switch up the metal for your engagement ring. Swap the conventional yellow
gold band for hardwearing high-shine platinum, or blend it with silver or copper for a rose gold hue.
You could also go for lots of small diamonds instead of a single stone, arranged in a pattern or all
around the band. Those with cool skin tones could opt for a sapphire or emerald instead, while
rubies and opals work wonderfully for warmer tones.

Something sentimental

If you want to make the moment extra special, include something sentimental to personalize the
This could be an engraving on the inside of the band, either with your names or a date that’s
significant to your relationship. Another option would be to find out the birthstone of your partner
and use that as the centerpiece of your engagement ring design.

Practical and pretty

Are you active and adventurous? Go for a ring that’s practical and pretty so that it will continue to
look as good as new no matter what you put it through.
The most durable metals for jewellery are tungsten and titanium which are blessed with a
permanently polished appearance. These dark silver metals work well with dramatic black diamonds
as well as the classic white variety.
Avoid gemstones that are fragile such as opals or that require a lot of maintenance like emeralds.

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