How To Make Your Ring Smaller | DIY Method & Tips’n’tricks That Work!

As a lover of all things sparkly and shiny, I know the struggle of finding the perfect ring, only to discover that it’s too big for your finger. It’s like a punch in the gut, isn’t it? But fear not, because I’m here to share with you how to make your ring smaller!

Especially if it’s an engagement ring! You don’t have to resign yourself to constantly readjusting your slightly loose ring or, even worse, risk it falling off and losing it forever. With just a few simple tricks, you can resize your ring at home or take it to a professional. Whether you go for temporary solutions or semi-permanent solutions, you will have your ring fit snugly on your finger!

So, whether you’ve inherited a family heirloom that’s too big, or you’ve lost weight and your once-perfect-fit wedding ring is now loose, I’ve got you covered. Grab your ring band, some simple tools like plastic ring adjusters, and food-grade silicone, and let’s get started on this fun and easy project. Trust me, you’ll be amazed at how it fits perfectly!

Key Takeaways

  • There are different options for making your ring smaller, including temporary solutions like plastic ring adjusters and more permanent solutions like resizing by a professional jeweler.
  • Resizing a ring may require the jeweler to reshape the band or cut a small portion of it, depending on the material of the ring.
  • Plastic ring guards are an easy and affordable option for making a ring smaller at home, but they are not a permanent solution.
  • Classic ring resizing involves removing a small portion of the band and soldering it back together, and it can make the ring larger or smaller depending on the need.
  • People with arthritis can make a ring fit by using various methods such as resizing, using spacers, or using string or dental floss.

How To Make Your Ring Smaller

Gathering Supplies

Fixing your wrong-size ring to the correct size is not as hard as it may seem, and you can give it a try by gathering the necessary supplies. You will need a sizing bar or a fold-over device, ring guards, sizing beads or metal beads, a cloth, and a file.

Thankfully, these supplies will help you to adjust the size of your ring and make it fit perfectly. With the right supplies and a bit of patience, you can easily fix your ring and make it look perfect!

A diamond ring and the tools for resizing

Resizing the Ring

If you want to make your ring smaller, the first step is to resize it. The easiest way to do this is to take it to a jeweler. They will be able to adjust the size of your ring and make sure it fits your finger perfectly.

Depending on the material your ring is made of, the jeweler may need to reshape the entire band or cut a tiny part and reduce the existing metal. The jeweler will then solder the ends together, finish the ring and polish it to look as good as new. If you have an expensive ring, you may also need to have the stones reset. To ensure a perfect fit and the best results, it’s best to find jeweler-applied ring sizers or take your ring to a professional jeweler.

A jeweler working on the ring

Finishing Touches

The first step is to find a qualified jeweler to do the job. Your jeweler will be able to measure your finger, and then carefully resize the ring to fit your finger comfortably.

To make sure the job is done correctly, they will also use high-grade tools and techniques. Once the resizing is finished, the jeweler will make sure the ring has a smooth finish and all the edges are even.

They may also add any finishing touches, such as polishing or adding decorative elements. By following these steps, you can be sure that your ring will fit comfortably.

A jeweler measuring the size of the ring

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my ring smaller at home?

If you’re looking to make your ring smaller at home, plastic ring guards are a great option. They are easy to install and can be used to reduce the size of any ring. All you need to do is to fit the guard around the ring, and it will make it smaller in no time. A plastic guard won’t get your ring permanently resized but it’s a quick and simple solution that can help get the ring smaller without resizing. Plus, it’s affordable, so it’s a great way to make a ring smaller and fit perfectly without spending a fortune.

How do you tighten a loose ring?

If you want your ring to fit tighter, first, make sure the ring is clean and dry. Then, you can use a small rubber band or a piece of thread to wrap around the back of the ring and loop it over the front. This is a great alternative and will help as a ring-size adjuster.

As a temporary solution, you can try bending the ring a bit to make it fit properly. If all else fails, the only option is to take it to jeweler soldiers to have it professionally resized as a permanent solution.

How Does Classic Ring Resizing Work?

Resizing a classic ring is actually quite simple. It involves using a jeweler’s saw to remove a small portion of the band, then soldering it back together. This process can make the ring larger or smaller, depending on your needs.

To ensure a proper fit, the jeweler will measure your finger and may make a candle wax model of your finger first. This ensures accuracy and prevents any damage to the ring.

How Can People With Arthritis Make A Ring Fit?

People with arthritis can make a ring fit by using a variety of methods. These methods include getting the ring professionally resized, using a ring guard or spacers, or even using string or dental floss to make the ring fit better.

You can purchase a ring that fits over your knuckles, and then by inserting sizing beads, you can find a comfortable and secure fit that is perfect.

Closeup of a person putting the ring on


Making your ring smaller is not as difficult as you may have thought. Whether you decide to take it to a jewelry store or use the DIY methods, you can now feel confident that you have the right tools and knowledge to make your ring fit perfectly. With Google search, you can look up a convenient DIY method that you think you may be able to pull off or choose to go to a professional jeweler, the decision of making a loose ring fit is something you won’t regret! 

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