Diamond Necklace Price | How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

There’s arguably nothing as elegant as a diamond necklace. It makes such a timeless statement necklace for a fancy night out and a gorgeous gift for a significant other, a sister, or as a mother & daughter necklace.

But it sure comes with a price, a steep one, might we add! Did you know that the most expensive necklace in the world is over $200 million!? But don’t worry because you can find ones for way less.

If you’re considering buying a fine diamond necklace or you’re just curious about its cost, this article is for you. We’ll cover everything you might want to know about the diamond necklace price range.

How Much Does a Diamond Necklace Cost?

Diamond necklaces can cost an average of $500 to $36,000 or more if you purchase a truly rare piece. If you go for a necklace with one small diamond, that’ll cost at least $250. Otherwise, necklaces with many diamonds surpass the $30,000 mark.

With that in mind, you’ll have a basic idea of the diamond necklace’s price range. Still, we can’t ignore the wide range of prices, which might get you to wonder about the factors contributing to that range.

Number of Diamonds

As you’d expect, a significant pricing factor is the number of diamonds in a necklace. Generally, the more diamonds a necklace has, the more expensive it is. But the “3 c’s” criteria, which we’ll detail below, can make it so that a single-stone necklace is very pricey as well.


Quality is probably the most significant factor, and we’re referring to the quality of the various types of necklace chains and diamonds. Concerning the chain quality, a reasonably priced quality full diamond jewelry set cost $1,000 to $6,000. Otherwise, 18k gold and platinum come with hefty price tags, and 14k necklaces are much less costly.

heart shape diamond necklace

As for how much to pay for a diamond jewelry necklace, you can distinguish a top-notch diamond from a mediocre one by factoring in the “4 c’s”, which are:

1. Cut

The cut of a diamond refers to the quality of the angles, symmetrical facets, final details, and so on. A skillfully cut diamond features facets (cut surfaces) that reflect as much light as possible. As a result, a diamond cut contributes to its beauty and spark.

a diamond

2. Color

This criterion refers to how colorless or white a diamond is. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has a quality grading system that labels diamonds with any letter from D to Z.

On the one hand, D is the most colorless and valuable. On the other hand, Z diamonds have a clear brown or yellow tint and are less valuable. Other than that, there are diamonds with unique and rare colors, such as red, blue, or green. Undoubtedly, their rarity makes them incredibly valuable.

diamonds in various colors

3. Clarity

This rating scale can tell you how clear a diamond is. The fewer internal marks or inclusions and external marks or blemishes a diamond has, the more clear and valuable it is. So, the clarity of a diamond jewelry can range from “Flawless” and “Internally Flawless” to “Inclusion 1” and “Inclusion 2”.

an isolated diamond

4. Carat

Carat is a method of diamond weight measurement. A Carat Diamond is equal to 200 milligrams. Note that the size of a diamond doesn’t always reflect its weight. Accordingly, weight shouldn’t be the most prominent criterion of assessment. Nevertheless, high Carat diamonds hold more value than average ones.

various sizes of diamonds

Types of Diamond Necklaces

There are numerous types of diamond necklaces, but here are the main ones:

Diamond Pendant Necklace

In case you don’t understand the difference between a pendant and a necklace, pendants are small accessories that dangle from necklaces and chains and necklaces are the thin chains that we hang pendants on.

Diamond pendant necklaces are trendy because of how easy it is to pair them with a casual outfit. They feature a main gemstone attached to the chain with a loop. The setting can be a single diamond or a main stone surrounded by smaller diamonds. Moreover, those pendants come in various diamond shapes, styles, and sizes. The most popular necklaces with pendants for women are cross necklaces, lockets, and single-pearl necklaces.

But let’s touch on the cost of a diamond pendant necklace. A small dainty 1/4 carat pendant can be $300, whereas a big pendant with many diamonds can be $10,000.

a diamond necklace with a green gem

As a type, we can classify pendant necklaces into several sub-types. For instance, we have:

  • Solitaire: A solitaire pendant necklace has a single diamond set on a chain in a prong setting. It’s elegant and stylish. Not to mention, the solitaire pendant piece has an open setting to allow plenty of light and spark.
  • Heart: As usual, a diamond heart necklace symbolizes love and is very popular. It makes for an excellent gift as well.
  • Floating: A floating diamond necklace features one stone, big or small, suspended from a dainty chain. Its style is both simple and classy.
  • Three-Stone: You’d be right to assume that a three-stone diamond necklace features three stones dangling from a chain. Also, they may or may not be in a vertical drop-like design. This necklace style is very ornate and intricate.

True Necklace

Where diamonds hang freely from a pendant necklace, they’re strung and secured to the chain of a true necklace. These chain necklaces come in different lengths, widths, and designs. You can wear a full diamond necklace to a formal event or fancy occasion if you want to glam up.

a diamond necklace, earrings and bracelet in a white box

As for the cost, such necklaces tend to cost a good fortune because they typically require many gemstones and diamonds. For example, a diamond tennis necklace adorned with small diamonds can cost anything from $950 to $50,000. And other more gigantic true necklaces can cost millions of dollars!

Much like diamond pendant necklaces, true necklaces also have several subtypes.

  • Tennis: A tennis necklace is encrusted with a set of small stones across its string. With so many gemstones, a tennis necklace is typically costly. But it’s the jewelry piece you wear to turn heads!
  • Choker: If you’re looking for a more modern style, consider a diamond choker necklace, which hangs tightly around your neck. It also costs more than a pendant diamond necklace.

Diamond Necklace with Price

Diamond necklaces are timeless and versatile pieces of jewelry that can elevate any outfit, making them a popular choice for women, men, and even kids. Whether you’re looking for a dazzling pendant, a simple chain, or a charming choker, there’s a diamond necklace style to suit every taste, personal style, and budget for every occasion.

Women’s Diamond Necklaces Price

For women, the cost of diamond necklaces comes in a wide range of styles and price points. A classic pendant with floating diamond necklaces can start at around $200 for a smaller stone and go up to several thousand dollars for a larger, high-quality precious metal. Heart-shaped diamond pendants are a popular choice and are available in various price ranges to accommodate different budgets.

If you prefer a more extravagant look, consider a diamond tennis necklace or a diamond-studded collar necklace. These elegant pieces can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands, depending on the size and quality of the diamonds.

Men’s Diamond Necklaces Price

Men’s diamond necklaces are often bolder and more substantial in design. A simple diamond pendant on a masculine chain can start at around $500 and can go up significantly for larger stones or intricate designs. Dog tag-style necklaces with diamonds are also a popular choice among men and are available in various price ranges.

Kids’ Diamond Necklaces Price

For kids, diamond necklaces are a charming and meaningful gift for special occasions. These necklaces typically feature small diamond necklaces and come in playful designs like stars, hearts, or initials. The average price of diamond necklaces for kids can range from $50 to a few hundred dollars, making them an affordable yet cherished keepsake.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, a loved one, or a little one, there’s a diamond necklace with the right price tag to match your needs. Keep in mind that precious metal quality, carat weight, and metal type all play a role in determining the price of these exquisite accessories.

Diamond Necklace Buying Guide: Best Places to Shop Diamond Necklaces

If you want to purchase the perfect simple diamond necklace, you need to find the right stores. Here are some of our favorite jewelry shops:

James Allen

James Allen is probably the number one online retailer of diamonds and jewelry. Its high-resolution photography allows you to turn a jewelry piece 360 degrees and get a good virtual look at it.

Aside from its spectacular online experience, James Allen offers you a wide selection of preset necklaces, but you can create your jewelry design. In other words, you can select your desired carat, color, clarity, and cut. Not to mention, you can pick a metal, whether that’s yellow gold, platinum, rose gold, or white gold. Nonetheless, not every metal is available for every design, so keep that in mind.


Zales is another popular option with a physical location and an online store. It has diverse options, including pendants, rings, earrings, and other jewelry pieces.

With its customization feature, you can create beautiful diamond necklaces by choosing your carat and metal, whether that’s sterling silver, platinum, or else. Even better, the online shop enables you to simulate the personalized styles you have in mind. But if you visit the shop, take care not to pick up a jewel or stone with natural inclusions and blemishes.


Jared sells jewelry with quality diamonds and stones; its GIA certifications – see ‘GIA vs. AGS‘ – testify for that. Not to mention, the diamonds are conflict-free. Also, its jewelry is well-crafted and durable. Jared’s diamond necklaces are unique and diverse, living up to its customers’ expectations.

As for Jared’s in-store experience, you’ll find it satisfactory. Nonetheless, we have to say that Jared Jewelry prices its pieces higher than many online retailers.

Best Diamond Necklace

In most cases, people can’t agree on a single diamond necklace that tops all others, so we’re mentioning a couple of stunning diamond necklaces.

For one, the Fancy Yellow Cluster Cushion Necklace is a stunning piece from James Allen with 18k white and yellow gold. Its round diamonds sparkle, giving you an elegant glow.

Also, we’re in love with this Diamond Graduate Riviera Necklace from Zales. It’s made of 10k white gold. The graduation from the largest to the smallest diamonds gives this necklace the wow factor you’re in search of.

FAQs: Average Diamond Necklace Price

How much is a diamond necklace worth?

The value of a diamond necklace can vary depending on several factors. Diamonds can be resold for 25% to 50% of their original purchase value. For instance, if you bought a diamond necklace for $3,000 its resale value would likely be around $1,710 to $1,800, depending on the preferences of potential buyers. It’s important to note that big and rarer diamonds tend to retain value better and may be considered more suitable for investments.

How much does it cost to turn a ring into a necklace?

The cost of converting a ring into a necklace can vary depending on the jeweler and the complexity of the transformation. On average, resizing a ring and transforming it into a necklace may cost around $50 or more. For instance, such as resetting a wedding or engagement ring, the price of a diamond necklace could range from $80 to approximately $250. If you’re considering resetting simpler jewelry, like earrings, the cost may be around $125.

What is the $29.99 diamond bonus buy at Macy’s?

The “Diamond Bonus Buy” at Macy’s is an incredible offer that provides a significant discount on selected jewelry pieces. During Macy’s Black Friday sale, the “Diamond Bonus Buy” offers customers a whopping 85% off the regular price.

Final Thoughts

Overall, diamond necklaces vary significantly in their cost, costing anything from $500 to $36,000. That’s because some necklaces, such as pendants, may feature a single diamond, whereas other necklaces, primarily chains, chokers, or so, get encrusted with various diamonds.

Not to mention, even the quality of the diamonds differs. Some are more heavy, clear, colorless, and more accurately cut than others, making these diamonds way more valuable and costly.

The biggest takeaway is to make note of such factors when debating the cost of a diamond necklace. Knowing what you can get with your budget will facilitate the shopping experience, make it more fun, and get you a great deal!

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