5 Best Mother & Daughter Necklaces of 2023 Reviews | The Bond Statement

The bond between a mother and a daughter, or a father and son is special and needs a unique way to showcase. And what better way to do that than with an exclusive Mother and Daughter necklace? 

Made from the highest quality materials, like 18k gold plating and genuine Swarovski crystals, the bond statement necklaces are treasured for years to come. These pieces of jewelry are also an iconic piece of fashion history – one look at them, and you’ll see why!

In this post, we take a look at the best mother and daughter necklace set, your frequently asked questions, as well as a guide to obtaining the best piece possible.

What to Consider When Buying Mother Daughter Necklaces?

A mother and daughter necklace is a sentimental jewelry piece, and you should put some thought into it when choosing a piece. So, let’s review what makes whimsical jewelry and what to consider.

Curlz haired girl hugging mom from behind

Symbolism is key

When selecting a mother and daughter necklace, symbolism should be one of your top priorities. 

The necklace should represent the close mother-daughter relationship. Look for necklaces with charms or pendants that depict special moments in your lives together or simply showcase your shared love for each other. On a similar note, some people who buy necklaces want to display their faith, and choosing a cross necklace reflects their religious beliefs.

For instance, a mother and daughter necklace that features charms in the shape of a heart is perfect for moms and daughters who share a close bond. 

Another option is to choose a necklace with two interlocking circles. This symbolizes an unbreakable connection between mom and daughter.

No matter what style you choose, make sure that your mother and daughter necklace has a special meaning for you both.

Quality Craftsmanship Is a Must

When you’re shelling out money for something as unique as a mother-daughter necklace, you’ll want to be sure that you’re getting quality craftsmanship. 

Little girl carresing her moms cheek

The best necklaces are made with high-quality materials and feature impeccable detailing. Look for brands that have a reputation for crafting beautiful pieces. So, take time to scrutinize each piece. Be sure to examine the craftsmanship and if its components are securely attached. You don’t want your necklace to lose its appeal or luster over time.

Size Matters

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a mom and daughter necklace is size. 

Ensure that the necklace is big enough to fit both you and your daughter comfortably. This means taking into account the length of the chain and the size of the charms or pendants (see ‘Genesis’ necklaces).

If you have a petite daughter, choose a necklace with dainty charms. Conversely, if your daughter is on the larger side, go for a necklace with bigger charms. 

You also don’t want the pendant or charm to overpower your outfits. So, ensure to consider the overall look of the necklace when making your purchase.

What Are the Top Mother Daughter Necklaces?

1. Mother and Daughter Matching Polished Heart Locket and Pendant Set in Sterling Silver

This mother and daughter necklace set features a mother heart pendant, with matching mother/daughter polished hearts lockets.

The mother’s heart locket measures are slightly larger than the matching daughter set. Also, the heart with swirls mother/daughter pendant set comes on an 18-inch sterling silver chain for enhanced brilliance.

This mother-daughter necklace set is a beautiful way to show your love for each other and celebrate your mother/daughter’s relationship. It also makes an excellent gift for any special occasion. 

Mother and Daughter Matching Polished Heart Locket and Pendant Set in Sterling Silver

In addition, the mother and daughter matching polished hearts locket and pendant set is available in sterling silver, gold plated, and rose gold plated.

The polished finish of Mom’s heart-shaped locket has a glossy finish. A box clasp secures the locket to an 18.0-inch box chain. Adding a sweet touch to Mom’s look, the daughter’s heart-shaped pendant is suspended from a 14.0-inch box chain, secured with a box clasp.


  • They come as a matching mother-daughter jewelry set
  • They are ideal for showing mother/daughter love
  • They are a great gift idea
  • They are hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin


  • Customers complained about its quality

2. Mother/Daughter Necklaces Forever in My Heart Sterling Silver

When mother and daughter share a special bond, it is the most precious thing in the world. It’s what makes them unique. The Forever In My Heart mother-daughter necklace set shows how much you love your mother and her beautiful influence on your life.

Both necklaces are made of polished sterling silver and come complete with chains and gift boxes. They make the perfect sentimental gift for any mother/daughter occasion, such as a birthday, mother’s day, or Christmas.

Mother/Daughter Necklaces Forever in My Heart Sterling Silver

The mother’s necklace comes in sterling silver with a matching heart-shaped locket for her child. The daughter’s necklace comes complete with a fun little swirl pattern on each side of the heart locket.


  • The mother’s necklace comes with a heart-shaped locket
  • The daughter’s necklace comes complete with a fun little swirl pattern on each side of the heart locket 
  • It comes with a free gift box 
  • The set represents love, motherhood, family


  • Some of these Mother/Daughter Necklaces sets come with a short chain

3. Mother/Daughter Necklaces Heart with Swirls Sterling Silver

A mother’s love is a thing of beauty, and this Heart with Swirls mother-daughter necklace set captures that perfectly. This jewelry set celebrates the unique bond between a mother and daughter with two matching necklaces made of polished sterling silver.

If you are a mother or a daughter, express your love for each other with this Heart with Swirls sterling silver jewelry set. Each pendant features a pretty mother-daughter heart design symbolizing the unique bond.

Mother/Daughter Necklaces Heart with Swirls Sterling Silver

This exclusive mother-daughter necklace set is excellent as a mother’s gift to her daughter or a birthday present for the mother and her little girl.

In addition, this exquisite mother-daughter necklace set is perfect for mothers of all ages. The hearts are adorned with intricate swirls, making them extra unique and memorable. This year, give your mother the gift of love with this Heart with Swirls mother-daughter necklace set!


  • This mother-daughter necklace set is beautiful and well made
  • A perfect way to celebrate the special bond between mothers and daughters
  • It comes already designed for a great mother’s day gift
  • The E-coating gives it a brilliant finish


  • Not precisely as seen in the picture

4. Sterling Silver Mother/Daughter Heart Necklaces with Swirls 

These sterling silver mother/daughter heart necklaces perfectly commemorate your relationship. The hearts are intricately carved and polished, giving them a beautiful shine. They come on matching chains, so you and your daughter can wear them together.

This is the perfect gift for any mother/daughter duo. The set comes with a pendant decorated with a diamond-cut swirl design.

Mother/Daughter Necklaces Heart with Swirls Sterling Silver

Also, each set is secured with a spring-ring clasp. Whether you’re celebrating Mother’s Day or just want to say “I love you,” this necklace is the perfect way to do it. 


  • Comes ready for gifting
  • The heart design symbolizes love
  • It features an attractive diamond-cut swirl design
  • They are not reactive for those with sensitive skins


  • Very costly for those on a budget

5. Mother/Daughter Necklaces Hands and Hearts Sterling Silver

This mother-daughter necklace is the perfect gift and a symbol of their strong bond. The matching necklaces come in sterling silver and are adorned with two intricately designed hearts. 

The mother’s heart is slightly larger and has a beautiful filigree design, while the daughter’s heart is smaller and detailed with swirls. These necklaces also have matching chains to be worn together or separately.

Mother/Daughter Necklaces Hands and Hearts Sterling Silver

Also, if you’re looking for something extra special, consider the rose gold version. The rose gold mother-daughter necklace is even more beautiful with its delicate and feminine design. 

With features of hands and hearts designs, both necklace sizes perfectly represent mother-daughter relationships.


  • The set is a perfect way to show special love 
  • The necklaces come in sterling silver, which is hypoallergenic  
  • The beautiful heart design makes the set a symbol of love 
  • They make a perfect gift for any occasion


  • They are quite costly


What Is a Mother and Daughter Necklace?

A mother and daughter necklace signifies the undying bond between mother and daughter.

Why Should You Buy a Mother and Daughter Necklace?

A mother and daughter necklace set symbolizes the bond between a mother and a daughter. Therefore, you can buy them to celebrate special occasions like mothers’ days, birthdays, weddings and other special occasions.

What is the best way to clean a mother and daughter necklace?

There are a few different ways to clean a mother and daughter necklace. One way is to use a jewelry polishing cloth, which will remove dirt and polish the necklace. Another option is to use toothpaste, which can be rubbed onto the necklace, then scrubbed with a toothbrush, then rinsed with water.

Mother and daughter in blue matching dresses


It is necessary to preserve the mother-daughter bond, which spans from intimacy throughout life. There is no better way to do this than giving a precious gift in the form of a Mother & Daughter Necklace

Not only do they serve as a symbol of a gift on special occasions, but they also strengthen mother-daughter relationships. Buy your Best Mother & Daughter Necklace today and show your daughter/mother how much you love her.