7 Best Babygirl Earrings of 2023 Reviews | A Touch of Style for Your Precious One

Babies are in one of the most transient periods of human life, but that shouldn’t stop parents from making sure their little ones are perfectly fashionable.

The market is flooded with earrings in all sorts of exciting colors and designs, but one shouldn’t forget to make sure that their purchase is of premium quality as well as hypoallergenic. This guarantees that they will be able to last for a long time and be safe when contacting the skin.

Many parents have had questions such as: What would be the perfect fit for my baby’s ears? What materials are safe for delicate skin? Does the quality of gold matter when buying a set of earrings? And finally, how do I prevent the earrings from being pulled off? These questions and more are addressed in the following topics. Keep reading to know how to find the perfect babygirl earrings.

Little blonde girl showing her earring

What Should You Look Out For When Buying Babygirl Earrings?

There are important factors to consider before buying your ideal set of jewelry for a child’s ears.


Babies cannot wear large-sized earrings meant for adults no matter how beautiful or novel they may look. This is due to their weight causing infants and toddlers discomfort. The ideal pair would need to be lightweight as well as small in size as babies and toddlers have less space on the lobe of their ear.


The most hypoallergenic materials favored are gold and sterling silver. Nickel is known for causing a large number of allergic reactions, and earrings that use this metal should be avoided. 14K to 18K yellow gold is recommended for the higher quality of the metals being used.


Earrings that dangle or have a drop or hoop design are potentially hazardous as they can tangle in hair, clothing, or bedding and may harm your little ones. It is recommended that they be worn under supervision. The best backs should be screw backs as their design prevents loss by not falling off, improper placement, or being pulled off. Other earring backs, such as the butterfly, are prone to loosening and, more often than not, cause the entire earring to fall off.

A little girl getting her ear pierced

Maintenance After Piercing Your Child’s Ears

After piercing your child, in order to prevent infection, begin by washing your hands with soap and then proceed to clean both sides of the earrings twice a day by using materials such as a sterile cotton ball that has been dipped sparingly with hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, or your preferred antiseptic available from your local GP.

To prevent the piercing hole from closing up or developing scar tissue, rotate the earrings gently clockwise and anticlockwise as well as slide them to and fro a few times. Ensure the earrings are not screwed in too tightly.

To maintain the piercing hole, removing the initial set of earrings is advisable until at least a month and six weeks have elapsed. For the piercing holes to become permanent, it is best for babies and toddlers to continuously wear their earrings in the coming six months to accustom the ear to the new piercing.

Reviews For The Most Ideal Babygirl Earrings On The Market

1. Children’s Freshwater Cultured Pearl Earrings

These sweet and simple earrings are accentuated by their freshwater pearl detailing. They are crafted with the highest quality 14k gold. The earrings have a diameter of 4 mm, the perfect size for any child’s ear lobes while they possess screw-back types of backs.

Children's Freshwater Cultured Pearl Earrings

The freshwater pearls are white in color, while their luster is in the median range. They are mostly round and uniform and have a 3.8mm size.


  • Their beautiful detailing is ideal for formal occasions.
  • They suit any child
  • Are of refined quality
  • Have a perfect fit


  • They may feature slight surface markings as well as light spotting

2. Children’s Mickey Mouse Glitter Stud Earrings 14K Yellow Gold

These gorgeous children’s earrings possess the world-renowned Mickey Mouse shape molded in 14K yellow gold. These jewelry pieces possess a glittery silver design that gives them that little extra sparkle. The earrings feature secure friction backs for extra security.

For an extra $24.99 fee, these earrings can be protected for life as any damaged earrings can be repaired, they are cleaned and polished by experts, have any missing backs replaced and give buyers the eligibility of any future discounts from their store.

 Children's Mickey Mouse Glitter Stud Earrings 14K Yellow Gold

These earrings can be gently hand washed with a suitable mild detergent, or if preferred, have KAY professionals clean the pieces at any time.


  • They possess the perfect size for kids.
  • Assured quality pieces
  • Feature 14 K gold embossing around the stylish silver design
  • Molded from the iconic Mickey


  • If the warranty is not purchased, then replacement is not possible

3. Children’s Minnie Mouse Pink Glitter Stud Earrings 14K Yellow Gold

These unique stud earrings behold the ever-popular Minnie Mouse design, molded from quality 14K yellow gold and possessing a gorgeous floral and glittery design.

The earrings are secured with friction backs.

Children's Minnie Mouse Pink Glitter Stud Earrings 14K Yellow Gold

They may be washed gently by one’s preferred mild detergent, or one can choose to have them professionally cleaned at the KAY shop.


  • Possess a classy pink and gold design
  • Are accented by the popular Minnie Mouse design
  • It can be returned up to a month after their purchase or can be exchanged within the first two months.
  • Secured with friction back


  • Custom-designed earrings can’t be replaced.

4. Children’s Hoop Earring Set 14K White/Yellow Gold

These earrings possess a beautiful hoop design as well as wide fronts ideal for babies. Crafted from the finest white and yellow 14K gold metal, these earrings are secured in place by hinged backs.

Children's Hoop Earring Set 14K White/Yellow Gold

For ideal maintenance, it is advisable to hand wash the jewelry in question lightly with one’s preferred mild detergent, or one may visit the JARED store for a professional cleaning touch.


  • It can be bought in two different colors
  • Made from quality materials
  • Materials used in their creation are skin-friendly
  • It may be bought under different financing plans


  • Returns may not be accepted without a warranty.

5. 2-Piece Ball Stud Earring Set 14K Yellow Gold/14K White Gold

These pair of earrings come designed in a classic 2-piece ball stud set in two distinct variations; yellow and white gold in 14K metal. They are screw-back earrings to make them secure.

2-Piece Ball Stud Earring Set 14K Yellow Gold/14K White Gold

The shape is perfect for any baby’s ears as the rounded shape prevents injury from mishandling it.


  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • Its stylish design makes it suitable as season jewelry
  • Features a secure fit for children’s ears
  • Its rounded shape easily prevent children from injuring themselves


  • The luster of the earrings may not be the same as that of the product picture on the shop’s website

6. Child’s 4.0mm Pink Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings in 14K Gold

These particular pair of gold earrings are guaranteed to have your little ones noticed at every event as they feature a fashionable and exquisite design. These children’s earrings are molded from 14K quality gold and are each set with a sole 4.0mm dusky pink cubic zirconia gem. The studs are secured using screw backs and are perfectly sized for any child.

Child's 4.0mm Pink Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings in 14K Gold


  • Features an exquisite design
  • Made from quality materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Very secure backing


  • The inlaid gems may fall off

7. Child’s 4.0mm Heart-Shaped Pink Crystal Stud Earrings in 14K Gold

These pair of heart-shaped earrings are sure to get your little darlings looking good for just about any occasion. Designed using the very finest quality 14K gold, these unique studs are set with a sole 4.0mm sparkling rose-colored crystal. They behold a glorious luster and are secured with steady screw backs.

Child's 4.0mm Heart-Shaped Pink Crystal Stud Earrings in 14K Gold


  • Made from quality gold
  • Feature one of a kind rose-hued crystal
  • Easy to maintain
  • Perfectly sized for young children


  • One needs insurance to cover crystal loss


Q. What kind of earrings are best for babies?

A. Small-sized earrings are best for babies as they ensure a secure fit over their earlobes.

Q. What size earrings should a 1-year-old wear?

A. 1/4″ earrings are ideal for a 1-year-old child.

Q. Can babies wear hoop earrings?

A. Yes, they can, but under strict supervision to prevent them from tugging them off.

Q. How long are children’s earrings?

A. From 1/8″ earrings to 1/4″ depending on your baby’s age.

Q. What type of earrings are best for babies?

A. Gold, sterling silver or surgical stainless steel earrings are best since they do not cause an allergic reaction when in contact with the skin.

Babz wearing earrings


Just what should be remembered when buying infant earrings? Well, one must carefully consider the materials used in its creation, the type of backing, and the ease of cleaning and maintenance for the jewelry in question.

Parents must be ready to commit to cleaning and maintaining the ears after their child’s first piercings, as it is quite easy for ear lobes to become infected or close up entirely if proper practices are not followed.Size is also a very solid factor when buying your baby a pair of earrings, as adult earrings cannot fit the little ears of very young children. It should also not be forgotten that earrings best match the wearer’s skin tone. Contrasting colors complement each other; well-matched earrings bring out the beauty of both the adornment itself and the child.