10 Types of Chains for Necklaces and How to Wear Them to Suit Your Style

You may have seen chain necklaces in music videos and thought about buying one. A necklace is a statement jewelry piece to revamp your look. The perfect necklace ties together the rest of your outfit and accessories. Moreover, any chain necklace looks good when you know how to incorporate them into your style.

A necklace chain has the sparkle from your favorite metals, and it can hold pendants. They are crucial jewelry that you just cannot ignore. If you have no idea how to wear chains for necklaces, the guide below can help you with everything you need to know about the types of necklace chains.

What to Consider When Buying Different Types of Necklace Chains

Here is a guide to help you pick the best chains and necklaces when there are tons of options. Consider the following aspects.

Personal Style

While there are many choices, you need what you can incorporate into your style. You may buy something that you never want to wear. Go for types of chains that resonate with your idea for style.

Types of Metal

Different types of necklace chains come with different types of metals. You can get yellow or rose gold chains, sterling silver, titanium, and platinum, among others.

Some metals create delicate/ thinner chains.

The type of metal determines how durability and appeal of the chain. Since the metal affects the construction, it also determines whether you’ll get a complex chain or a delicate chain.

What do you Intend to Use it for

What you want to do with a chain determines the choice when buying. If you want to use it with a pendant, make sure the chain matches the pendant. Bigger chains cannot hold small pendants. Also, you want a chain that will not outdo the shine on your pendant. 

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Top 10 Different Types of Chains for Necklaces

1. Ball Chain

A ball chain comprises a set of balls interlinked into a chain. The beads may be close together, or each stands alone with a wire through them to hold them together. There are small metal bars to attach the beads to create the chain.

If you want visual appeal, ball necklace chains are not your best bet compared to other chains. They are not appealing alone as they do not have that unique pop. However, they are great when you use them alongside a pendant. They look sophisticated if you have a great pendant.

Mariner chains draw heavily to chains used by mariners alongside anchors. If you want something rugged and love the sea, these chains are a great choice for your style. Also, the chain is rock solid and sturdy like the anchor chain, making it the best kind of necklace chain for most women and young ladies.

Ball chains are not durable. Their construction makes it harder to repair them when they break off. Also, they often feature cheaper metals like sterling silver and may not be durable. The balls are in smaller sizes measured in millimeters, and they are favorable for cheaper accessories.

2. Mariner Chains

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Mariner necklace chains have ovals with a metallic bar crossing each to complete the chain. The bars make the chain strong, and they last longer.

A mariner chain is easy to repair, and it lasts long, and the best chain type for everyday wear for most women.

If you want chains to wear daily, go for mariner chains. They will live up to the task as they are strong. Also, their reparability makes them a good choice. A mariner chain is unique and stylish. You can dress them up or down depending on the occasion.

There are two kinds of mariner chains. The traditional style features flat ovals, while a mariner chain has a puff to give the ovals a fuller look. This is why it’s considered the best necklace chain for everyday wear.

3. Snake Chain

Snake necklace chains mimic the movement of a snake, semi-rigid, solid-looking, and smooth. The chain has no visible links, but it is not entirely rigid. The design conceals the chain as a solid chain. The small rings are attached with no spaces between them to create a semi-rigid design.

If you want something classic, snake chains are a great choice. However, it is not as durable as any other chain. The best part of owning snake chains is that you will never need to detangle them. You can store it alongside other jewelry with ease. Without big links in between, there is no space for tangling or holding on to other objects.

If you want something classic, snake chains are a great choice.

However, it is not as durable as any other chain. The best part of owning snake chains is that you will never need to detangle them. You can store it alongside other jewelry with ease. Without big links in between, there is no space for tangling or holding on to other objects, making it a durable necklace chain and the best chain to wear all the time.

4. Box Chain

Box chains necklaces are unique in that they have links of small box-like pieces. They are interconnected to create chains. They are classy and durable. Also, they are easy to repair.

When a part breaks, you can relink the pieces and get your chain back without distorting the style of the original box chain.

Box chains are easy to maintain as well as clean. You can rock them as sole necklace pieces or use the smaller chains for attaching pendants. They can go well with casual or statement necklaces.

A box chain is ideal for him and her, but it’s especially popular as the best type of chain for men.

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5. Spiga/ Wheat Chain

Spiga or wheat chain consists of round or oval shaped links. They are twisted and arranged in one direction to create a wheat-like appearance.

The beautiful design is seamless and mimics a series of spotless threads woven together to create the perfect texture.

If you desire something classic and timeless, incorporate wheat necklace chains into your style. The chains are sturdy and can withstand the test of time. You can rock them as they are or add a pendant to diversify the look. I highly recommend it for its exceptional durability as the most durable chain necklace.

6. Rope Chain

The rope chain has knots that look like a rope. They are common around the globe, and they feature a variety of metals. Another notable feature is how the twist in the metal gives it a light and shiny appearance.

You can wear a rope chain alone or with a pendant. The thin chains make classic necklaces for day-to-day wear, and they are still as durable as the bigger rope chains. Making it the best type of chain for a pendant.

However, rope chains tend to break after a while. If you cannot reattach the piece, a jeweler can help repair it.

Since they shine bright, they can make a perfect standalone style statement piece. If you would rather wear something subdued, you can choose the thin rope necklaces for your pendant chain types.

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7. Curb Chain

In classic style are curb chains. They feature a series of similar links with the same size and shape to create a chain. The chain links lay flat on your neckbone when worn. Similarly, they are strong and will last long.

If your curb chain breaks, you can easily piece it back together. Also, when you are not able to reattach it, get it to a jeweler. They are the most idealistic chains for holding a pendant.

When styling a curb chain, they look great no matter what necklace size you sport. Larger curb chains look good on hip-hop street style. The small chains look great with pendants on them. Also, you can use them as standalone necklaces.

8. Cable Chain

If you are looking for chains you can wear daily, a cable chain is the perfect necklace for you. They come together with a series of oval and round links bound to create the chain. Also, they are strong and will last long due to their build.

Cable chains are easy to style. You can wear them with pendants to look great. Since the chains are common even in other industries, they are best with another notable piece. You may find them on dog tags and the likes. Cheap chains also do not give you the best service and value for your manner as they break easily, the best chain style for pendants.

If your chain necklace breaks, you can reattach the pieces on your own.

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9. Byzantine Chain

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Byzantine chains are complex in design. The chain has links that alternate directions. Additionally, they have a distinct ropelike design that makes it complicated and gives it a great texture. There are four links with another link passing through them to create the intricate design.

You can wear the Byzantine chain as standalone pieces. They are large enough and interesting to look at since their links are more pronounced and, the most durable chain style ever.

10. Figaro Chain

Figaro chains are great as necklaces for men and women. They have an easy style that comprises two or three shorter links followed by a longer one that is noticeably simple. Larger chains are perfect to wear on their own.

If you like classic style, smaller Figaro chains are an ideal choice. Also, you can use the smaller chain to hold a pendant with a stone of choice.

Gold chains are durable, and you can repair your Figaro chain if it breaks by swapping the links and removing the broken ones. This is one of the reasons why it’s recommended as the best gold chain for daily wear and also the best type of chain for pendants.

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FAQs: Necklace Chain Types

What is the Strongest Style for Necklace Chains?

Mariners form the best style for necklace chains. The metal interlocks to create a firm chain that can withstand any amount of pressure. Other strong chains styles include the curb and cable chains.

Cable chains are popular all over the globe. The interlocking oval links create a simple design that most people readily embrace. You can also have diamond necklaces that are elegant and eye-catching.

What are the Most Durable Chains?

Durable chains include cable, curb, mariner, Figaro, and rope chains. They are sturdy; thus, they tend to last long. Even gold chains in some designs will tend to break easily due to their design. Chain styles such as wheat chains interlock tightly and do not get twisted links or break. 

Conclusion on Types of Chain Necklaces

There are more types of chains for a necklace. Other notable chains include the Singapore chains, Rollo chain, omega chain, san Marco chain, and Belcher chain. You can wear any chain design that suits your taste and style. Find your favorite jewelry chain to add to your wardrobe with the ten styles above.

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