5mm vs. 6mm Earrings | Facial Features and Other Factors to Consider

Shopping for jewelry can be exciting with endless possibilities! Still, we don’t want the confusing process of choosing a diamond or pearl size to dampen your excitement. It’s one of those things that make you wish you were a jewelry expert.

But lucky for you, we are. Of course, we can’t deem either 5mm or 6mm earrings superior in every way. We can say that the perfect size in jewelry will complement your features and give you the look you desire. So, please read our article about 5mm vs. 6mm earrings to decide on the right pair for you. On a similar note, you can also check out our comparisons of 6mm and 8mm earrings and 8mm and 10mm earrings.

Factors to Consider When Buying 5mm or 6mm Earrings

To discuss 5mm vs. 6mm earrings, these are the factors to consider:

Different sized earrings


5mm Earrings

When it comes to a pair of studs, 5mm earrings are the most classic earring size because they’re versatile. In other words, they can be worn with casual outfits or be fancy earrings for special occasions. But if you’re buying pearl earrings, 5mm sizes create a subtle look.

6mm Earrings

Also, 6mm diamond studs – see ‘Best Places to Buy Diamond Studs‘ – are still in the grey area between casual and formal. Guys will find minimal 5mm and 6mm earrings, meaning they can be worn with everyday office wear.And 6mm pearls, like 5mm ones, are ideal for everyday attire. Otherwise, 9mm or 10mm pearl sizes will make you the center of attention. Also, don’t hesitate to consider South Sea pearls (10mm and up) for a luxurious look. After all, nothing says luxury more than a pair of South Sea pearls.

Facial Features

5mm Earrings

Naturally, small pearls and studs will complement them better if you have small ears and petite features. Otherwise, larger features suit larger pearls and earrings better. So, 5mm pearls and stud earrings are amazing with a small feature, as they won’t overwhelm your ear or face.

Facial features

6mm Earrings

We aren’t saying that 5mm is better for smaller features than 6mm. After all, both sizes are considerably small. So, you can wear either if you have petite features.


5mm Earrings

We encourage young ladies to choose smaller and more delicate pearls, whereas larger pearl sizes are geared towards mature women, 30 years and up. Accordingly, young wearers can try a pair of 5mm pearls. And the same concept applies to necklaces as well.

6mm Earrings

Young women can also wear 6 mm pearls because they’re small. As for more mature women, these pearl sizes might not be the best.

Different ages


5mm Earrings

As you already know, a larger pearl is a more expensive pearl, so a 5mm pearl is a good option in terms of money.

If you’re buying diamond studs, it’s a bit more complicated than that. A diamond’s size may not tell you much about its price. Instead, its clarity, color, carat, and weight will. Accordingly, a 5mm diamond stud will cost more than a 6mm diamond stud of lower quality.

6mm Earrings

A 6mm diamond stud is undoubtedly more costly than a 5mm stud of the same quality. Nonetheless, 6mm pearls aren’t significantly more expensive than 5mm pearls.

Intended Look

Golden different sizes earrings

5mm Earrings

Ask yourself why you’re buying diamond earrings or pearl earrings (see also emerald earrings). If your answer is that you want something comfortable and subtle, go for a 5mm earring.

6mm Earrings

If you want to make a statement, you can opt for the bigger 6mm pearl earrings or diamond studs. Perhaps even take it to the next level with a 9mm or 10mm pearl!

What Else to Consider

Does Quality Impact the Size of Diamond Studs?

No, you can understand quality in relation to the 4cs: clarity, color, cut, and carat weight. The seemingly relevant factor here is the carat weight. But heavier diamonds aren’t necessarily larger diamonds (see also lab-grown diamonds).

Despite not impacting size, quality plays into the illusion of size. To elaborate, people perceive a diamond with more sparkle as a bigger one. Accordingly, a 5mm or 6mm stud earring can look much bigger on your ear if it’s reflective and shiny.

As for what contributes to that spark, that’d be the diamond cut. A well-cut diamond reflects as much light as possible, so aim for an excellent or very good cut grade when shopping.

Does Shape Affect the Size of Diamond Studs?

This relates more to 5mm and 6mm stud earrings than pearls since they have shape varieties. Much like quality, the shape doesn’t affect the size of stud earrings but the illusion of their size. On the one hand, the most classic vintage shape for stud earrings are round ones, but they look relatively small.

On the other hand, marquise, oval, emerald, and pearl studs have more surface area for the same 5mm or 6mm diameter. So, if you want your 5mm or 6mm earring to look bigger, consider looking at these different earring shapes when you go shopping.

Hallo settings studs

What Size Hoop Earrings Should I Get?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The classic sizes might differ across age groups and genders, as you’ll see:

For Kids

Kids can wear small hoops (see also best earrings for toddlers). We’re talking 10mm earrings. Also, a 15mm earring is an excellent choice for kids’ earrings.

For Women

If you have a small face, you might want to go for 20mm earrings. 25mm ones are also an option for ladies who want more noticeable jewelry. As for 30mm hoops, they’re arguably the right size for a full face.

However, those who want jewelry that’s neither big nor small can opt for 35mm hoop earrings. And any size from 40 to 75mm is considered big, with the 5omm hoops being the classic large hoops. So, if you’re looking to make a statement – see best statement earrings – you know what jewelry you’ll be wearing!

Woman wearing blue and pink studs

For Men

Hoops are one way to look edgy. Best earrings can complement your long hair or buzz cut. And you can wear them with suits if you aren’t a man who dresses formally. As for the size, huggie hoops are in right now, ranging from 8mm to 12mm. The ideal size of hoop earrings for men is 14mm. A 14mm diameter hoop is about as big as most men want to go.

Tip: You might want to consider your piercing type when purchasing the earring. A 5mm or 6mm hoop earring can serve as a huggie hoop earring for the cartilage spot piercing in your ear, whether that’s forward helix piercings, tragus piercings, or rook piercings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Big Is a 6mm Earring?

A 6mm earring is small and classic for everyday wear. Think of a large paperclip; that should give you an idea of how big a 6mm pearl earring is. Also, 6mm is a little under 1/4 inch.

What Does 5mm Mean in Earrings?

These diamond studs are 5mm in diameter or 3/16” when you measure them. That makes the diamond stud 0.50 carat with a 1-carat total weight for the pair of diamond studs (see best fake diamond studs here). As for pearl sizes, a 5mm pearl earring is the size of the top of a push pin. As for the size of your piercing, a 5mm earring usually means 4g.

What Is the Average Size of Pearl Stud Earrings?

The average and most popular size for pearls range from 7mm to 8mm. Smaller pearls are the perfect pearl size for a dainty look, whereas larger pearls typically help you stand out.

Man wearing earrings

Final Thoughts

Overall, 5mm and 6mm pearl and stud earrings are relatively small. So, they’re perfect for young women and women with small features. You can enjoy wearing these versatile earrings with most outfits, casual and fancy. They also work with almost any cartilage spot piercing (see ‘Best Jewelry for Daith Piercing‘).

Of course, a smaller earring is bound to be less expensive than a bigger one of the same quality, so a 5mm earring is better in that respect. Nonetheless, a 6mm earring is more noticeable than the former.

However, feel free to go for whichever size you feel comfortable wearing. There’s nothing wrong with that; after all, you should always learn the rules before you break them!

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