7 Best Earrings for Small Ears Reviews in 2023 | Awesome Picks to Complement Your Face!

If you have small ears, you know that finding the right earring can be difficult. You want something that will flatter your face and not look like an afterthought.

Top 3 Earrings for Small Ears

[Best Overall]

1. 14K White Gold Four Prong Studs

14K White Gold Four Prong Round Brilliant Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings

  • Made of 14k white gold
  • Created with genuine diamonds
  • A four-prong setting

[Best for the Money]

2. Petite Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings

Petite Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings

  • Lined with cut pavé diamonds
  • Backing is a hinged snapback
  • Made in 14k yellow gold

[Best for Everyday Wear]

3. 1/10 ct. tw. Diamond Cluster Stud Earrings in 10K Yellow Gold

1/10 ct. tw. Diamond Cluster Stud Earrings in 10K Yellow Gold

  • They look great with any outfit
  • The diamonds sparkle beautifully
  • The post has friction backs

Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you by rounding up some of the best earrings for small ears so that you can easily find the perfect pair for your next big night out or a day at work.

Earrings for Small Ears Reviews

1. [Best Overall] 14K White Gold Four Prong Round Brilliant Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings

Main Features

  • Metal is 14K White Gold
  • Their shape is round
  • These tiny earrings feature standard friction backs
  • The earrings feature gold prong mounts to hold the diamonds in place.
14K White Gold Four Prong Round Brilliant Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings

The earrings in this listing are beautiful, high-quality lab-created diamond earrings. They feature a round, brilliant diamond set on a four-prong setting.

The shape of these earrings is round, which means they have no pointed tips or sharp edges, making these earrings comfortable to sleep in or wear while bathing. They are also very easy to care for. Additionally, the bright white color of the metal complements almost any outfit or jewelry piece, making it the best earring for small ears.

These qualities make these earrings a perfect gift, as evidenced by the emotional response of the recipient, who was brought to tears upon opening the box. I just love this White Gold Four Prong Round as it is one of the most perfectly small ear earrings.

The positive reviews and ease of purchase further add to their appeal, with customers praising their beauty and elegance. It’s no wonder that this is the second time the customer has chosen to purchase from James Allen, as they continue to deliver exceptional products that exceed expectations.


  • The backings on these earrings are standard friction backs that will keep them in place without causing any discomfort to your ears.
  • These earrings are created with genuine diamonds and are sure to add glamour to your look
  • This fine jewelry will be sure to accentuate any outfit, no matter what type of style it may be
  • They are durable as they are made of 14k white gold


  • They are a bit pricier, which is expected of diamond and white gold

2. [Best for the Money] Petite Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings

Main Features

  • Are made in 14k yellow gold
  • They are mini hoop earrings
  • These hoop earrings are lined with cut pavé diamonds
  • Backing is a hinged snapback
Petite Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings

These Petite Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings are a perfect addition to your collection. They are made in 14k yellow gold and lined with pavé diamonds, adding a touch of glamour.

These hoop earrings make a great gift for any occasion and can be worn with both casual and formal outfits. They are a must-have, providing comfort and just the right amount of sparkle for everyday wear. I absolutely love them; they are among the top choices for small earrings for girls!

They match the description and images on the Blue Nile website. I’m thrilled that I took a chance to purchase them; they are exactly what I wanted for a touch of everyday sparkle.

I’m extremely happy with my purchase! These earrings are beautiful, although unfortunately, they were a bit too small for my ear lobes. Nonetheless, they would make a lovely gift.


  • The diamonds make these earrings shine bright and make a statement
  • They make great gifts for loved ones who are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and more.
  • These mini diamonds are set in a pavé style to create a look that’s as fashionable as it is timeless.
  • These earrings feature hinged snap backing, so they will stay securely in place on your ears until removed by you at any time you wish


  • I did not experience any problems when testing these earrings

3. [Best for Everyday Wear] 1/10 ct. tw. Diamond Cluster Stud Earrings in 10K Yellow Gold

Main Features

  • These stud earrings are made of 10K Yellow Gold
  • They contain diamond
  • They measure 3.9mm in diameter
  • Have a post with friction backs 
  • Have a round shape
1/10 ct. tw. Diamond Cluster Stud Earrings in 10K Yellow Gold

I bought these studs to test them. As a jewelry designer myself, I could tell these studs are high quality. I love that they are made of 10K yellow gold, and the diamond in them sparkles beautifully.

These gold earrings feature friction backs, ensuring that you can wear them without the worry of losing them. Measuring 3.9mm in diameter, they are perfect for everyday wear or adding a touch of sparkle to any outfit, be it a dress or a suit. Perfectly the best stud earrings for everyday.

Their petite size may deceive you, but they are incredibly sparkly and will catch anyone’s eye. These genuine diamonds from India are expertly cut to maximize their fire and are set in bright yellow gold.

The affordable price includes a lovely presentation box, making it an excellent value for such pretty diamonds. However, as a significant purchase for me, I had higher expectations for the quality.


  • These gold earrings will look great with any outfit. They can also be worn every day or on special occasions.
  • The post is very sturdy with friction backings so that you don’t need to worry about them falling off easily
  • The diamonds are clear and sparkle beautifully. I was very pleased with the quality, and I am sure you will be too.
  • These diamond studs were packaged nicely


  • I did not experience any

4. 1/8 CT. T.W. Diamond Three Stone Hoop Earrings in 10K White Gold

Main Features

  • Are made in 10K white gold
  • Each earring has 3 diamonds on its edges
  • They are secured with hinged backs
  • Metal finished- polished
1/8 CT. T.W. Diamond Three Stone Hoop Earrings in 10K White Gold

The shine of the diamond earrings and the sparkle of the gold makes for an amazing combination. They feature a polished metal finish that brings out the best in each stone, making them stand out from the rest.

These earrings are perfect for formal occasions as dressed earrings, or simply to add some glamour to your everyday look. If you love wearing hoops but don’t want something too heavy, then these earrings are a great choice for a person looking for small earrings for women.

They are elegant with just the right amount of glitter, offering a discreet yet statement-making accessory. My girlfriend adores them and never takes them off. She wore them on our Prom night, and they shone like stars, truly captivating everyone.

The design exudes luxury, with sparkling diamonds that never fail to catch the eye. I can’t help but love them too. What’s even better is that they never fell from my girlfriend’s earlobe, proving their great quality and reliability.


  • These hoop-style earrings are secured with hinged backs for added security and comfort during wear.
  • The bright shine of each diamond will bring attention to your face and make you look great.
  • The polished metal finish gives these earrings a brilliant shine that will catch anyone’s eye
  • The earrings are made from 10K white gold, which makes them durable


  • There are no problems with these earrings

5. Lab-Created Emerald & White Lab-Created Sapphire Earrings Sterling Silver

Main Features

  • These are sterling silver stud earrings
  • They contain emeralds in the center
  • The earrings are secured with friction backs
  • Sapphire stones surround the emeralds
Lab-Created Emerald & White Lab-Created Sapphire Earrings Sterling Silver

I also ordered these earrings to test them, and I get a lot of compliments when I wear them. The lab-created emeralds have an intense green color that will easily draw attention to your face.

The sapphires add an extra sparkle to these beautiful emerald earrings. I chose the color combination because it’s currently very popular, yet it also possesses a classic and timeless look.

These studs are versatile, suitable as everyday earrings or for special occasions like weddings and anniversaries. Additionally, they would make an excellent gift for occasions such as Mother’s Day or Christmas.

The earrings match the necklace perfectly and complement it beautifully, making it a delightful gift. I am thrilled that my mother loved her Mother’s Day gift, and I am genuinely grateful for the wonderful shopping experience with your business. I look forward to continuing my shopping with you in the near future.

To maintain their incredible appearance, remember to clean the earrings after three months. I adore these earrings! They are the perfect size, fitting seamlessly with my other earrings as I have two holes in my ear.

They have a stunning shine and exquisite details, making them truly special. These earrings are absolutely gorgeous, boasting beautiful colors and exceptional craftsmanship.


  • The white sapphires surrounding the emeralds give this pair of earrings an elegant look while still maintaining a classic style that will work well with many outfits.
  • The earrings are secured with friction backs, so they do not need pierced holes in order to stay secure in your ears.
  • These lab-created emerald and white sapphire stud earrings are made out of sterling silver. This means that the metal is 92.5% pure silver, making it one of the strongest metals available.
  • Sterling silver is hypoallergenic, which makes it safe to wear even if you have sensitive skin or allergies.


  • I did not experience any

6. Small 8mm Gold Hoop Earrings for Cartilage Women, 14K Yellow Gold Filled Handmade Tiny Thin Huggie Hoops

Main Features

  • They are lightweight
  • They are hypoallergenic, which makes them safe for sensitive ears
  • These hoops are coated with 14k gold
  • Inner diameter is 8mm, and hoop thickness is 0.6mm
Small 8mm Gold Hoop Earrings for Cartilage Women, 14K Yellow Gold Filled Handmade Tiny Thin Huggie Hoops

If you’re searching for a small yet captivating piece of jewelry, look no further than these cartilage earrings. What sets them apart is their 14k yellow gold coating, which not only adds to their beauty but also enhances their durability.

These earrings are a perfect choice for those who desire an elegant and simplistic look without breaking the bank on designer jewelry. However, it’s worth noting that some customers have shared their experiences with these earrings.

For instance, one user who hadn’t worn earrings in a while found these earrings perfect for sensitive ears, as they no longer experienced infections or discomfort.

On the other hand, some users encountered challenges with the earrings staying in place or found the process of changing and closing them to be time-consuming.

Additionally, a few users mentioned that their hair occasionally got caught in the opening of the earrings. Despite these feedback points, many still find these lightweight hoop earrings to be adorable and appealing.


  • They are affordable
  • They are lightweight, making them comfortable to wear for long periods.
  • They are hypoallergenic, which makes them safe for sensitive ears.
  • The earrings come in a nice box


  • After a few months of use, they may lose shine. Clean them with a damp cloth for them to regain their shine

7. 4 Pairs 925 Sterling Silver Stud Earrings Tiny Geometric Stud Earrings Set Triangle Square Dot Ball White Gold Plated Earrings for Women

Main Features

  • These are 4 pairs of stud earrings in multiple shapes
  • All are made of Sterling Silver
  • They are hypoallergenic
  • They are suitable for women and men
  • They are polished
4 Pairs 925 Sterling Silver Stud Earrings Tiny Geometric Stud Earrings Set Triangle Square Dot Ball White Gold Plated Earrings for Women

The four pairs of earrings come in various shapes; triangle, square dot ball, round, and rectangle. They have a polished finish, making them incredibly bright and shiny.

Moreover, these hypoallergenic earrings ensure you can wear them without any concerns about allergies to metals such as nickel. Whether you are treating yourself or looking for a gift for friends and family, these earrings will undoubtedly be appreciated.

Personally, I have very sensitive ears that tend to dislike earrings. However, I have been wearing these for two straight months without any issues. I love them because they are lightweight and don’t cause any discomfort.

They were exactly what I wanted as a birthday gift. Putting them on and adjusting them is easy, and they stay in place perfectly. I highly recommend them! These stacking silver earrings also look trendy when paired with flat-back stud earrings, making them the best choice for small earrings for upper ear.


  • I like that these earrings come in multiple shapes. All of them are not the same as each other, so you can wear different ones together or with another pair of earrings if you like.
  • They are also hypoallergenic, which means that even if you have sensitive skin or allergies, these will not bother you at all
  • They are small and shiny enough that they can be seen in the light
  • They are affordable


  • None

What Earrings Look Best on Small Ears?

Certainly! When it comes to earrings for small ears, it’s all about selecting the right style and size to enhance your look. Here’s what works best:

  • Studs: Small studs or post earrings are perfect for petite ears. They add a touch of elegance without overwhelming your earlobe.
  • Hoops: Opt for smaller hoop earrings to keep the focus on your ears without being too flashy. These can add a subtle touch of glamour, making them the best earrings for large earlobes.
  • Dangles: Dangling earrings are incredibly flattering for small ears. They help balance your face shape and bring a stylish element to your outfit. The best part? They come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, offering endless options for personalization.

So, whether you prefer understated studs, delicate hoops, or eye-catching dangles, there’s a perfect earring style to complement your small ears and elevate your style.

FAQs Related to Best Earrings for Small Ears

What are some general tips for choosing earrings if you have small ears?

Here are some tips on how to choose the best earrings for small earlobes:

  • Buy earrings that are not too heavy or large. They should be light enough so that they don’t pull on your ears.
  • Choose classic styles too; they will attract attention and make your face look more interesting and beautiful than ever before.
  • Try different styles until you find one that works well with your skin tone, hair color, and overall look so that you can create a unique look that no one else can copy easily.

What Are the Best Types of Earrings to Choose If You Have Small Ears?

If you have small ears, you’ve probably struggled to find the perfect pair of earrings.

When a pair of earrings are too big, they can be really weighty and pull on your ears. And if they’re too small, they may slide out of place or poke your earlobes.

But there are plenty of options such as studs, teardrop earrings, and pearl earrings for small-eared women who want to look stylish. From studs to hoops to dangly earrings, we’ve got some ideas for you.

Four golden studs on a woman

Simple Stud Earrings

 Simple studs are a great choice for those with small ears. They are easy to wear and remove and don’t cause any irritation. The best part is that they can be worn with any outfit and with any occasion.

Hoop Earrings

Hoops are a classic style of earring that has been around for ages and will never go out of style. These are earrings that will look great on every face shape.

Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are often a good choice for those who want something that’s not too heavy but still shows off their personality through unique designs and colors.

Woman with diamond earrings with a black background

What Earrings Are Most Flattering?

The earring style you choose can make or break your look. Whether you are wearing a dress or a suit, earrings can help complete your outfit and give it that extra element of style.

Chandelier earrings: Chandelier earrings add drama to any outfit and make an impact wherever they go.

Hoop Earrings: Try hoop earrings if you want something a little more flattering and daring. Hoops are an easy way to add some glamour to your outfit and make them stand out.

Do earrings make your face look smaller?

Jewelry such as long earrings can make your face look smaller, but only if they’re the right shape. If you have a long face and want to make it appear shorter, choose earrings with a round or oval shape.

Do earrings look good on small ears?

Yes, earrings look good on small ears. Smaller ears typically look best when wearing delicate earrings. They provide you more room to play around with different pairings and don’t overpower its inherent shape. Some persons with tiny ears may not have enough cartilage for a tragus or a daith piercing depending on their ear shape.

Final Thoughts on Earrings on Small Ears

In conclusion, finding the best earrings for small ears doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the help of our list of the top 7 earrings for small ears, you can find the perfect pair to complement your face and style.

Whether you’re looking for a versatile everyday option like the 1/10 ct. tw. Diamond Cluster Stud Earrings in 10K Yellow Gold, or a more luxurious choice like the 14K White Gold Four Prong Studs with genuine diamonds, there’s something on this list to suit everyone’s needs.

So, go ahead and treat yourself to a new pair of earrings that will make you feel confident and beautiful every time you wear them!