What Is a Smiley Piercing? | Should You Get One for a Captivating and Daring Look?

A person with smiley piercing

Have you ever wondered what it takes to rock a trendy and bold look? Well, look no further because today I’m here to introduce you to the fascinating world of smiley piercings! As someone who loves exploring unique and daring fashion statements, I couldn’t resist diving into the realm of body modifications. This piercing, also … Read more

How to Clean Silver Jewelry | Ways To Keep Your Beloved Pieces Sparkling Clean

A woman cleaning a silver diamond ring

Silver jewelry is one of the latest statement makers in the fashion industry. If you own silver necklaces, bracelets, rings, or any other ornament, learning to keep them sparkling clean is one of the arts you need to know. These lovely accessories tarnish when exposed to moisture and air for an extended period. A chemical … Read more

8mm vs. 10mm Earrings | Which Size Fits You Better?

a woman and hoop earrings

Shopping for fine jewelry is all fun and games until you get to the part where you have to choose a size. That’s especially true if you’re not familiar with millimeters and you don’t know the dramatic difference one millimeter can make! However, we’re here to save the day. Whether you’re shopping for a huggie … Read more