Post vs. Stud Earrings | Similarities and Differences You Should Know

Earring posts and studs have different designs to exhibit beauty, style, and functionality. From custom jewelry to diamonds, you get to choose the best earring design to add to your set and what earring post is comfy to wear.

When choosing an earring pair, deciding on your stud design and preferred earring post can make or break your look. And although earring posts and studs have a lot in common, you should know their differences.

To make things a bit easier, we’ve prepared this post vs. stud earrings guide that’ll help you learn the difference. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Post vs. Stud Earrings: What’s the Difference?

Although the word “post” doesn’t refer to any specific type of earring, it’s an essential part of the earring design. A stud earring is a piece of jewelry that’s worn via a hole in your earlobe. Usually, all stud earrings have posts embedded to secure them to the earlobe. So, for that, some people refer to stud earrings as post earrings.

What Part of the Earring Is the Post?

The post is the metal thread attached to the back of the earring. It’s a rod mounted with an ornament or a jewel facing upwards. It’s also thin enough to pass through any pierced ear. In addition, posts have different shapes. However, their desired shape is usually based on the earring type and design.

a pair of diamond earrings on black velvet background

Although different metals are used to make posts, most are crafted from the same earring material. So, for example, a gold stud earring would have a gold post (see also gold vs. silver earrings).

It’s also worth mentioning that when putting on earrings, the post passes through the ear hole, then an earring backing to fasten the jewelry piece on the earlobe.

Different Types of Earring Posts

Posts’ styles and designs should be coherent to the earrings and your face shape. For example, some earring designs require a straight-flat post (like stud earrings), while others require latch backs like drop earrings or dangle earrings.

different types of posts

Let’s have a look at some types of posts.

Standard Post

It’s a straight-shaped metal that’s also called push back or stick post. The metal rod ends with notches on both ends to secure the earrings’ backs. It can be used with a secure lock and push backings.

Threaded Post

As the name implies, this post is threaded tightly along its rod to enhance the grip of the earring’s backing. In addition, threaded posts require a backing similar to a metal nut to secure the earring into place. They’re usually paired with diamond stud earrings for their secure fit.

Different Types of Stud Earrings

Stud earrings feature gemstones or ornaments mounted on an earring post. They differ from other earrings as they don’t dangle or drop off the ear but rather float on the earlobe. They also require an earring back to lock them in place. For an eye-catching look, you can style them with hoop earrings. You can get hoops at different prices depending on your budget and preferences and hoops can be worn by both men and women.

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Now, let’s check the stud types.

Pearl Studs

The mounted pearl on the earrings makes them elegant and classy. The pearl can be displayed as the main art or designed with other stones to enrich the look.

These studs can be worn on any occasion and pulled off with various outfits.

Crystal Studs

These earrings have creative designs and shapes, no wonder how popular they are. Usually, these earrings have the crystal jewel fixed on the post.

Women wear this earring to add a touch of elegance to their everyday attire.

Floral Studs

This type has a modern look for women who desire originality. Typically, the ornament flower placed is simple and relatively small. Floral studs give off a fresh, classy look.

You can also wear them on casual nights or semi-formal events.

Stone Studs

Stone studs are perhaps the most flexible stud on the market. Having a stone as the earrings’ centerpiece is graceful yet posh-looking. That’s why many women find it easy to add these pairs to their glam nights’ wear or their day brunches (see also ‘Best Men’s Earrings‘).

Gold Studs

These earrings are the most popular style among women and men as well. If you’re a man who wants to wear earrings, then go for it.Their numerous gold top designs make them the go-option for any occasion. Moreover, some are pure gold, and some are only gold-plated. They’re usually paired with diamonds or zircons for a luxurious appearance.

gold and pearl earrings on the pink surface

Earring Backings

An earring backing is the metal nut or piece placed onto the post to secure the earring from falling off the ear lobe. Depending on the post type, it’s usually pushed or screwed and can be made from a different material than the earring it’s attached to.

Push Backs

Push backs, also known as friction backs or butterfly earring backs, are the most common. They have a simple shape of a butterfly or a reversed cone with a pierced hole in the center. This backing type slides onto the earring post towards the earlobe through friction. It comes in different sizes and could be made of gold, silver, rubber, or plastic.

To unfasten the earring back, you can easily pull it downwards towards the ending of the post rod. This type is commonly used with children’s earrings and is suitable for pairs with a standard post (see also toddlers’ earrings).

silver earring backs

Although they’re relatively secure, these backings wear out quickly. That’s why they’re not the best option for a pair with precious metal.

Screw Backs

This type of earring back is a nut-type fastener with a thread whole. It’s placed onto the threaded post and spun upwards towards the earlobe. Screw backs can’t be pulled downwards and aren’t affected by frequent motion. To unfasten them, you need to unscrew the backing completely. Since they have a tight grip, they’re commonly used with diamond earrings and luxurious studs.

Secure Lock Backs

Secure lock backs are easy to fix and comfortable to wear. This earring backing looks like a small tube with an embedded locking mechanism. It can come with a ring rubber around or just a tubiform shape. As soon as it glides onto the post, the grooves clutch and prevent sliding. Secure lock-backs are most suited with standard posts.

stud earrings with different colors of gemstones

What Are the Most Secure Earring Backs?

Because they don’t allow the earring backings to fall by motion, screw backs are the most secure type of earring backs. Also, the threads on the rod prevent the nut from sliding down.

Similarly, secure lock-backs are also considered safe. Since these earring closures have their own clutching mechanism, they hold on to any earring well. Plus, they secure your earrings in place during your sleep or any physical activity. However, they might not be the most stylish, but they’ll guard your earrings.

Last Words

So, as you can see, posts are just a part of the stud earring, and this is why people refer to stud earrings as post earrings.

In this article, we’ve discussed the different types of posts, studs, and backings. So the next time you buy your stud earrings – see also the best places to buy diamond earrings – make sure you consider these differences to have the perfect piece of jewelry added to your set.

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