Why Do Men Wear Earrings? | Various Reasons Explained In Detail!

From ancient Egypt to the present day, men have been wearing earrings for various reasons.

Some men wear them for religious purposes, others for cultural reasons, but most men simply like to wear them as part of their fashion statement.

If you are interested in wearing earrings yourself but aren’t sure if this is something that you should do or not, then read on below. We will go over some of the most common reasons why do men wear earrings so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not this is something that you want to try out for yourself.

Key Takeaways

  • Today, earrings are worn by men for many different reasons. Some men wear them because they like the way they look while others wear them to give themselves a unique style that sets them apart from other men in their social circles.
  • There are many types of earrings available today, which means that men have more choices than ever before
  • Whether men prefer simple studs or hoop earrings, there’s no denying that they look great.
  • Some guys are just getting into wearing earrings now, while others have been wearing them for years.
a man wearing an earring

To Show Off Their Wealth

 Men who have money often buy expensive jewelry for themselves as a way of showing off their wealth.

Diamonds are one of the most expensive materials used in jewelry making, so if you want to be seen as rich, then diamond earrings will definitely help you achieve this goal. Men can wear diamond studs in the left ear, right ear, or both depending on one’s liking.


Men who practice certain religions may wear earrings as part of their religion’s traditions. For example, in Hinduism and Buddhism men are allowed to wear small studs or hoop earrings in their ears if they choose to; however, this is not required by either religion so there are no set rules about it.

portrait of a man with an earring

They are Following a Fashion Trend

More and more men are wearing earrings as an accessory to their outfits. This is especially true for younger men who want to look fashionable and cool in front of their peers and girlfriends.

Many young guys wear small studs or hoops because they think it looks cool and trendy on them. The same case applies to older men since they are already concerned about looking immature when they wear large hoop earrings or dangling drop earrings with chains attached to them.

Some Men Wear Earrings as Part of their Culture

Men have been wearing earrings since the beginning of time. In ancient Egypt, men wore earrings to signify their status as priests or kings. In India, men still wear earrings as a sign of their caste.

In many cultures around the world, men can also wear earrings as a sign of wealth and privilege. Only those who were allowed to wear earrings were considered wealthy enough to afford such an expensive accessory.

a man wearing sunglasses, a cap and an earring

Are Popular Now for Men in Western Culture

It wasn’t until the 1970s that earrings started to become popular for men in western culture. At first, this trend was still largely limited to gay men, but over time it has become more accepted for straight guys as well. Today, you’ll see guys wearing all sorts of styles from small studs to large hoops and even dangling designs like fish hooks.

Part of Body Modification

Men often wear earrings with other types of body modifications such as tattoos, piercings, and body art designs that can be found on their bodies such as those found in tribal cultures.

These types of body modifications are often used as symbols of masculinity, strength, and power.

a man playing the guitar

To Attract Women

For many men, the reason is simple why they wear earrings: they want to look good. And what better way to improve your appearance than by adding an accessory that has been worn by kings, pirates, and pop stars alike?

A pair of diamond studs can make you feel like a million bucks when you’re heading out on the town, while a simple hoop can be worn day in and day out like nothing else. You don’t have to be a hipster or rock star to enjoy these benefits.

a man with a woman behind him

Some Women get Attracted by Men that Wear an Earring

But there’s another reason why so many men put on earrings: To attract women. Some women have been known to find men with earrings more attractive. In fact, many women consider it an important part of a man’s overall look and style.

If you’re looking for love (or just hoping to meet someone new), consider adding some sparkle to your ears.

To Express their Personality

Some men wear hoops or studs to express themselves and their personalities. They are not trying to attract women but rather letting people know who they really are through their fashion choices.

In this case, wearing an earring doesn’t necessarily mean that you want attention from girls (or guys), but rather that you want people to know more about yourself without having to say anything in words.

a smiling man wearing a hat, an earring and a long necklace

Received Diamond Stud or Hoop Earring as a Gift

Some men got their first pair of earrings as a gift from someone who cared about them. Maybe their girlfriend wanted them to have something special or maybe their mother gave them their first pair of hoops when they were young boys just starting out in life.

Maybe they were given some beautiful diamond studs on their first wedding anniversary or perhaps they were gifted diamond studs by their wife after having children together. Whatever the reason may be, there are plenty of good reasons why men choose to wear earrings.

a man wearing a hoop earring with a pendant

Here is an Example:

I have a friend who has been wearing earrings since he was a teenager. In fact, he got them as a gift from his mother when he was 16 years old. He says that having pierced ears make him feel cooler and that it makes him feel more like the person he wants to be.

To Feel Confident and Good

Wearing earrings can make a man feel good or confident about his appearance because he knows that he is wearing something fashionable and attractive.

 It’s also an easy way for him to dress up his outfit without having to spend too much money on clothes or accessories.

Copy Favorite Movie Actors or Musicians

In some cases, men put on earrings because their favorite musicians or movie stars wore them in their heyday, so they want to emulate them by copying their style in every possible way.

This is especially true when it comes to hip-hop artists and rap singers whose fans often imitate the way they dress, talk and behave just so they can be like their favorite musicians or movie actors.

What Type of Earrings Suit Men?

Many men wearing earrings are often seen with studs or small hoops. There are also those who love dangle earrings but are a few.

a young man wearing earrings


Studs are simple, small earrings that are best suited for pierced ears.

They are available in a range of metals and materials, including gold, silver, and surgical stainless steel. The most common types include diamond studs and gold studs. A man can choose from any number of combinations with different stones, metals, and designs.

A good pair of studs will add an elegant touch to your look without taking away from it. You’ll find that they go well with both casual outfits and formal wear alike.

Small Hoops

Men’s earrings are usually small hoops or studs that can be worn with just about any outfit. They can be worn with suits and tuxedos, or casual jeans and t-shirts.

Small hoops are one of the most popular types of earrings for men since they are simple and small and they come in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials to choose from.

a man wearring a small hoop in his right ear

Why Do Guys Wear Earrings in the Right Ear?

It is a misconception that only gay men wear earrings in the right ear. Straight guys wear earrings in the right ear too.

Right Ear Piercing

The right ear is a popular choice among men who want to wear earrings but still want to maintain a masculine appearance. It gives you an edgy look that can be used for both casual and formal occasions.

Would A Straight Guy Have an Earring in Both Ears?

Yes, a straight guy can have earrings in both ears. Earrings can be worn by any man that wants to look good.

It’s all about personal style, and if you’ve always wanted both ears pierced, then why not? If you don’t like the idea of having one in one ear only, then go for two.

I’ve seen quite a few straight guys wearing earrings in both ears and they look great. It’s nice to see men taking care of their appearance and doing something different than everyone else. If you’re a guy who wants to wear earrings, then go for it. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to wear whatever you want in your ears as long as it looks good on you.

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