How to Take off Butterfly Back Earrings | Quick & Easy Way Plus Bonus Tips

Butterfly back earrings are a great choice for women and men who want to wear earrings that are comfortable, stylish, and easy to put on. But they can cause problems if you don’t know how to remove them.

Here is how to take out butterfly earrings easily and quickly but let us first discuss what they are.

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Key Takeaways

  • Butterfly back earrings are the most common type of earring. They are easy to remove unless stuck, which is why it’s essential to know how to remove earrings with butterfly backs.
  • Remove butterfly backs by grabbing the front with one hand and the backing with the other hand and pulling in the opposite directions.
  • If you’re having trouble getting your butterfly earrings off, ask someone for help.
  • Go to a doctor if you see signs of infections like redness, swelling, or pain when removing your earrings.

What is a Butterfly Back Earring?

Butterfly back earrings are a great way to add a little bit of flair to your outfit. They come in many shapes and sizes, from small studs to large hoop earrings, and are made of gold, silver, and other metals.

 The backs of butterfly earrings are designed to make it easy for you to put them on and take them off without worrying about losing them.

Their Backs Resemble a Butterfly

They are also called push-back earrings or snap-back earrings. The name comes from the method of attachment.

The butterfly’s back is made up of two wings or loops that come together and form a shape like a butterfly. There is a hole in the center where you put the post earring or a stud. The earring post has 1 or 2 grooves which prevent the earrings from slipping when you wear them.

earring backs, a photo and a plant on the wooden surface

How to Remove Butterfly Back Earrings?

If you are going to take off or remove butterfly back earrings, you need to consider the following things:

Wait Until the Healing Period Is Over

The first thing you should do is check the condition of your piercing hole. If it has been healing well and there is no swelling, then you can go ahead and remove your butterfly backs without any problems. If there is any redness or swelling around the piercing hole, then it is best to wait until it heals completely before removing your stud earring.

You Need First to Wash Your Hands and Ears

Wash your hands and ears well. This will prevent dirt and microorganisms from entering the piercing hole and causing infections. Use antibacterial soap and warm water to clean your hands and ears.

Put A New Pair of Earrings

You also need to put new earrings on your ears. This will prevent the piercing hole from closing after it heals.

Do Not Use Force When Removing Butterfly Backings

When taking off butterfly backing, it is very important that you do not use force while removing them from your ears because this can cause damage to your piercing hole which can lead to complications later on.

a pair of diamond studs

If You Have Long Hair, Wear It UP

Don’t wear your hair down when removing your earrings for the first time. Make sure that all locks of hair are pulled away from your face so that they don’t get caught in the earrings’ backs; this can cause discomfort for you.

In-depth Guide: How To Take out Earrings with Butterfly Backs

Step 1: Hold On to The Front of the Stud and The Backing

Hold on to the front of the earring with one hand and the earring backs with the other hand and pull gently. You may need to pull hard for it to come off, but don’t use too much force or you risk damaging your ear lobe and jewelry.

Step 2: Remove The Earring Post

Once the butterfly earring backs have come off, remove the earring post from each ear.

Step 3: Clean Your Pierced Holes

The pierced holes need to be cleaned before putting on new earrings. Take a cotton pad and dip it in rubbing alcohol or warm salty water. Clean the piercings plus the surrounding area. Do not forget to clean the new earrings before putting them on.

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How to Take Off Starter Earrings with Butterfly Backs

To safely remove starter earrings with butterfly backs, follow these steps for a smooth process. Begin by applying a small amount of petroleum jelly to the area for lubrication.

Gently nudge the earring with a slight push and rotation to help it loosen. Then, firmly grasp the front of the stud and the backing using both hands. With a steady grip, pull the earring apart, detaching the butterfly back from the post.

If you encounter any resistance, a gentle wiggle may help free a butterfly back earring stuck in. Following this guide, you’ll find it easier to remove your starter earrings without any discomfort or complications.

FAQs Related to Butterfly Back Earrings

a mirror, flowers and an earring back

Why Do Butterfly Back Earrings Get Stuck?

Crooked Earring Post

There are a number of reasons why butterfly earring backs can become stuck. One reason is that the post itself may be crooked or bent. This can happen if you are not careful when inserting earrings into newly pierced ears.

An earring post is supposed to be straight. If it’s not, it will get stuck in the back. The solution is easy; just straighten it with pliers or a pair of tweezers.

Dirt Stuck in Loops of the Butterfly Backs

Another reason that butterfly earrings get stuck is that there’s dirt or other debris caught between the two loops of the butterfly backs.

If there is debris that has accumulated for a long time on the clasps, the earrings won’t open properly and will feel stuck.

closeup of an ear with stud earrings in a row

Can A Stuck Butterfly Back Cause Infections?

Yes, a stuck butterfly back can cause infections if the problem has been caused by the accumulation of dirt, debris, or rust.  

If you have been wearing your earrings for a long time and the butterfly back has become stuck, then it is possible that it might have collected debris from your hair or from other sources. This debris could be harboring bacteria that can cause infections on the ear lobe and also in the piercing hole.

Clean The Area with Antiseptic Solution

In this case, you need to clean the area with an antiseptic solution and apply antibiotic ointments to prevent infection.

It is important to clean your earrings regularly so that they do not get stuck in your ears. You should also check them before wearing them each time so that you do not wear them with any dirt or with rust on their posts or backs.


How to Remove Stuck Butterfly Back Earrings?

Can’t get my stuck butterfly back off earrings, here’s what to do…

Using Needle Nose Pliers or Tweezers

If your butterfly back earrings stuck, because you haven’t removed them for a long time, they might be a little tight or even stuck on the post of your earrings. If this happens, you can use these steps to loosen them up or remove them completely.

  • Use a pair of needle nose pliers to loosen the stuck butterfly earrings back on the post. If this does not help, you can take apart the two loops of the butterfly. This will make it easier to remove. You can also try using tweezers or other pliers if you don’t have needle nose pliers available.

I learned these tricks at an earrings store and a piercing shop where I used to work.

  • Once you have loosened the post with either needle nose pliers or tweezers, you can use your fingers to work at the back of the earring until it pops off completely from its backing.
a woman showing her ear and the tools

Ask Someone for Help If Stuck

If you can’t get them off yourself, it’s best to ask someone else to help you out. You may need someone else’s strength or a few extra hands to get them undone.

It’s best to ask someone who knows what they’re doing so that he or she can avoid injuring your ears or breaking any jewelry pieces during removal.

Do I Need My Piercer’s Help Removing a Stuck Earring?

Yes, you need your piercer’s help removing a stuck earring. One of our readers asked this question on our website and we gave the following answer;

“I just got my ears pierced and I’ve been wearing diamond stud earrings ever since. The other day I tried to change my earrings and one of them got stuck. I’ve been trying to get it out myself, but it won’t come out. Is there something I can do or should I just go to the piercing shop?”

Stuck pierced ears are a common problem. They can occur for several reasons which I have discussed above.

Regardless of the reason, getting an earring out can be difficult without proper tools or knowledge. The good news is that you don’t have to go through this alone. Your piercer should be able to help you remove your stuck earrings safely and efficiently.

Why Should I Get My Piercer to Help Me Remove a Stuck Earring?

Getting your piercer involved in removing an earring that has been stuck is the safest way to go about it. Your piercer has been trained on how to safely remove jewelry from pierced ears and knows how much force to use without damaging your ear.

If you try to remove the earring yourself, there’s a good chance that you will either damage your ear or break the post of your earring, which could result in infection or further irritation.

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Final Thoughts on How to Take out Butterfly Back Earrings

In wrapping up, knowing how to take off earrings with butterfly backs is essential, especially if you’re wearing them daily. By following the quick and easy steps outlined in this post, you can safely and comfortably remove your butterfly earrings without causing any damage to your ears or earrings. Remember to be gentle and patient, and don’t hesitate to ask for help if you’re having trouble. With these tips, you can enjoy your butterfly earring without any worries.

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