5 Best Bronze Necklace of 2023 Reviews | A Warm Touch With an Antique Appeal

Jewelry made of Bronze has been around for over 3000 years. The durability and affordability demonstrate why it is a popular material and accessory choice even for making bronze medals for sports and athletics. Bronze jewelry has a warm gold and brown hue, a matte finish, and a vintage appeal. It makes beautiful jewelry and is very popular, especially in some parts of the world.

However, everything good has negative aspects and flaws. Before wearing bronze jewelry, there are a few things to consider.

Keep reading and find out more information and bronze necklace categories if you’re thinking about buying bronze jewelry but aren’t sure what to expect. We’ll teach you tips you need to know about Bronze, including various options on how to buy it for your satisfaction.

Best Bronze Necklace Reviews

1. Men’s Black Braided Leather Cord with Oxidized Masonic Pendant in Sterling Silver and Bronze – 22″

The Steeler Masonic pendant line combines a leather necklace with a pendant to create an unusual design that will catch your eye. The design will also appeal to others, whether on a casual day or night out meal.

Men's Black Braided Leather Cord with Oxidized Masonic Pendant in Sterling Silver and Bronze

The piece is made of sterling silver with a two-tone polished finish. It also has a Tongue and Groove grip that keeps it firmly in place around your neck.

This pendant is tough yet very attractive, and it reflects the manufacturer’s dedication to Freemasonry. This distinguished piece is expertly crafted and features an oxidized bronze craftily made using sterling silver.

The pendant is buffed to an elegant luster and hangs from a 22.0-inch braided leather available in black color.

 The piece is rhodium electroplated and comes with an e-coating finish. Rhodium is electroplated using rose and white gold, yellow, and platinum, to mention a few.

Rhodium electroplating and e-coating are used to finish sterling silver jewelry. 


  • The braided leather cord is hypoallergenic
  • The prices for the pendant are reasonable
  • It’s a perfect piece to buy as a gift for a loved one
  • The 22-inch leather cord is fairly comfortable
  • It has a rugged appearance making it more appealing


  • The Jewelry finish is not long-lasting as they are prone to discoloration

2. Men’s Brown Braided Leather Cord with Oxidized Compass Pendant in Sterling Silver and Bronze – 22″

The elegantly crafted necklace is a perfect jewelry collection. This sterling silver and bronze comes with a neatly braided cord made of brown leather material with an oxidized compass pendant. It is a stylish and striking piece imported from studios in India.

Men's Brown Braided Leather Cord with Oxidized Compass Pendant in Sterling Silver and Bronze

The pendant is made of sterling silver metal, with a two-toned and oxidized metal finish combined. It’s also plated in rhodium, which gives it a long-lasting effect. The tongue and groove necklace clasp keeps it secure even during strenuous day activities.

He can change the direction of his wardrobe with this clever pendant and still look stylish and classy. An oxidized bronze compass sits atop a sterling silver base that has been expertly crafted in this sculpted style.

This pendant is buffed to a brilliant luster and hangs from a 22.0-inch braided brown-leather cord. An artistic 3D compass pendant with a touch of Bronze and soft browns in proportion to illuminate the design is featured on a handsome brown braided leather cord necklace.


  • It comes with a long-lasting braided leather cord
  • The leather cord is safe and ideal for all kinds of skins
  • The pendant is lightweight.
  • It’s made using long-lasting sterling silver.
  • Comes is a neutral color that matches almost everything


  • It only comes in a single color

3. Vintage Bronze Crescent Moon and Sun Pendant Necklace Retro Swirl Filigree Unisex Jewelry Gifts

This bronze-look necklace is a cool hipster halo accessory. The crescent moon and sun pendant shine in all glory. Because of its strength, the sun design makes the pendant seem masculine. It is thought to be one of history’s most powerful forces, and it stands for many things, including courage and life.

Vintage Bronze Crescent Moon and Sun Pendant

The moon on the pendant represents a female symbol that connotes mysteries or magic in women. It also represents how quickly a person’s nature shifts. By combining the two, a design of opposites(male and female) is created. It may represent yin and yang, as well as unity and love.

The pendant is 0.8*1.6 inches, with a 15.7-inch chain and a 2-inch extension chain. To add a girlish or female touch, pair the elegant necklace with a pair of fancy earrings. 

These lovely unisex pendants are suitable for people with nickel and lead allergies. This stunning pendant will bring you peace every time you wear them. The pendant is a daily kind of jewelry for both genders and a gift for someone special, and they are durable.


  • The pieces are unisex
  • It’s a great piece for a gift
  • The pendant is lead-free, making it hypoallergenic
  • The pendant can last for many years


  • The latch is not too strong

4. Fire Opal Necklace – Raw Crystal Pendant – Unisex Necklace – Ethiopian Opal Pendant – Antique Bronze – October Birthstone Unique

The blaze Opal is a one-of-a-kind piece of raw crystal jewelry made by hand. The neckpieces come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them a unique piece of jewelry that you will never see anyone else wearing.

Ethiopian Opal Pendant

Each jewelry piece starts with a concept inspired by nature or a crystal’s organic line. The project’s lead designer, Laura Sultan, determines which technique will best elicit her work’s passion for nature’s beauty. 

The beautiful fire Opal necklace is a 10-12 carat Ethiopian fire opal crafted hypoallergenic. The piece comes with a long-lasting and timeless design that will take your look to the next level.

Thanks to the reversible design, the necklace is double-sided, and you can choose which side of the pendant to wear each morning.

The pendant hangs from a 24-inch antique bronze chain that is hypoallergenic. Its designs by Nature Gems’ wire-wrapped setting are intricate and bold.

After making an order, you get a money-back guarantee of 21 days.


  • The trendy design is long-lasting
  • It has a reversible design
  • The necklace hypoallergenic
  • It’s unisex, making it suitable for both sexes
  • The bronze chain holding the pendant is long enough to offer flexibility when wearing it.


  • Each product has a different size due to the raw design feature of the crystal used

5. Tgirls Simple Long Chain Arrow Pendant Necklace for Women and Girls XL-49 (Bronze)

If you’re looking for jewelry for you and your daughter, the Tgirls simple long chain arrow is affordable and has a great design that will appeal to both of you.

Tgirls’ chain necklaces for women are stunning, charming, and elegant.

Bronze Long Chain With Arrow Pendant

Everyone adores this simple long chain arrow pendant necklace for women and girls. The free-size chain is made with an XL-49 Arrow Pendant made of alloy metal and is strong and long-lasting.


  • Design is simple but elegant and unique
  • The pendant is of high quality for its price range
  • It’s made using long-lasting material
  • The pendant is affordable
  • It comes with a free-size chain suitable for women of all sizes


  • Available in a single color
beautiful bronze pendant with a green gemstone

A Quick Guide to Buying and Wearing the Best Bronze Necklace

Keep its stylish

Bronze jewelry is frequently used to create large statement pieces. Because they have an earthy tone, you’ll need to match them carefully with your outfits to avoid clashing with the look you’re going for.

Consider the type of skin, especially with sterling silver

When Bronze jewelry comes into contact with moisture, it develops a patina that can irritate your skin. To avoid skin irritation, make sure you’re not allergic to any alloys used in bronze jewelry.

Take into account your age

When shopping for a piece of bronze jewelry for a young child, keep in mind that their skin is more sensitive at this age.

Patina can trigger an allergic reaction in bronze, harming the baby or leading to skin discoloration. Find a Jewelry piece that has been crafted using specific designs for children and ensure they are hypoallergenic.

Be practical when buying bronze jewelry

Bronze jewelry is durable but prone to fading and developing a patina, leaving a green residue on clothing and skin.

When purchasing bronze jewelry, please make certain that you care for it. Salt, lemon, and vinegar are required for cleaning out any dirt.

After cleaning, you may want to use car wax to polish the bronze medal or pendant – see also cross pendant necklaces – to keep it shiny and reduce any signs of being worn out.

bronze necklace with red stones


Does Bronze Make Good Jewelry?

Yes. Bronze is one of the most durable yet affordable metals that has been used to create jewelry throughout history.

Even when used in water, the material is easy to clean and does not tarnish. Bronze jewelry is one-of-a-kind and elegant for the price.  On the other hand, those who want something different should check out single pearl necklaces whose simplicity is also ideal for all occasions, and will appeal to many.

Do Bronze Necklaces Tarnish?

In short, yes. Bronze tarnishes over time and acquires a green patina due to its copper content. As a result of moisture and air reacting with the copper, it oxidizes.

Patina is formed due to this exposure, resulting in discoloration and tarnishing of the jewelry.

Does Bronze Jewelry Turn Your Skin Green?

Yes. Bronze is a metal with high copper content. When copper comes into contact with the moisture and oil secreted by our skin, it oxidizes, resulting in patina. The wearer’s skin develops a green layer due to the patina.

Can You Wear Bronze Jewelry in the Shower?

No. Bronze is a tarnish-prone alloy that tarnishes when exposed to moisture or water. To avoid tarnishing, manufacturers of bronze jewelry advise buyers to avoid wearing it in showers or coming into contact with water.

a woman with bronze necklace holding flowers in her hands


To summarize, it’s safe to say that  Bronze jewelry has been worn for as long as metal has existed. It’s simple to see why this well-liked, long-lasting metal is still a favorite accessory choice for many. Bronze has a warm and soft golden-brown tone, a low sheen, and an antique appeal. It makes lovely jewelry, and it’s trendy and attractive to most people.