5 Best Silicone Rings for Men in 2023 Reviews | Why You Should Go With a Non-Traditional Alternative

Valuable metals such as gold and silver have always been the main components for every traditional wedding band since the dawn of rings. However, as much as anyone with an interest in jewelry envies, these precious metals come with certain inconveniences that would have the bearer crave better alternatives.

Luckily, researchers have developed the perfect ring from silicone that ensures all these flaws are eliminated and one that keeps the bearer’s fingers safe. For over a decade, silicone wedding rings have been the center stage for any couple looking to find a much more suitable alternative to their traditional metal ring. This post is designed to guide you through the best silicone bands in the market.

Where to Get the Best Silicone Rings for Men

There are many online and physical stores such as Amazon from which you can purchase a wide range of these silicone bands. Bridal stores that sell wedding rings also have these silicone options available in stock nowadays. It’s up to you to find the most suitable source that offers reasonable prices for the rings.

Reviews of the Best Silicone Wedding Rings for Men

The following is a list of the best silicone wedding rings that this review has to offer.

1. Gray Silicone Men’s Wedding Band (Kay Jewelers)

Gray Silicone Men's Wedding Band

If you’re looking for a classic yet simple non-metal alternative for a metal ring, the 8mm Gray Silicone Men’s Wedding Band is what you need. While its simple design may not look like much, it provides the bearer with a sense of elegance and comfortability, depending on any environment they’re in.


  • Simple and elegant design
  • Good silicone quality
  • Low price
  • Comfortable ring


  • Requires expert clean and polish for good maintenance

2. Men’s 8.0mm Comfort-Fit Wedding Band in Navy Blue Silicone (Zales)

Men's 8.0mm Comfort-Fit Wedding Band in Navy Blue Silicone

Precious metals are indeed valuable. However, it’s not the gem that’s precious, and it’s what it represents on a man’s finger. The men’s 8.00mm comfort-fit wedding band is a unique navy blue durable ring for men. While many may argue that it has a plain texture or design, you can incorporate this amazing color to blend in with your outfit, giving you the ultimate enso rings.


  • Rounded interior for comfort
  • Low price
  • Suitable for outdoor enthusiasts
  • Thin ring
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • No custom engraving

3. Black Silicone Wedding Band 6mm (Jared)

 versatile wedding band crafted of black silicone

Black is beautiful, and this silicone wedding ring couldn’t have a better description. Unlike other ring colors, black is more favorable because of its versatility or ability to blend in with any color. Therefore, whether you’re wearing a gray suit or other casual colors, this silicone band can give you the best color finish.


  • Blends in with any color clothes
  • Multiple ring size options
  • Low price
  • Non-conductive silicone


  • No etched designs

4. Men’s 7.0mm Stepped Edge Comfort-Fit Wedding Band in Blue Silicone (Zales)

Men's 7.0mm Stepped Edge Comfort-Fit Wedding Band in Blue Silicone

This is a stylish ring made of hypoallergenic silicone for maximum comfortability in all vigorous activities. If you’re looking for a ring that provides the best in both fashion and comfort, then this option can be the best gift for any man. With a 7mm stepped edge comfort fit, the ring was designed to provide any man with a touch of class and elegance.


  • Etched design
  • Elegant look
  • Wide range of ring finger sizes
  • High silicone quality


  • It cannot be resized after purchase

5. Men’s 8.0mm Comfort-Fit Wedding Band in Green Camouflage Silicone (Zales)

Men's 8.0mm Comfort-Fit Wedding Band in Green Camouflage Silicone

You’ve viewed all the previous rings and adored their elegance despite having plain color designs. Now is the time to embrace a new and unique ring that comes in multiple colors for men who prefer something different from traditional metal bands. With a green camouflage color, these silicone rings are designed to create a special attraction to the bearer while maximizing the comfort of his finger.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Unique multi-color
  • Good quality silicone
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • It cannot be resized after purchase

Cons of Traditional Wedding Bands

Traditional metal rings tend to be incompatible with individuals whose active lifestyles involve rigorous hand activities such as lifting weights by professional athletes and moving heavy machinery by construction workers.

Some of the cons associated with these traditional wedding bands include the following:

  • Skin irritation
  • Allergic reactions
  • Low elasticity
  • High costs
  • Poor heat resistant qualities
  • Poor air circulation
  • Limited color combinations
  • Uncomfortability
  • Ring avulsion injuries

For such reasons, silicone rings were developed. These wedding bands have become a favorite among men, both married and single, as they present undeniable benefits for the lifestyle and health of every individual. Most silicone wedding bands are designed with a wide variety of ring sizes, and men can even have their customized options done for them.

rings with light traces

Why Choose a Silicone Ring?


If you happen to lose the ring, your only available option would be to replace the ring, which would cost you dearly in case you’d like the same standard. However, most silicone bands are quite affordable, considering that silicone isn’t a rare metal as compared to gold.


There are many environments in which metal rings aren’t suitable, including industries, warehouses, and construction sites. These places pose a threat to metal rings because once they’re caught in something, chances are your fingers would also be in danger.

a man holding a little girl and a sprinkler

However, silicone rings are non-conductive and heat resistant, allowing them to be subjected to a wide range of temperatures without posing any dangers to your fingers.


Gold is only known for its universal light brown to dark yellow color. Any other color conflicting color, and the metal isn’t gold anymore. You get a wide range of color options with silicone bands to match your outfit’s silicone bands perfectly. Furthermore, ring options are multi-colored, giving any man a practical and masculine feel and look.


The best silicone wedding bands are designed to be flexible enough to move with your finger, unlike a traditional ring made of metal.

They are lighter and have a lower expansion rate than any metal band.

Best Silicone Rings For Men [Complete Buying Guide]

While they may seem simple and affordable, men must consider a few factors to ensure they get the best fit when buying these rings. Some of these factors include:

Color Options

Don’t just pick any random color just because the ring is comfortable. Choose a color palette that perfectly expresses your personality for maximum comfortability. Similarly, you can choose a color that mimics an expensive wedding band with metals such as gold because these rings come in a variety of color options.

a male person with rings on his fingers


When searching for the perfect fit, you should consider a thick or thin ring. Thin rings are more preferred by people sensitive to the feeling of a ring on their fingers. However, if you want comfort, fit thick bands are the better option.

Ring  Size

Ring avulsion is a serious thing that has caused some people to lose a finger. Therefore, when shopping for a silicone ring, always ensure you find the right size for your finger. Retailers usually have a size chart you can use to find the perfect fit.


Is It Bad to Wear Silicone Rings?

No, it’s encouraged to switch to silicone rings more often than you wear the precious metal ones such as gold rings. This is because while gold is much more adored by the public, it can pose certain dangers in specific environments or workplaces.

Similarly, silicone rings have been accepted as a trending and fashionable standard in society due to their many color options and safety standards.

How Well Do Silicone Rings Hold Up?

According to research, most silicone rings are designed to withstand extreme temperatures ranging between -75 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Similarly, these rings are flexible enough to withstand about 40 pounds before breaking, so if it ever gets caught onto something, it would break before your finger is damaged too.

What Is the Best Ring for a Man?

The best ring for a man isn’t the most expensive one, nor is it the most popular one. Because every man has his personal preference and there are hundreds of different types of rings, the best one for a man is one that shows his loyalty to his marriage while still keeping his fingers safe in whichever environment they’re in.

However, if we were to recommend the most suitable ring as per the above conditions for the best ring, a Roq ring can be considered the best. Roq rings are made from medicalgrade silicone material, are non-conductive, and are very heat resistant.

Can I Be Allergic to Silicone Wedding Bands?

When it comes to silicone, you should worry more about ring avulsion and less about being allergic. Medical-grade silicone bands ensure that the ring you’re wearing is less likely to stir up any allergies. However, if the ring is too tight, your finger might end up swelling, and if it’s too loose, you risk it getting caught on something and causing serious injury to your finger.

Should You Size Up in Silicone Rings?

Silicone tends to stretch after being worn for extended periods and then fits your finger size. Therefore, it is recommended that you go one size down when ordering a band.

Can I Resize My Silicone Ring?

This has been a common question among silicone ring bearers, and the answer will always remain ‘no.’ You can not resize a silicone ring because its elasticity stretches it back to normal every time.

Do Silicone Rings Stretch Over Time?

Silicone rings don’t stretch over extended periods because they’re made of super-strong silicone material that’s elastic.

closeup of persons fingers with rings


Precious metals such as gold and silver will always be a wedding ring favorite for most marriages (see also engagement rings). However, this doesn’t mean that you have to bear with the minor challenges that come with wearing the ring 24/7. As a much more comfortable alternative and because you always need to wear a ring acknowledging your marriage, people wear silicone rings more often than they do their normal metal ones. Take a look at the above reviews and many other rings online to find the perfect fit for you today.