Fake Lokai Bracelet vs. Real | How to Spot the Genuine Piece

Genuine Lokai bracelets took the fashion world by storm when they appeared in 2013. And while fashion trends come and go throughout the years, this one refuses to pale against its competitors.

The real question here is, are all Lokai bracelets real? Or is there the possibility of buying a fake one? In this article, we’ll give you the comparison you’ve all been waiting for, a fake Lokai bracelet vs. a genuine Lokai bracelet. All you have to do is read on!

Fake Lokai Bracelet vs. Real

All the splendor around the Lokai bracelet lies in the deeper meaning behind it. Although it’s stylish and goes with many accessories, what sells it is the story it tells.

It has one white bead made using water from Mount Everest, the highest point on earth. An elegant black beads made of the Dead Sea’s mud stands proudly in front of the white one. The Dead Sea is famously the lowest point on earth. Those two beads represent the ups and downs of life, while the rest of the beads represent life’s in-betweens.

The story behind Lokai bracelets inspired many celebrities, professional athletes, pop stars, and artists. The main purpose of wearing them is to remind yourself to remain humble through the high points of your life and hopeful through the low ones. Matching Lokai bracelets can also work as great friendship bracelets in that sense.

Also, when you purchase them, a portion of their price goes to charities.

Unfortunately, some Lokai bracelets on the market are fake, even if the sellers strongly claim their authenticity. And people’s despair for cheap Lokai bracelets has led to many of those incidents. So how shall you know whether your bracelet is real or fake? Here are the points you should keep in mind while purchasing.

White and Black Beads

The white and black beads are what make the Lokai bracelet special. Before you purchase one, you should take a close look at them. If the white bead is transparent, then the bracelet is fake. An authentic one should be opaque, not clear since the bead originally contains Mount Everest water.


Many people recommend looking at the Lokai bracelet tag before purchasing it. However, this might not suffice because tags are very easy to replicate.

colorful bracelets
colorful Lokai bracelets with tags

So although you won’t notice a difference, the bracelet might be fake. That’s why it’s better to check the bracelet’s features and design instead.


If you purchase a Lokai bracelet and notice that the white and black beads are larger than the rest, it’s fake. The beads’ sizes are the same in authentic bracelets, and you can recognize that easily once you look at them.


High-quality crafting draws a thick line between Lokai fake bracelets and real ones. If you look at an unoriginal bracelet closely, you’ll notice that the beads are squashing against each other uncomfortably. They also might not look ordered when you look at them from above. Meanwhile, the beads of authentic Lokai bracelets are well-ordered with equal spaces between them.


As a signature, the Lokai company prints recognizable symbols on the two special beads of the bracelet. On an authentic bracelet, the symbols have the same size, and they perfectly fit the beads. Under the Lokai emblem, there’s a small circle that goes inward.

If you purchase a fake bracelet, you’ll notice that this circle is large and bulges noticeably out of the bead. Also, the symbols might be too large and awkwardly fit the beads.

Mesh and Beads Overlap Design

People who make Lokai fake bracelets often glue the black and white beads to the other beads carelessly, so they might not have the best aesthetic when you look at them. Overall, the overlapping of the beads will look low-quality. On the other hand, authentic Lokai bracelets are meticulously designed so that the beads look melted together in an ideal mash.

a person wearing blue and white bracelets

Silicone Raw Edges

Real Lokai bracelets have a high-quality finish that ensures no excess silicone remains on the edges. Meanwhile, fake ones often have beads with raw edges because of low-quality manufacturing and overusing silicone. Luckily, you’ll see those right away. So don’t make your purchase if you notice some unsightliness on the bracelet’s edges.

closeup of a person wearing the bracelet

Glossiness and Mattenesss

Every once in a while, a bracelet named after a special cause gets released. And if you look at the Lokai website, you’ll notice that it sells both glossy and matte Lokai bracelets. This point makes for a perfect faking opportunity since both finishes aren’t available in all models. For instance, the Alzheimer’s bracelet has a glossy finish, but some people replicate it with a fake matte finish.

So before purchasing, you should know that the glossy bracelets available are World Water Day, Save the Children, Susan G.Komen’s, Alzheimer’s, and the original bracelets.

Meanwhile, the matte bracelets available are Make-A-Wish, Shark Week, and World Wildlife Fund.

blue bracelet with a card


If you purchase a Lokai bracelet and get it in clear plastic bag packaging, then it’s most probably fake. Lokai never uses plastic bags to deliver its products. Moreover, you’ll get a card that tells the bracelet’s story when you purchase an authentic one. If the card is missing, you might have landed a fake bracelet.

Nonexistent Designs

Lokai often releases a unique bracelet collection. Unfortunately, this is an excellent chance for fake bracelets to appear in the market since people might not check the original designs. That’s why you should always check the newly released designs before purchasing.

In other words, if the bracelet you chose has weird patterns, you should visit the Lokai website and make sure it exists. This way, you’ll know which designs are genuine and which aren’t.

Lokai Bracelet Color Meaning

Lokai bracelets are unique accessories featuring a series of beads, each holding its own symbolic significance. Positioned between the other beads, you’ll find a single black bead infused with mud from the Dead Sea, signifying life’s lowest points. On the opposite side, white beads contain water sourced from the majestic Mount Everest, representing life’s highest moments. The transparent beads in between them symbolize the journey, reminding us to stay humble during the highs and hopeful during the lows. These meaningful beads come together to create a profound reminder of balance and perspective in our lives.

Do Lokai Bracelets Actually Have Stuff in Them?

Steven Izen came up with the idea of Lokai bracelets when he visited Mount Everest and felt an unexplainable sense of achievement there like he was at the top of the world. But, on the contrary, when he saw the Dead Sea, he felt hopeless like never before. That’s where the inspiration for those beauties came.

But, do Lokai bracelets actually have water from Mount Everest? While many people adore the story behind those bracelets, they don’t believe that the white and black beads are filled with water and mud.

Some people even broke the beads to make sure. And although the black beads did contain Dead Sea mud, the white didn’t have any water. So speculations broke out about the bracelet, and people started asking a very famous question, are Lokai bracelets real?

To this day, nobody is sure about the answer. The manufacturers state that the beads contain mud and water, but people still hold on to their doubts. That’s why they opt for wearing them as an inspiration and for their trendy design instead of overthinking their backstory.

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether they’re real or not. Wearing them depends on your beliefs and how you perceive life. If you’re inspired by their story and believe it gives you hope, then wear them.

What Size Lokai Bracelet Should I Get?

Classic Lokai bracelets are available in various sizes to accommodate different wrist measurements. Here’s a simple guide to help you find the right fit:

  • Small (6″): This size is suitable for adolescents and women with thin wrists. It has a circumference of 6 inches.
  • Medium (6.5″): With a circumference of 6.5 inches, the medium size is a good fit for the average women and teenage boys.
  • Large (7″): For those with slightly larger wrists, the large size with a 7-inch circumference is an ideal choice.
  • Extra Large (7.5″): If you have a larger wrist, the extra large size, with a circumference of 7.5 inches, is the best option.

How to Size Lokai Bracelets

  • Wrap and Measure: Take a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist, ensuring it’s a comfortable fit. Cut the string to your desired size.
  • Check the Measurement: Place the cut string against a ruler to determine the circumference of your wrist.
  • Choose Your Fit: For a snug fit, select the closest measurement from the available sizes. If you prefer a looser fit, opt for the next size up.

FAQs: Is Lokai Real

Does Lokai Actually Have Mud in It?

Yes, the Classic Lokai bracelet contains mud from the Dead Sea along with water from Mount Everest. These elements symbolize finding balance in life, staying humble during highs, and remaining hopeful through lows.

Where Are Lokai Bracelets Manufactured?

The Lokai company is based in New York and has been there since it first launched in 2013. However, the bracelets are manufactured in China.

Do Lokai Bracelets Break Easily?

No, they don’t. Lokai bracelets are made of sturdy rubber material that stays intact as long as you don’t pull or twist it too harshly. With proper care, your bracelet can stay with you for years.

How to Clean a Lokai Bracelet?

You can clean your Lokai bracelet using lukewarm water and soap. However, since the beads turn foggy over time, especially if you wear them daily, you might need to clean them once a week or so. This will maintain the bracelet’s color, quality, and finish.

Are Lokai Bracelets Waterproof?

Lucky for you, Lokai bracelets are 100% waterproof. So whether you wear them while swimming in the ocean or showering, they’ll look as shiny as the time you bought them. This is mainly because they’re made of rubber, which water doesn’t damage. That said, they might need some maintenance and cleaning from time to time.

What Does “Lokai” Mean?

A Hawaiian word, Lokahi, inspired the word “Lokai.” Lokahi means living in harmony with our opposites. According to the Hawaiian tradition, achieving the Lokahi triangle comes from having mental, spiritual, and physical balance.

To Wrap up on Lokai Bracelet Real

The life balance that Lokai bracelets represent gained them worldwide fame. Such attractive pieces of jewelry, just like we showed in the example of fake Cartier Love Bracelets and the real ones, will have numerous copies where some would try to replicate the design and sell the bracelets for a much lower price. To know whether your bracelet is real or fake, you should check the beads’ sizes, the packaging, and the symbols that the Lokai company leaves on the beads.

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