How to Make Hook Earrings | Our Guide With 5 Simple Steps & Useful Tips

When you make your own hook earrings, you have a unique piece of jewelry that nobody else will have. Hook earrings spice up a look, and they’re a great way to express your creativity when you make a pair yourself.

They can be made from all sorts of materials and they’re so easy to make that you can make a pair yourself. Here is how to make hook earrings that look as beautiful as store-bought diamond earrings.

Key Takeaways

  • The hook earrings are inexpensive to make plus require some basic jewelry-making skills and tools like head pins, beads, round nose pliers
  • The first step to making your own hook earrings is to decide what type of material you want to use. You can use sterling silver wire, beads, pearls, gold filled hooks; the choice of materials to use is yours
  • The best thing about making your own jewelry is that you can customize it to fit your style. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you want.
  • When making earrings, you can customize them to any color or length you’d like.

Step 1: Gather Materials Needed

Start by gathering your supplies or materials. You’ll need earring hooks, beads or pearls, round nose pliers, a wire cutter, and some jewelry wire.

You can find all the supplies you need at most craft stores or dollar stores. You might also be able to find them online or at a local store.


Use any type of bead you like for this project. You’ll also want to choose beads with holes large enough for the ear wire to pass through easily so that it doesn’t break when you try to thread them onto the earring hooks later on in the process.

I used beads in this tutorial but you could also use pearls or crystals if you wanted to make a fancier pair of earrings.

beads in different colors

Head Pins

Head pins are thin pieces of wire with loops on each end for holding the beads in place. The other end is for pushing through the hole of the bead and then is bent over to make a secure closure at the other end.

You’ll need two head pins for each pair of earrings. The length of the headpin will vary depending on how long you want your earrings to be.

Earring Hooks

You can buy these at any craft store or online. You will want to find the ones that are sturdy enough for the weight of the earrings you are making but still small enough that they will fit into your earring post hole.

a stack of hooks for earrings

Flat Nose Pliers

Flat nose pliers are used for bending and shaping wire. They come in different sizes and shapes, so choose one that feels comfortable to you. Round nose pliers should also be made of high-quality steel so it is strong enough to handle daily use.

Wire Cutter

This tool is used to cut the wire at an angle.

beads and tools for making earrings

Step 2: Add Beads to The Head Pin

The next step is to add beads to the headpin. You can do this by using your fingers or tweezers. If you use tweezers, make sure that there are no sharp edges on them that could cut into your skin when you are gripping the headpin. The best way to avoid this is by using flat-nosed pliers instead of regular ones.

Add beads to your headpin depending on how long you make your bead earrings to be. Try to space them out evenly so that they don’t clang together when you move around or dance.

Step 3: Cut Off Some Excess Wire

If there is too much space left over after stringing your beads, simply cut off some excess wire with your wire cutters.

a person making hook earrings

Step 4: Attach Earring Hook

Use round nose pliers to bend the end of the wire down over itself or in a U shape but before closing, slide one earring hook and continue to bend in order to create a tight connection with your earring hook.

This way, we can attach our own earring hooks onto our headpins without having to worry about gluing them on later down the line when we’re ready to wear our earrings.

Step 5: Make the Second Earring

Follow the same steps that I have given here to make the second earring. Once you are finished making your hook earrings and are satisfied with them, wear them and show them off.

hook earring hanging on the tree

Tips for Making Hook Earrings

Start with A Small Project

If you are new to making jewelry, it is best to start with a small project so that you can learn how to work with the materials and tools before moving on to more complex designs.

Use Simple Shapes and Textures

It is best to use simple shapes and textures when making your first pair of earrings. You can always add more detail once you have gotten used to working with the basic shapes and patterns used in these designs.

Be Creative

You don’t have to stick with just one type of hook earrings if you are used to making jewelry. There are many different styles available, including simple flat hooks and fancy swirls that will help you create unique pieces. You can also use different colors and materials to give each piece its own personality.

beads, wires and pliers on the blue surface

Sterling Silver And Gold Are Ideal for Making Ear Wire or Head Pin

Gold and Silver have been used in jewelry making for centuries because they don’t tarnish easily and they can be worked into any shape. This makes them perfect for creating delicate pieces like ear wires or head pins that will hold the weight of heavier gemstones or beads without bending under pressure over time.

Consider the Weight of your Earrings

The most common mistake that people make when making earrings is to make them too heavy. Lightweight materials such as beads or pearls will allow you to create lightweight earrings that are comfortable to wear all day long.

light hook earrings

FAQs Related to Hook Earrings

What Do I Need to Make Dangle Earrings?

A pair of dangle earrings can be made with a variety of materials and techniques. You can use beads, pearls, French hook ear wires, ear wire hooks, etc. You will also need chain nose pliers to bend ear wires and a wire cutter to cut the excess wire.

Once you have all these tools at home, all you have to do next is pick an idea for your new DIY hanging earrings and start working on it right away.

What Kind of Wire Do You Use to Make Earring Hooks?

You can use any kind of wire to make your own earring hooks but the best one is sterling silver since it is hypoallergenic and thus, great for earrings for sensitive ears.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5 percent silver mixed with other metals such as copper and zinc for strength and durability. It has a bright white color that doesn’t tarnish or rust easily which makes it perfect for jewelry making.

Gold Filled Ear Wire

Gold-filled wire is an alternative to pure gold earrings because it’s less expensive than solid gold but still looks great. It contains at least 1/20th by weight of gold over brass or copper base metals. The surface of the metal has a thin layer (approximately 0.0015 inches) of actual gold bonded onto it through a process called electroplating.

a long hook earring in a person's ear

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