Italian Jewelry Designers | Heritage of Centuries of Brilliant Craftsmanship

Like fashion designers, designing jewelry combines creativity, inspiration, and passion, which translates to unbelievable, wearable contemporary art pieces. Before the discovery of gemstone jewelry, only gold was used in ornament making.

Today, most of the designer jewelry in Italy are characterized by experts using 18-carat gold and higher, alloyed colored glass, and sterling silver. Italy alone processes 1,500 tons of silver and 500 tons of gold.

In this guide, we highlight some of the best Italian jewelry brands.

The Best Italian Jewelry Designers List

Here is a list of the top high-end jewelry brands from Italian jewelry designers today:

1. Chantecler

Created from the friendship between Salvatore Aprea and Pietro Capuano, Chantecler bears a radiant Capri spirit. The Mediterranean, the light, the parties, the Dolce Vita, it’s all there. We adore the Campanelle and their high jewelry collection in general, making them the best Italian designer jewelry. The pieces we love the most? Fireworks and Diamour!

The bright colors of coral and turquoise used in most of their pieces are to die for too—beautiful, fun, radiant, fantastic jewelry, which, ladies and gentlemen, is Chantecler, and my favorite Italian jewelry brands.

2.  Caoro

This Italian jewelry brand may not be as famous, but they are eye-catching. 

They have an authentic approach to jewelry, and in due time out of consistency, their growth into a more prominent and well-renowned brand is eminent.

Their use of diamond ridges and electroforming creates unique and exciting jewelry. The jewelry looks different, young, and sexy, and it is an excellent appeal to the growing generation of millennials and fashionable women. I highly recommend it as one of the top Italian jewelry brands.

3. Bvlgari

Bvlgari is a very impressive high jewelry designer known worldwide, and they have successfully expanded to perfume and other accessories.

But why do we love Bvlgari so much?

They have some of the best high-end jewelry pieces and rich Italian history. They are known for great works like Color Treasures, snake-inspired Serpenti collections, beautiful gemstones, and the best Italian luxury jewelry brands.

4. Mattioli

Mattioli has been around for decades and has expanded in recent years. You can find their collections in showrooms in Rome. There are also displays on the windows of renowned jewelers worldwide.

The collection has jewelry for every occasion. They also have more expensive collections, such as the Lips & Animal Collection.

5. Casato

Casato, a Roman-based jeweler, has won our hearts for the sparkling and lightness of their elegant jewelry. This warm and kind jewelry appeals to both the millennials and older generations with their open structured jewelry. Their incorporation of trending designs into their pieces is very impressive, and they are the most affordable Italian jewelry brands.

6.  Alessio Boschi

This Italian designer has had a successful career with plenty of award-winning moments, even working for jewelry companies. He is among Italy’s enduring names in the industry.

He creates mesmerizing and enchanting jewelry pieces, given his appreciation for regal details and historical references.

7. Pasquale Bruni

Pasquale Bruni offers some of the most iconic jewelry. They have a dynamic and youthful approach to jewelry with their contemporary design approach to classy jewelry.

Pasquale Bruni creates very high standard and sexy jewelry.

8.  Gabriela Rivalta

Gabriela Rivalta, near Valenza, is known for creating enameled jewelry. There are a small number of well-known brands, plus other little-known brands that make exceptional enameled jewelry like Gabriela Rivalta.

They make us love the art of enameling, and they are the best traditional Italian jewelry.

9.  Crivelli

Crivelli bears a not so youthful look but instead is rather formal and majestic. If you imagine cities, think of the classic architecture of Vienna. This brand depicts an unapologetic attitude in classical jewelry with plenty of stunning brightly colored gemstones and diamonds.

This brand offers the best of traditional jewelry with a fantastic Hollywood feel.

10.  Pino Manna

Pinno Manna is an audacious jewelry company that challenges the notion of what animals are and aren’t when it comes to incorporating them in jewelry. Their jewelry, such as the stunning butterfly collections and animal-inspired rings, speaks volumes about those leading the more than thirty-year-old brand’s creative minds.

11.  Paolo Piovan

Perhaps using the dark background with weird-looking but beautiful creatures like dragons and spiders creates an association with goth, punk, and darkness. But, the jewelry is lovely and audacious. It is a mix between the Grimm brothers and the Disney fairytales.

This Italian jewelry designer is bold and wild, beautiful and daring, lush and enchanting.

12.  De Simone f.lli

We have an image in our minds that coral jewelry is ancient. However, De Simone f.lli falls under all other categories but is not old-fashioned. The brand’s sublime craftsmanship commits to statement pieces and fashion, together with skills.

The brand creates the most exciting cameo, turquoise, pearls, and coral jewelry, which is why they are among the top luxury Italian jewelry brands.

13.  Santagostino

The Santagostino jewelry is love at first sight. They have a lovely collection of brooches and the brand’s dream bracelets. Their theme, enchanting compositions, fantasy, colors, and this enthusiastic jewelry company will blow your mind.

They have gorgeous pieces, and you should try them out for some unique pieces.

14.  Garavelli Aldo

Garavelli Aldo is one of the best luxury jewelry brands in Italy, and it is still run with the same amount of ethics and passion by the Garavelli family.

This passionate family-run business dates back to 1920 and has a fantastic collection of luxury jewelry collections with natural stones, gold, and diamonds.

Every jewelry piece by Garavelli Aldo is to die for, making them one of the best when it comes to Italian gold jewelry brands.

15.  Vhernier

Born in Valenza in 1984, the company has ten boutiques spread across 19 countries. 

Surprising, innovative, sleek, and modern terms describe what the company has to offer. If you love bold and daring jewelry, then you might need to check what Vhernier has to offer.

16.  Oro Trend

Founded by Sandro Ferraris and Aldo Bellotto, Oro Trend offers ingeniously cut and carved emeralds. The Valenza-based brand boasts of its incredible craftsmanship creativity and fantasy.

Their collection of jewelry would be described as an intelligent fantasy.

17.  Verdi

Verdi jewelry speaks opulence. It is not humble. Vibrantly colored gemstones and diamonds play a crucial role in this brand’s classic collections. There are very playful and classic pieces in the collection. Verdi is little known compared to the famous Buccellati and Bvlgari, but they fall under the same category and deserve similar accolades.

Theirs is pure Italian craftsmanship.

18.  Buccellati

Creating their signature styles, Buccellati is among the most famous Italian jewelry brands of our time.

Buccellati jewelry is synonymous with Italian luxury and is known for its extravagant gold jewelry. The family-owned brand creates signature pieces thanks to its rigato engraving method. Their jewelry is inlaid with emeralds, cabochon rubies, or cut diamonds.

They draw inspiration for their iconic designs from the Roman Empire and the Renaissance.

19.  Palmiero

Created by Carlo Palmiero, this jewelry brand contains a collection of high-end creations and is exclusively made for clientele with exquisite tastes. This man, Carlo, is a sorcerer of sorts. What he can craft with different precious stones is out of this world.

20.  Roberto Coin

Established in 1996, Roberto Coin has a brilliant jewelry collection, with most of its pieces created by specialized craftsmen. The company’s recognition and success ranked them seventh among the most famous jewelry designers in the US.

The Roberto Coin piece of jewelry uses wood, surgical steel, gold, precious stones, diamonds, rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and other supplies. He uses them for pendants, brooches, earrings, rings, bracelets, the hidden Roberto Coin ruby, and necklaces. There are also limited edition Animalier collections.

In short, Italian-born Coin loves color, shape, and light. I would recommend both Roberto Coin and Buccellati as top choices for the best gold vermeil jewelry brands.  

21.  Antonini Milano

The Antonini Milano jewelry brand creates unusual shapes, dynamic architecture, and mixed-colored stones.

The brand has a specialty in semi-precious stones such as smoky quartz, amethyst, and citrine, making the jewelry affordable. Sergio Antonini, Milano’s creative designer, has an incredible eye for creating extraordinary pieces.

Antonini’s jewels have been worn on the red carpet by some famous customers like Carrie Underwood, Anne Hathaway, and Taylor Swift. One fan favorite is the Malibu collection of colored stone jewelry. Another lovely collection is the Siracusa collection.

Why I Have a Profound Love for Italian Jewelry

During our honeymoon, my wife and I explored various places, one of which was Valenza, Italy. Here, I stumbled upon the enchanting realm of jewelry. The town was brimming with people deeply connected to the world of adornments.

The alluring scent of the workshops, the pearl merchants, the bustling stores, and the diligent women working as polishers all left a profound impact on me. Their skilled hands told stories of their craft, making me realize the significance of a skilled polisher.

This was the true essence of the jewelry world! This captivating journey continued in Vicenza. Through the years, I’ve seen many brands and exquisite jewelry, and to this day, the genuine jewelry culture thrives in Valenza, a testament to its timeless allure.

FAQs Related to Italian Designers’ Jewelry

Q. What jewelry is Italy famous for?

A. With a 130-year heritage, Bvlgari is arguably the most famous jewelry brand in Italy.

Q. Who is the best jewelry designer?

  • Van Cleef and Arpels
  •  Piaget
  •  Harry Winston
  • Graff
  • Mikimoto
  • Cartier
  • Bvlgari
  • Buccellati

Q. What is the best jewelry brand?

  • Chopard
  • Bvlgari
  • Buccellati
  • David Yurman
  • Graff
  • Tiffany and Co.
  • Van Cleef and Arpels
  • Cartier

Q. Is jewelry made in Italy better?

A. The Italian authorities enforce strict quality measures and, therefore, Italian jewelry brands provide rare levels of quality, unlike in the United States (or the rest of the world). One of the jewelry pieces every woman should own is a high-quality Italian necklace.


There you have them, the 21 best Italian jewelry designers, because they are full of precious components, colors, and most of all, they touch your soul. There is no shortage of choices for finding pieces that fit your style and personality. On a related note, there are also many black-owned jewelry brands that can help you create the perfect look.

Whether you’re looking for jewelry in Rome or closer to home in Florence, these are the top jewelry brands to look out for. in addition, here is an in-depth review of the best men’s jewelry designers, as well.

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