How to Clean Diamond Earrings | Recommended Methods to Keep Your Precious Jewelry in Pristine Condition

Do your diamond earrings have stubborn tarnish or stains? Have you used every cleaning method available, yet nothing seems to be working? Do you want to give up? We are sensitive to these difficulties and concentrate on providing a different method of cleaning your jewelry or precious metals.

Diamond earrings are a must-have for any lady since they enhance the wearer’s beauty. They are also wonderful jewelry that looks beautiful with every outfit while evoking a classy look. In order to accommodate the client’s tastes and preferences, these earrings are available in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and shapes.

Knowing how to clean diamond stud earrings at home will help you save money while ensuring that your jewelry receives the best results.

Here, we discuss everything about cleaning diamond stud earrings, how to clean them at home, recommended cleaning agents, reasons for keeping them clean, and many more.

Diamond earring studs

What can You Soak Diamond Earrings in?

Using the right cleaning agent makes it simple to clean diamonds and other valuable jewelry. A wide variety of cleaning products that are frequently used for cleanup are available on the market nowadays. Some of them are as follows:

Ammonia: You should mix 250ml of warm water, two tablespoons of dishwashing soap, and one tablespoon of ammonia. Use a small amount of this mixture and a soft, clean cloth to gently scrub your earrings to clean them. Alternatively, let the diamond earrings soak for around 30 minutes in the jewelry cleaning solution. To remove tarnish, take off your earrings and scrub them with a toothbrush covered in a microfiber cloth or cotton swab.

Dish soap

  • Combine a few drops of washing liquid with warm water.
  • To remove dirt from your studs, gently massage them while dipping your soft cloth into the soap solution.
  • When finished, rinse your studs with lukewarm water and dish soap. You can then dry them with a microfiber cloth or a clean piece of cloth.
Dish soap

Hydrogen Peroxide: At home, place your diamond earrings in a dish of hydrogen peroxide for at least 10 minutes. Remove your studs, then rinse and dry them with a microfiber towel.

Baking soda or bicarbonate paste mixed with water can be used to totally submerge diamond earrings. After letting the baking soda paste sit for about ten minutes, clean the surfaces with warm water and a soft toothbrush to get rid of any remaining dirt stains.

What is the Best Way to Clean Diamond Jewelry?

If you’re cleaning and disinfecting earrings for the first time, it can be a difficult job. However, it’s simpler than you might think. Your jewels might get a new look and a longer lifespan with this method. Even for huge studs that require a lot of care, the approach below works perfectly.

Insert your diamond stud earrings in warm water: Choose a small bowl, fill it with water, then add your diamond studs. To lessen the possibility of water spilling and losing your studs, keep the bowl on a flat surface, preferably the floor.

Three diamond studs

Add unscented soap or liquid: Droplets of fragrance-free liquid soap should be added, making sure the mixture is devoid of any colors or odors. This reduces the risk of interfering with the texture of your jewels.

Blend the solution, then wait for approximately 30 minutes: When transferring the diamond earrings during the operation, carefully blend the cleaning fluid. You will notice that the surface of the studs is getting cleaner while still retaining some dirt. You can keep your studs in the liquid for around thirty minutes while carefully stirring.

Rinse your diamond earrings with clean water: Fill another bowl with pure, cool water to rinse your studs before letting them dry. Alternatively, you can dry them with a fresh piece of cloth that won’t transfer any scent or dirt to your diamond earrings.

Woman cleaning earrings on a little girl

Use a kid’s toothbrush to remove resistant dirt: In the event that you spot any debris or lingering particles, we recommend using a small, soft bristle toothbrush or a child’s toothbrush to scrub. By doing so, you can aid in removing tarnish and remove any debris that may have remained on the earring surfaces. To lessen the chance of dislodging diamonds, carefully scrub the earrings.

How Do You Clean Gunk off Diamond Earrings?

Investing in the best cleaning tools will remove grime and leave diamond earrings sparkling. By investing in the appropriate cleaning equipment, you can remove any tenacious cream from any surface. They consist of;

 Jewelry Cleaning Kit

With the help of a jewelry cleaning kit, you may make your diamonds sparkle again if they are dull and dirty. However, there are other jewelry box options available on the market today. To remove tarnish, oils, grease, or grime from your earrings, use a package that uses a single soak along with a clean cloth.

To determine your individual requirements and the most effective methods to use, test out all the jewelry cleaning kits that are now available. Since most kits are non-abrasive, you can restore the dazzling elements without ruining the texture. However, it’s essential to confirm that they’re the best for cleaning diamond earrings at home and other precious items.

 Jewelry Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Tools

You need a soft brush to reach out for any ingrained oils or dirt in order to make your cleaning process efficient. A kid’s toothbrush or any other soft toothbrush with fine bristles will work well.

Avoid using a rough brush at all costs because it may certainly damage the surfaces of your diamond jewelry. Brush all surfaces with your diamond stud earrings in a meticulous grid-based motion.

A clean, soft cloth is the second essential item because we will use it to dry and polish our earrings at the end. You can get brand-new fabric or microfiber cloths to clean diamond earrings. Use a microfiber cloth for this to lessen the possibility of leaving threads on your earrings.

How Often Should I Clean My Diamond Earrings?

It’s recommended to clean diamond earrings at home at least once a month. This time frame is sufficient to keep your jewelry dazzling until that upcoming special occasion. You can clean daily-used studs after two weeks.

A woman wearring dangle diamond earrings

We recommend annual professional clean-ups and sterilizing for earrings that have been damaged. If the studs are delicate, increase the frequency of professional cleaning as well. The following settings are suggested for cleaning:

Clean your diamond earrings in a dull setting: This kind of setting brings the actual image of your diamonds. It will be easier to identify the specific location of stubborn stains when you see them against a plain, dull background.

Pick a flat surface: When cleaning the diamond jewelry, attention can be disrupted if the surface is moving or sloppy.

Avoid cleaning your earrings near a sink: It is easier to lose your earrings in a sink than on a flat surface. Make sure to clean your studs away from the sink if you want them to last longer.

Dangle earrings on a green plushie

Make sure there’s adequate light: Diamond earrings are best cleaned during the day since you can immediately spot the last bit of dirt. This makes it simple to remove the debris and restore the sparkle of your diamond earrings.

What’s the Best Way to Store Diamond Earrings?

Learning how to store your earrings properly will help them last longer because they won’t get broken or bent out of shape. Below are some suggestions to help you clean your diamond earrings at home less frequently:

  • When doing sports, gardening, or doing any type of interior decoration, stop wearing diamond stud earrings.
  • Make sure to keep your earrings in a jewelry box, purse, or other spotless storage containers.
  • Select the proper liquid soap with warm water to clean your jewelry whenever it includes a combination of diamonds or precious stones.
  • Avoid keeping your studs around for too long before cleaning them thoroughly.
  • Make sure the area around your storage area is thoroughly clean and free of any debris that could contribute to buildup.

Take your diamond jewelry off to reduce the chance of contamination, especially during waxing, haircut, or hair treatment.

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