How to Wear Diamonds for Everyday Styles | Our Tips for Amazing Look!

Want to wear your diamonds more often? We don’t blame you. They’re fabulous stones that give off a stunning sense of style and sophistication, but too many people are scared to wear them without reason to. Read on to find out why you definitely should and how you can go about doing it.

Keep It Casual

First, it’s important to put aside the notion that diamonds are only for dressed-up looks and special occasions. No gorgeous jewellery should be contained to certain settings and allowed to collect dust. Instead, you can use them to elevate even your most routine outfits.

With modern fashion trends and fashion values, combining casual looks with sparkling highlights of diamond and silver is a brilliant way to adorn your favourite pieces in a wider range of settings. You deserve to look and feel good every day, so why not wear your best pieces more often if you feel like it?

A girl putting on the jewelry in front of the mirror

Use Statement Pieces

One of the best ways to wear diamonds every day is to focus on statement pieces. However, it’s important to find the right options to enhance your outfit without stealing the show or looking out of place.Smaller stones often work best for this, although nothing is stopping you from going extravagant.

For example, diamond earrings bring a subtle touch of elegance and sophistication to a work outfit or casual evening attire.Astunning yet gentlenecklace can caress your neckline without overwhelming the rest of your look. Or perhaps you’ve got an engagement ring to show off, which is always incredibly exciting.

Layer and Stack Jewellery

If statement pieces aren’t your vibe, layering jewellery can help tobring together an everyday outfit with a combination of your favourite pieces. Stack a few delicate items to avoid shrouding your skin or clothing.

Diamond necklace stacks look fantastic when the larger pendants sit lower and lighter chains sit higher to create a stunning arrangement. You can get creative with different chain weights, metals and materials, but you still want your treasured diamonds to be the centrepiece.

Images of various jewelry pieces

Mix Colours and Metals

A good approach to balancing the striking characteristics of diamond is to combine it with different stones and metals. Something about a bright gem just brings out a different side of diamond jewellery and helps to make them suitable for more casual looks.

Wearing multiple diamond pieces with different metals does wonders for complementing your skin tone and can help to bridge the gap between different styles and outfits. Why not experiment with some of your favourite items and see what works for you?

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