How to Clean Aquamarine Ring | 4 Easy DIY Ways to Look After This Exquisite Piece of Jewelry

a gold diamond ring on the shell

Aquamarine stones are popular for their attractive sea-inspired blue colorings with a little touch of green. But when the sparkle of these stones is reduced by dirt, you need to know how to clean them. The following sections will help you know how to clean aquamarine rings and provide you with additional helpful information. To … Read more

How to Clean Emerald Ring | Proven Ways and Tips to Keep the Sparkle!

Emerald engagement ring

Emeralds are undoubtedly the most popular precious gemstones for jewelry. Their vibrant color symbolizes love, romance, spring, and hope. Emeralds can appear exquisite for longer, only if you take proper care.  If you’re looking to know how to clean emerald rings, look no further than this detailed guide since it explores the best practices and … Read more