What Is a Snake Bite Piercing? | Steps to a Daring Look and Aftercare

The Snake bite piercing is an attention-grabbing piercing, because it resembles the appearance of snake fangs or bites, hence its name.

Curious to know more? This complete guide covers everything you need to know about what is a snake bite piercing, its cost, and the procedure to aftercare and healing time. Read on for all the details.

Key Takeaways

  • This is a piercing performed on the lower lip, with one piercing on each corner of the lip.
  • The jewelry commonly used for snake bite piercings are labret studs and circular barbells.
  • The cost of getting a snake bites piercing typically ranges from $60 to $120.
  • Piercing aftercare is crucial to ensure proper healing, which usually takes around 2-3 months.
  • It is important to avoid changing the jewelry of a fresh piercing until it is fully healed.

What Is a Snake Bite Piercing?

As with Dahlia piercings, you get two piercings; one on each corner of the lower lip.

This particular piercing gets its name from the resemblance it creates to snake fangs or bites when both piercings are in place.

Circular barbells and labret studs are commonly used as jewelry for snake bites piercing. These barbells consist of a circular shape with two removable ends that have small balls or decorative beads.

Have Your Snakebite Piercings Done by a Professional

When considering a snakebite piercing, it is crucial to have them done by a professional and experienced piercer.

Professional piercers have the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure a successful procedure and minimize the risk of complications. They will also provide proper aftercare instructions and recommend suitable jewelry options.

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How Is This Piercing Done?

After finding a piercer, you’ll schedule an appointment with him or her to talk about the process and cost.

  • During the procedure, the piercer will clean the piercing needle and area to ensure it’s germ-free.
  • He or she will mark the exact spots where the piercings will go.
  • Then, using a needle, the piercer will make the holes and insert jewelry into them.
  • It’s important to follow aftercare instructions to prevent infections and promote healing.

Snakebite Piercing Aftercare

Like other lip piercings or facial piercings, proper aftercare is essential to promote healing and reduce the risk of infection.

Clean Your Hands

Remember not to touch the piercing with dirty hands. Before handling the piercing, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly using soap and warm water. This helps to minimize the risk of introducing bacteria or dirt into the piercing area.

Clean the Pierced Area

To clean the piercing sites, use a saline solution. This solution can be easily prepared by mixing sea salt with warm water. Gently clean the piercing with a cotton swab soaked in the saline solution. This helps to remove any crust or debris and keeps the area clean.

Avoid Spicy Food

During the healing process, it is advised to avoid spicy foods. This type of food can potentially irritate the piercing and cause discomfort or inflammation. Opt for soft foods to support healing.

Avoid Public Pools

Also, it’s important to avoid public pools during the healing period. Public pools can harbor bacteria and other microorganisms that may increase the risk of infection. It is best to wait until the piercing has fully healed before swimming in pools.

Kissing and smoking should also be avoided during the healing process. Kissing can introduce bacteria into the piercing site, while smoking can slow down the healing process and increase the risk of complications. It’s important to give your body the best chance to heal by avoiding these activities.

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How Much Does The Snake Bites Piercing Cost?

The cost of getting snake bites piercing varies. Usually, it ranges from $60 to $120. This is because the price is affected by various factors and they are:

The experience of the piercer; experienced piercers charge higher fees for their services than those who are not.

Your location; where you live will also influence the price. Piercing costs will vary from place to place due to differences in living expenses and market demand.

Jewelry; The type of jewelry you choose for your snake bites piercing will impact the overall cost. It’s essential to consider these factors when planning to get a snake bites piercing and to discuss the pricing details with your chosen piercer beforehand.

Healing Process of Snake Bites Lip Piercings

Snake bites lip piercings take 2–3 months to heal completely. During the healing period, it is advisable to avoid playing with or changing the jewelry prematurely, as this can delay healing and increase the risk of infection.

If your new piercing starts to produce green pus or is very painful, see a doctor immediately as this could be an infection.

Do Snake Bite Piercings Hurt?

Yes, snake bite piercings hurt. When you get them, you’ll be pierced twice on the outer corners of your bottom lip. Although they do cause pain, they are not as painful as cartilage piercings or the ones that go through the lips like Ashley piercings.

Can You Eat With Snake Bite Piercings?

Yes, you can eat with snake bite piercings. However, it is important to be mindful of what you eat to avoid any complications.

Eat Soft Food

Healthcare professionals recommend that you eat soft food that is easy to chew and swallow. Hard or crunchy foods may cause discomfort or put pressure on the snakebite piercing.

Avoid Spicy Food

It is best to avoid spicy food as it will irritate the piercing area and potentially lead to inflammation. By being cautious about your food choices, you can ensure a shorter healing time and minimize any discomfort while eating.

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What Is Snake Vs Spider Bite Piercing?

Snake bite piercings and spider bite piercings are two different types of lip piercings. Snake bite piercings have two piercings; one on either side of the lower lip, resembling the fangs of a snake.

Spider bite piercing, on the other hand, involves two piercings very close together on one side of the lower lip, resembling the bite marks of a spider.

The main difference is the placement and the number of piercings. A snake bite has piercings on both sides of the lip, while a spider bite has two piercings on one side. The choice between them depends on personal preference and desired aesthetic.

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