What Is a Dahlia Piercing? | Uniqueness, Procedure and Healing Time

Do you enjoy attracting admiring glances in public? If so, Dahlia piercing might be just what you’re looking for. It’s a type of lip piercing that is highly visible and can help enhance the appearance of your lips.

For more information on what Is a Dahlia piercing, including its cost, healing time, procedure, and aftercare, read on.

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What Is a Dahlia Piercing?

Unlike upper or lower lip piercings, this is a piercing where the edges of the lips are pierced, to give a symmetrical look.

The Dahlia Piercing draws emphasis to this part of the face by stretching the lips outward, making it an eye-catching and distinctive form of self-expression.

It is Visible

The visibility of a Dahlia Piercing is one of its most important characteristics. In contrast to other piercings, like smiley piercings or Monroe piercings that may be hidden or discreet, the Dahlia Piercing is meant to be noticed.

They are also often paired with other lip piercings such as Ashley piercings or Medusa piercings for an even more striking and daring look.

Why Is It Called Dahlia Piercing?

The reason behind its name comes from a sad and dark history. It was named after the American actress Elizabeth Short’s face mutilation. She was nicknamed the “Black Dahlia”.

Due to this association with a gruesome event, some people find it intimidating. And since it’s not very common, you won’t come across many individuals with a Dahlia piercing.

Dahlia piercing closeup

Dahlia Piercings Cost

The cost of getting a Dahlia piercing can vary, but it typically ranges around $70. However, the actual price may depend on a few factors.

Experience of the Piercer

One important factor is the experience of the piercer. More experienced piercers often charge higher fees due to their skill and expertise. The complexity and precision required for a Dahlia piercing may contribute to the higher cost.

Also, the Dahlia piercings are not as common as other piercings hence not all piercers offer this service. Therefore, finding a piercer who specializes in Dahlia piercings might be a bit more challenging, and the limited availability can drive up the cost.

Your Location will determine its Cost

The location where you choose to get the piercing can affect the price. Different regions or cities may have varying costs for lip piercings, so it’s important to consider the local market. Piercing shops, tattoo parlors, and piercing salons are the places where you will get this type of piercing.

Choosing a Professional and Experienced Piercer is Crucial

Choose an experienced and professional piercer who prioritizes safety and hygiene.

It is crucial to have a full consultation with the piercer prior to the procedure so he or she can explain the technique, aftercare, healing process, and any potential hazards.

Black and white photos of persons with Dahlia piercing

How Is It Done? – Piercing Procedure

Mark and Clean the Piercing Spot

The first step when getting body piercings and this includes facial piercings and oral piercings is to mark the exact spots where the piercing will be placed.

Next, your piercer will clean the area with antiseptic to minimize the risk of infection.

Make Dahlia Bites Piercings

Once the marking and cleaning are complete, the piercer will use a hollow needle to create the two holes on the outer corners of the mouth. This procedure will cause pain but pain gradually decreases with time.

Your Piercer will insert Small Studs

Instead of captive bead rings or curved barbells that are put in ear piercings and other facial piercings, Dahlia piercings use small studs.

After the holes are made, the piercer will insert small studs into the fresh piercings. These studs or jewelry pieces are specifically designed for Dahlia piercings and are often made of materials like surgical steel, gold, or titanium, which are considered safe for body piercings.

Do Dahlia Piercings Hurt A Lot? 

Like snake bite piercings, it involves two piercings and in an unusual location, piercing enthusiasts will feel pain in the pierced area during the process.

However, the level of pain experienced will vary from person to person due to individual pain tolerance. Some individuals may find the pain to be relatively mild, while others may find it more intense.

Healing Piercing

The healing process for a Dahlia piercing generally takes around 12 to 20 weeks. During this period, it is crucial to follow proper aftercare instructions to promote healing and piercing infection.

While the piercing is healing, there will be slight swelling, but you should not experience prolonged bleeding. If your piercing becomes infected, see a doctor.

Dahlia Piercing Aftercare

Practice proper aftercare when you get Dahlia piercing to prevent infection and promote healing.

Aftercare usually involves cleaning the piercing regularly with a saline solution, avoiding oral contact with the piercing, and being cautious while eating or talking to prevent irritation or infection.

A young woman with piercings


What Is A Dahlia Bites Piercing?

Another name for Dahlia piercing is joker bites piercing or Dahlia Bites. The names come from the scars of the comic book supervillain. A Dahlia bite piercing is a type of lip piercing that is done on the corners of the mouth.

How Long Is A Dahlia Piercing?

The size of a joker piercing varies depending on the jewelry chosen. Typically, this type of piercing utilizes studs and requires a 14G needle for the initial piercing. However, if you prefer daintier jewelry, a 16G needle will be used instead.

The length of the lip piercing itself will also depend on individual anatomy and personal preference. It is crucial to consult with a professional piercer who can provide guidance and ensure proper sizing for your Dahlia piercing.

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