What Is a Spider Bite Piercing? | The Charm, Procedure and Healing Process Explained

Spider bite piercing is a unique piercing that allows you to express yourself effectively. As the name suggests, this piercing resembles the marks left by a spider’s bite.

Let us get into what is a spider bite piercing, how it is done, its healing time, spider bite aftercare, and its cost, just to name a few.

Key Takeaways

  • This is a type of lip piercing that has two piercings done close together on the lower lip, resembling the appearance of two puncture marks caused by a spider bite
  • A spider bites piercing tends to cost from $20 to $50, but it is advisable to contact local piercing studios for accurate pricing information.
  • While the procedure itself will feel like a sharp pinching sensation when undergoing it, some people find the pain to be relatively tolerable
  • The healing time of spider bites piercing is from 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Proper aftercare is crucial to ensure your lip piercing heals properly and minimizes the risk of infection.

What Is a Spider Bite Piercing?

This is a double lip piercing. Two piercings are done on one side of the lower lip, positioned close together, resembling the marks left by a spider’s bite. Unlike smiley piercings which are hidden, spider bites are usually placed very near a mouth’s corner and are very visible and striking.

Typically done with small gauge studs or rings, it has gained popularity for its unique yet bold look.

How Is A Spider Bites Piercing Done?

Choose a professional piercer to do your spider bites piercing to ensure it is done correctly and without any issues afterward.

Step 1: The first step of doing the procedure is sterilizing the piercing area with a disinfectant plus the needle for piercing.

Step 2: The piercer will then carefully mark the desired piercing locations on the lower lip.

Step 3:  The piercer will insert a needle through the marked spots, followed by jewelry of your choice which is usually small studs, circular barbells or ball closure rings.

Various jewelry for piercing

Healing Time of Spider Bites Piercings

This piercing heals quickly when compared to ear cartilage piercings that take months. On average, it takes about 6 to 8 weeks to heal spider bites piercings.

It is crucial to maintain proper oral hygiene, avoid smoking, alcohol consumption, and kissing, avoid public pools, and touch the piercing with dirty hands until your piercing heals or is fully healed. Also, cleaning the lip piercing with a saline solution or an alcohol-free mouthwash will aid in healing.

Spider Bites Aftercare Practices

Taking proper care of your spider bite piercing is crucial to ensure optimal healing and minimize the risk of infections or complications.

Regularly Clean the Pierced Area

Clean the pierced area regularly to prevent the buildup of bacteria or debris. You can use a saline solution or recommended aftercare products to clean the area.

Gently apply the solution using a cotton swab or sterile gauze and carefully clean the jewelry.

Avoid Playing With or Twisting the Jewelry

While it may be tempting to touch or twist the jewelry in your spider bites, it’s best to avoid doing so. Playing with the jewelry can cause irritation and delay the healing process.

It can also introduce dirt and bacteria into the piercing, increasing the risk of infection. So, resist the urge to touch or play with your spider bites and let them heal undisturbed.

Avoid Touching Your Lip Piercings with Dirty Hands

Before touching your spider bites, make sure your hands are clean. Dirty hands can transfer bacteria to the piercings, leading to infections.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching the piercing or use a hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.

Avoid Changing the Piercing Jewelry Too Early

Refrain from changing the jewelry too early in the healing process.

Give your spider bites enough time to heal before changing the jewelry. Changing the jewelry too early can disrupt the healing process and increase the risk of complications. Follow the recommended healing time provided by your piercer before considering changing the jewelry.

 If you experience any signs of infection, such as excessive redness, swelling, pain, or discharge, it’s important to seek professional advice promptly.

A spider bite piercing

Spider Bite Piercing Cost

The cost of a spider bite piercing will vary depending on various factors such as the location, the expertise of the piercer, and the type of jewelry chosen.

Generally, the price for spider bite piercings falls within the average range of lower lip piercings which is $20 to $50.

It is recommended to research reputable piercing studios, compare prices, and ensure the piercer follows proper hygiene and safety protocols.

Spider Bite Piercings Risks

It is important to remember that all body piercings carry some degree of risk. Possible complications associated with your new piercing include infection, piercing rejection, wound, soreness, allergic reaction, swelling, enamel, and tooth damage.

You will be in danger of experiencing these problems if you will not be taking care of your spider bite piercings.

According to this wellness and preventive health study, it is crucial to prioritize hygiene, follow aftercare guidelines diligently, and seek professional help if any issues arise.

Images of spider bite piercing


What Is An Angel Bite Piercing?

Angel bite piercing is a unique type of facial piercing with one on each side of the upper lip.

However, like other lip piercing types, it requires proper aftercare and hygiene to avoid infection or complications. It is essential to have it done by an experienced piercer to ensure a safe and successful angel bite piercing experience.

What Is A Shark Bite Piercing?

A shark bite piercing has two lower lip piercings placed closely together on each side, resembling the teeth marks of a shark bite. Typically studs are used for the procedure.

Performed by professional piercers, it requires proper aftercare to prevent infection and ensure healing.

What Is Snake Vs Spider Bite Piercing?

Snakebite and spider bite piercings are two different types of lip piercings. Snake bite piercing involves getting one piercing on either side of the lower lip, resembling the fangs of a snake.

On the other hand, spider bite piercing is a pair of piercings closer together on one side of the lower lip, resembling the bites of a spider.

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