Cartier Love Bracelet Real vs. Fake | How to Spot a Genuine, Iconic Piece of Jewelry

a man putting the Cartier love bracelet on the woman's wrist

There is no doubt that Cartier’s love bracelets are very popular among women and men all over the world. The iconic bracelets were introduced in 1969 by  Aldo Cipullo for Cartier. They are available in different designs and styles to suit any woman’s taste. These bracelets have become a symbol of love and romance. If … Read more

Bangle Vs. Bracelet | Similarities, and Differences Between the Two

various pieces of jewelry for women

Women have generally worn jewelry pieces on their arms and wrist for centuries. The elegant jewelry pieces come in various materials, colors, and accent gems. Some people refer to decorative items as bracelets, while others term them as bangles. However,  you cannot use the two terms interchangeably. For instance, while the bangle is made of … Read more

8mm vs. 10mm Earrings | Which Size Fits You Better?

a woman and hoop earrings

Shopping for jewelry is all fun and games until you get to the part where you have to choose a size. That’s especially true if you’re not familiar with millimeters and you don’t know the dramatic difference one millimeter can make! However, we’re here to save the day. Whether you’re shopping for a pearl earring … Read more

6mm vs. 8mm Earrings | Which Is Better for Your Face?

a woman taking photos with her camera

Did you know that there are different earring lengths? That’s right; many earrings are offered in an array of lengths that fit differently in your ear piercing. Whether you have earlobe piercings, cartilage piercings, or rook piercings, we believe that familiarizing yourself with the different earring lengths is essential to rocking your outfit of the … Read more

Necklace vs. Chain | Various Materials, Designs and Styles

jewelry on the wooden surface

Necklaces complement outfits so elegantly that they’ve become a must in every women’s closet. You can wear them with formal, casual, or black-tie outfits. However, there are many types of necklaces on the market, and each one works with a specific attire. For example, there are pendants, chains, chokers, and cascades. To style them correctly, … Read more