18 vs. 20 Inch Necklace | Which Will Flatter Your Face, Body, and Style?

closeup of a woman's torso

A necklace is an integral piece of jewelry in both women’s and men’s fashion; it adds character and personality to the wearer’s overall appearance. While shopping for necklaces can be super exciting, your choice of necklace style and length can entirely make or break your outfit. With so much pressure put on a necklace’s length, … Read more

16 vs. 18 Inch Necklace | What is the Right Length to Make You Face or Neck Shine?

closeup of two woman in black wearing golden jewelry

Necklace choice can make or break the outfit of the day, and not just when it comes to color coordinating; necklace length has a great impact on the way your outfit looks, too. Recently, more and more people have started preferring short necklaces to longer chain style necklaces because they find them more delicate and … Read more